January 09, 2011

MDM Family Got IT at the Classique Awards!!!

Are we at MDM on a roll or are we ON A ROLL?

7:46 AM Manila time, I just came from the recently concluded Classique Awards owned by the lovely and fierce Dei (To_Royal)

It almost completely slipped my mind and so I hastily grabbed that awesome Starbazaar gown created by the always fabulous and talented Allison_Arg and left my suite (with my two awesome bodyguards of course. LOL! ).

...and I was really glad that I went.


The guys from MDM won 6 MAJOR AWARDS!!!

Most Stunning MeDoll: zoe_COUTURE 

Most Alluring Male: Madworld

Stardoll's Ground-Breaking Project Award:JuciiMami827 for Stardoll's Official NOH8 Organization

Biggest Fighter Award: Miss_LolitaF

Stardoll's Biggest Sweetheart: Findurlove

I have been on Stardoll for more than three years now and I can only remember winning 1 award.

That was when I won Best Friendship with Isabella.Arci in Star Awards. It was such a huge surprise for me when I was announced as the winner for the biggest award of the night...

Stardoll's Biggest Achiever Award

I was literally speechless for a couple of minutes as I was separately chatting in Skype with Aislin, Charlotte, Zoe and Gillian.

"More than three years ago, Isabella introduced me to this Virtual dress up site. Ever since then, this became like a lifeline to me.

I am just fortunate to be surrounded by wonderful people in real life and in here as well. I would like to thank the following:

To ElitesExposed who kept me grounded when I came back.

To Editorialized (missricopenguin) for making me discover that long lost love for blogging

To my MDM family who kept me sane and kept me company on those sleepless insomniac nights 

Style_Magazine and Writemarycat who brought out the best in me in those three years, to Charlotte, to Tyler...and to Dei.... for coming up with this awesome event. :)

...and to YOU our dear MDM followers, you guys are our life. We love you dearly.

Thank you."



Running to the Awards night, I saw this post on PSG from the beautiful Charlotte (N1mka4eva) (who by the way won an award as well for the Most Risque MeDoll).

"Can you see them? See right through them. I have power on this site called stardoll, even I can admit it, I mean, come on people, I’m not boasting or anything, no I am not, I’m just telling what I think is the truth. I could make an outfit from fucking acorns and people would love it. I love that, I love my pretty  power..."

That's a pretty powerful statement. Honest. Classic.

If you have all the guts to go through this post's awesomeness, click here.

You are crazy Char. 

...and if being crazy is defined by you, I would want to be crazy too. Love you my friend! :)



  1. Love you Noelle and so happy that you and a lot of other people from the MDM family won some awards! I didn't, but I'm still honored that I got nominated. <3 to you all!

  2. Oh wow, when I think about all the people who won awards a lot are part of MDM!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS, everyone. :) It's all very much deserved!!! :)

  4. Oh wow, I did not notice that :D

    The is lovely <3

  5. Congrats to everyone who won from the MDM team ;D
    All very much deserved!
    Charlotte's post was amazing. (:

  6. I'm so proud to call you guys y family! congratulations.
    We love you all!

  7. You all deserved the awards! You're really lucky to have gone this far in stardoll!!
    Noelle_page, I'm sorry about Snobsexsposed telling you I'm rubbish, in your guestbook, but I am :(

  8. Whop! Im so proud of you all guys! You really deserved it!

  9. This wouldn't have been possible without all of you of course. :)

    We're all in this together (How very High School Musical of me...)

  10. Congratulations to the whole MDM family! Yours is the blog I come to whenever I want to get away from the usual Stardoll hectic day-to-day issues.
    Noelle,it's been such a pleasure to meet you and I feel honoured you decided to wear my gown to the event. I really, really thank you, sweetheart. Luv ya!!


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