January 11, 2011

Learning How to Walk

Being confident and true to myself are included on my new years resolution list, but somehow I can't manage to be these things because some people are pulling me back and bringing me down.

On the last couple of weeks, I've decided to keep my blog posts plain and simple. I thought keeping my words nice and candy coated will make other people like me, but instead I got hate mails and hate comments from anonymous users.

These anonymous users did a great job on trying to put me down.
 They attacked my first post here and I am ashamed to say that I let their words get in to me and wasted a tear or two because of it. I almost want to give up writing because I am terribly hurt by their comments, but I realized that there are also some people who loves and believes in my talent.

The ever-so-beautiful Noelle_Page believed in me and gave me this amazing opportunity to write in this blog. She told me that she's looking forward to see the brave and smart girl that is inside me. 
Well, Noelle.... I won't bring you down. I'm sorry it took a while for me to be comfortable and show the real me, but hey, it's not too late yet, right?

Some people may think I want fame, well who doesn't?
but what others doesn't know is that I want people to believe and respect me.
I want to thank my MDM family for helping me grow and teaching me how to walk, the people who reads and supports my posts and to my haters.

Let's not forget that haters make you famous.


  1. from now on, I will be fearless! just look at my amazing banner! XD

  2. Wow, great post. I'm sorry those people got the best of you. I love your posts and look forward to more of them. (:

  3. Aww :D

    This is amazing!

    "Haters make YOU famous" ;D

  4. thank you everyone, I've learned that you should always be honest and be yourself when doing something, so that the result of what you're doing will be amazing :)

  5. You've definitely 'learned how to walk'. Don't ever be afraid to show your true self. You are beautiful!


Nice to see you back! Oh wait. .. .who are you again?