January 04, 2011

It's Official: Gillian Writes for NOH8 at MDM!

She's here.

The girl who took a stand and has started to change Stardoll has found a new home.

Follow Gillian's journey as she documents the progress of Stardoll's Official NOH8 Organization.

...and see the other side of this amazing lady through her very own MDM column.

Glamour Hour.

So again, on behalf of the whole MDM family, We would like to welcome you Gillian.

You are finally home.

Post Script:
New staff applications are now being sorted and reviewed... Hold your breathe for a surprise everyone.  


  1. OMG! I hope I get in!

    Why do I get this feeling that whoever gets chosen to write for MDM goe to a different level? Like an elite but something better.

  2. Amazing! :D

    I'm really glad she became a writer.

  3. Oooh looks good :D I applied to be a writer ^^

    And, her paint brush has red paint on it and her paint bucket has yellow paint ;D Just thought I'd mention it x)

  4. @Kylie: Hahaha! I was actually waiting for someone to notice it! :P

  5. Welcome Gillian...I love the graphic, it is beautiful! I cannot wait to see what you will offer to the blog ;D


  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Gillian's graphics are beautiful!


  8. The graphics was lovely (as always)

    I'm really glad Gillian got this chance. She's been working so hard with this project and I think she deserved recognition for everything she has done so far.

    Congrats Jucii! ;)

  9. do you realize how annoying adding more and more writers is

  10. Gillian is one of Stardoll's most influential members yet. She has really made a change!
    P.S. It would be wonderful for me to get in but I'm not all that lucky :L

  11. It's annoying cuz everytime I come on here I find yet anothe "addition to the MDM family", some do deserve to be here such as Zoe, Nicki and Jenny. They have proven to be able to write good articles and have very good writing. Stacey's writing is just plain atrocious...maybe even a disgrace to the blog. Why did you hire her? She needs some english and grammar lessons, she honestly makes ths blog look bad and this blog is amazing. I love reain the articles by the people who can actually write.

    Bruno seriously needs to improve! His grammar along wit his english is appalling, also his posts are about interesting as a tampon. Fun.

    Lolita, Lolita. Where do I start. Noelle and Isabella you are both intelligent young women with a blog that has a prestigous reputation...why did you hire this snobby and dumb abomination?

    Now with Maggie, she can sure write and is a lovely girl. But it seems that her posts are awfully boring, like my tampons.

    And Chad, he is ok I guess but isn't good enough.

  12. If I were you I would sign up lovely Nojarma, he is intellient and instead of thick and horrid Bruno who scams his dear friends. Yes he did.
    Chad can you please step it up? Of course your Chadilicious and we love you for it but that isn't and excuse for not good enough articles.

    Anyone I have missed?
    Noelle, disappearing Isabella, Zoe, Nicki and Jenny please continue your great writing, you have talent girls.

    And as for Gillian, I don't know about your skills yet but don't let don this blog.

    Half of the writers here barely take the effort to post, the should be damn grateful that Noelle and Isabella gave them this opportunity.

    Seriously nobody likes Stacey's poor writing, she just advertises herself here plainly to be honest, as many of her commenters said: FIRE THE SHIT!
    I agree with them, do it.

    So you are looking for more staff? Noelle make the right choices, lots of people will be using this as a way to get fame. Beware or stupid backstabbers and no more poor writers. You have enough of them.

  13. Take my advice Noelle and Isabella don't just hire anyone who has applied...the majority will just be looking to become elite, look at the first bloody post.
    Quality people give a quality blog.
    That is the end of my enormous tirade.
    Thank you Isabella and Noelle for making this blog...but some if it's staff are just dissapointments.

  14. Wow. This is a dream! Thank youuu! Thnk you guys I will NEVER EVER forget how I got here! Love you guys for all the support <3 And anonymous, even though i don't know who you are on stardoll >.> I hope not to disappoint :)

  15. To anonymous:
    I agree that some of the writers aren't as good as others, but they all deserve a chance. Stacy has just begun writing for this blog. It may not be as good as Noelle's, but remember, Noelle has been writing for much longer.
    As for everything else you say, I partly agree. I feel as though not everyone is posting very often, or putting as much effort into each post.
    But I don't think it is right to compare and judge every writer to your expectations.

    This blog is great.
    More writers is more variety and I think we should all appreciate that.

    I know I don't have any problems with any of the writers.

    And if you ever read this Stacy: Don't let the haters bring you down! Your writing is great and I look forward to your next post. I know you'll prove these haters wrong!

    To Gillian: Congratulations! It must be such an honor to be writing for this blog. Welcome to MDM!

  16. I do somewhat agree that there are more than enough writers already but I guess the more the merrier ..? ;)

  17. Actually blogger does allow me to add up to 100 writers.

    More writers, more views to read, more thoughts to ponder on.

    In the world we are in, we should thrive on ideas (no matter how trivial these are) for sometimes, it is through these ideas and thoughts that we find some learnings we can later on use in life.

    We have 11 writers on the blog now... and guess what... no matter how many people i piss off, I WILL BE ADDING MORE. :)

  18. Same anon here, Noelle you are just going to piss off many people and start to lose the feel of this blog ya know?
    If you do wish to hire 100 people, make sure that it is quality people...not like Stacey, Bruno and Lolita. Fire the dumb fuckshits.


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