January 11, 2011

Poll + Concrete Angel

I am overly excited by the amount of people who supported this cause and supported the children who get abused daily, and we have some great names here in our poll today including Filipe (Brit-On-Me) Star Awards' Social butterfly nominee, and Deidra owner of The Classique Awards which as you may have read earlier was a great awards ceremony by which MDM's family won 6 categories and I would like to congratulate each and every one of them, and thank all of you for nominating and voting for us!

So as promised, here is the poll for BLUE RIBBON FOR KIDS Tees that I sold to various buyers willing to buy these designs, note that I wont be selling anymore (there will be a few exceptions however):

Please take a look at the video below of Martina McBride's Concrete angel, a song about a child being abused by her mother, and dies at the innocent and young age of 7 years. The lyrics has such a deep meaning, if you would like to take a look at the lyrics please click HERE.

With love,


  1. Although the video didn't work for me I have heard a song from a different artist called DJ BOONIE entitled the same; 'Concrete Angel'. I found this so really inspiring and it makes me feel lucky to have the parents that I have.

  2. Such a beautiful song! I also really loved everyone of those outfits. I can only vote for one, but good look to all the fabulous ladies.
    This is for a really great cause.

  3. Wow,that's simply..a really amazing song,and I really love what you did,because child abuse is a matter that's hidden way too much,so it's really fantastic that you raised awareness about child abuse on Stardoll.

  4. This is beautiful!
    This video almost made my cry D:

  5. I voted. (:
    Are t-shirts still being sold?


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