January 12, 2011

The Ironic Stardoll Living

1:23 PM Manila Time.

Irony is a fact of life.
It's the comic relief we all need to keep us all grounded and sound in this crazy world of ours.

Once upon a time, we all had that Wasn't that ironic?!  moment which , most often than not, left us either dumbfounded, bewildered or just plainly laughing at ourselves.

True isn't it?

But would you agree if i say that Stardoll is a world of IRONY disguising itself as a website for little girls (and boys... echoing Stacey here)?

Let me prove my case...

Just this morning, to divert my attention from the obnoxious Manila rush hour traffic, i logged on to my Stardoll account.... and this was what i saw:


We now have an option to change the color of our brows to whatever hue and shade we want to in the Beauty Parlor.
A-W-E-S-O-M-E !!!

But... wait...


Stardoll... what should i do with these???

Unless, i will be given a chance to use my brow pencils to create fashionable beauty marks on my face, i guess, you just gave me more trash in my beauty parlor shelf... yet again.

Sales for these things must've dropped to below sea level after this new feature was launched. :P

Have you ever heard of the saying that the best things to try in life are those that are prohibited? 

As that saying goes, apparently, enjoying or liking something too much will send us directly to hell as these things will make us lose ourselves to euphoria and make us forget about God entirely.


I say God Himself created these things for us to enjoy... as how Stardoll created some clothes for all of us to wear.

Do you like what I'm wearing?

Fab isn't it? :)

But guess what.

Stardoll says I shouldn't wear it:

If this hasn't been labeled as DO NOT USE, i wouldn't have bought it!

*Hard-headed-Noelle* <--------- I know, right? :)

Stardoll and Irony fits each other to a tee!

As i rest my case, i will leave you all with the new song of Ms. Spears which should be the theme of this post.




  1. I love the post but mostly the song, I'm in love with it.

  2. I saw one of those in Starbazzar! But it was for 500, and I was like, even though it's quite nice, it's not worth 500 :D

  3. the ''normal'' hairs shine now

  4. Another Great thing is, that stardoll has listened to the non-ss cries, and has updated the hairstyles. Isn't it magical? And that selfish money-stealing stardoll has now bought our hearts. Wonderful..Well I absolutely have to say, stardoll has defiantly bought mine... :D

  5. Ahahahahahaha :] I saw the eyebrow thing in the Beauty Parlor and i was like, "Whoa, cool." I can make my eyebrows darker, or lighter :]
    What a cool thing :]


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