January 19, 2011

Stripetastic Spring

Lately I have been looking around and had my eyes being overwhelmed by one pattern-stripes!

It's everywhere. It's going to be a big thing this spring.

Prada has been absolutely gushing with stripes. In fact, it's their main pattern. Great, prada! But, maybe a little too many? Get's a bit overwhelming, don't you think?

Four pieces of neon colored stripes...yet Prada makes it work!

A more subtle stripe here, but stripes none of the less.

Jil Sandar has also been seen throwing out a multitude of stripes into their runways:

These stripes are more simple, less colorful, and more beachy looking.

Versace! Again, this one looks very 'Pool Party', and you've got to admit, it makes stripes look pretty sexy.

Sonia Rykiel:

Just like Prada, this collection seems to be a little too obsessed with this bold yet simple pattern.

Balenciaga gets original by giving this pattern a very edgy affect.

Balmain, Marni, and Moschino, among countless others, have also incorporated (and in some cases overused) stripes on their catwalks. 

Which designer's stripes do you like most?


  1. I love Balmain, they worked stripes.

  2. Hot, I love what I'm seeing!
    And these clothes are perfect for my figure, sometimes the latest trends can be unflattering but these are so great, I'll have to keep them in mind next I go shopping!


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