January 19, 2011

Deleted Celebs

Everyone knows that stardoll is a site that features celebrities, and they add more and more of them every week.
There are Real Celeb accounts, celebrity dress up dolls and outfits that are inspired by them, but the thing that some of you may not know is that they not just add, they also delete celebrities.

Nowadays, who doesn't know Beyonce?
Everyone knows her except for the stardoll staff.
Why did I said this?
take a look below and try to find Beyonce's name:

I know, I can't find it either.
Well the truth is, the Beyonce doll is deleted a long time ago because of an unknown reason.

Now let's move on to the deleted Real Celebs.
Do you still remember the time when all of the pussycat doll members had a stardoll RC account?
how about Mary Kate and Ashley olsen's accounts?
Those RC accounts are now gone, and stardoll didn't even told us the reason why.

And then there's a little shop in the starplaza called the "celeboutique."

There are clothes, accessories and posters that are inspired by the celebrities.
The whole shop is gone now, but some items are still available to buy via search.

And now to my point.
I think there is a very serious reason why Stardoll deleted these celebrity things.
I have a feeling that Stardoll tried to use these celebrities without permission.
Stardoll just had a copyright infringement.

And according to wikipedia:

Stardoll always tells us that we shouldn't use other people's works and claim it to be ours.
and yes, i'm talking to you MIGLIUKEE! (just kidding!)
well then, why are they doing this?
Tell me your opinions

GossipGirl4Real a.k.a. Stacy Luane


  1. WOW! Great research on the Wikipedia thing.

    Copyright Infringment?

    So very Stardoll. oh well...

  2. I asked this to Callie once and I did geta reply, dolls such as Beyonce and Gwen Stefani etc were deleted because Stardoll did not have the rights or something.

  3. I don't get this really, about the copyright. Because, you know, it's giving them publicity isn't it? And it is only a doll, you know? Oh well...

  4. great post btw, yeah i thought about that it's wierd but i guess we'll never really know for sure xxx

  5. I think that's why Stardoll is getting stupid new dolls . No offence , but we're gettting all these unknown dolls when we could get amazing people like Tyra Banks or Naomi Campbell . I'm guessing it is the copyright infringement , which sucks xP

  6. Wikipedia meant celebrity dressups not celebrity shops. The celebrity shops are only contracted for a period of time & also maybe stardoll wants to save the money it gives celebrities to use their name in shops. That wikipedia item was a criticism in stardoll's early days 2006/2007 & that was peoples' opinion 'critics say'. I bet most of these celebrities welcome the idea now especially those in the music business. Stardoll is only doing them a favour I haven't heard of most these celebrities or music bands before. It is advetisement. Stardoll is getting new unknown dolls because they've released most of the famous ones. Is Tyra really amazing? She seems to know it all, all her female judges resign or are sacked by her. Now that says something.

  7. Maybe thats why theres no Jersey Shore dolls.


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