January 24, 2011

Random Bits and Pieces

Hi everyone!

Perhaps many of you will ask if I am a new writer here at MDM.
Well, YES and NO.

Yes, from now on I will be writing here. 
My posts mainly will be about Stardoll News, Partners and Affiliates Promotions, new things to check out and announcements that you might be interested about... and if I woke up at the wrong side of the bed, some random bitching on the side.

I will not be writing about spoilers and freebies!
To be stuck to that is one blog and blogger's nightmare.

No, I am not a new staff. 

Maybe a lot of you can still remember me from those obnoxious guestbook messages I am leaving on your Stardoll pages to promote this blog.
Yes! That's me! LMAO!


Let me start off with the things from our media partners.

Have you already heard of Oxygen Network's The Bad Girls' Club?

Well, we have a Stardoll version coming up!

This is brought to us by no other than ElitesExposed herself, Aislin Victory. 

 I for one cannot wait to follow this project to see if Aislin can sustain the hype of this (I think she was unable to do that with her other blog elitesexposed.blogspot.com, which seemed to have lost its momentum too early on).

If you'll be asking me, this project has got promise. Click here to check it out!

On the other side of the fence though, Stardoll's Most Wanted owned by emorox4eva is brewing a project that promises to give exposure to thousands of Stardesigners out there.

Launch My Line is a competition that will have you design your own line of clothing (Spring / Summer collection) from the Stardesign and whoever comes up with the best collection wins.

The project includes a fashion show and if I am not mistaken some voting. This is a strong take on SFW but since it's giving more exposure to Stardesigners and the fact that all of us can buy the clothes makes it fair enough.

You just might as well check the project here too.

Speaking of Stardoll Fashion Week (SFW), Fashion group is again in search of a new face for Stardoll Fashion Week 2011.

Well, that's a good choice I believe.

The whole event is much too big for previous winner coconut_nicole.  
She came out of nowhere and as expected, when last season's SFW ended, she faded into oblivion as well. 

Fashion Group should be getting someone better this time.


Since we are already along that line of blog projects and The Fashion Group
(I do hope I can already announce this)... 

that FG has recently expressed their interest in partnering with MDM's first grand competition MDM's Next Top Blogger.

 This will be quite interesting to see how these very differet genres can be integrated into one.

Anyway, I am pretty sure Noelle and Becka will be coming up with something.


  1. Loved the post! I cant wait for more from you.

  2. Loved this post! I admire the work you do actually, I see your gb messages all the time and that seems like it will take a long time and effort knowing you can only post every 5 minutes!

  3. I like the sound of some of these projects but I do think coconut_nicole is a beautiful doll and that they give everyone a fair chance and don't just choose someone who is supposedly more famous. I hope to read more and I won't mind if you wrote in my gb advertising lol...

  4. Erm, Nicole is not being replaced. If you had read it, you'd know that she is still the face and always will be. She will have someone new each time. And I am not going to choose based on fame, I'm going to choose based on beauty and style. The whole point of fashion week is to promote unknown members and their talent. So Nicole remains.

  5. @Becka: I do apologize to have implied that you will be replacing "Coconut", and yes, I have read your post. What I have written here however are my opinion and just like yourself, I strongly stand by it.

  6. @coconut_nicole: No. Thanks to you... for exactly proving my point. :-)

  7. And just how did I prove that incompetent point of yours? :) Mind you, I said absolutely nothing that proved your statement true, nor will I ever. You think I "faded into oblivion"? Ever since SFW I've been working on a project of my own. Really, YOU'RE the one to talk.

  8. Saying that she's being replaced isn't opinion. It's wrong, as you've incorrectly reported a fact. You don't have to like it, but Nicole is staying. And I will stand by THAT.

  9. Woah! No need to get feisty here girls! haha! Becka, on which line exactly did you read that I wrote that your "choice" is being replaced?

    You see, implied is much different from directly saying it. It was your own interpretation of what I wrote and hence you are entitled to have your own stand so be it. I am not asking you to change your opinion on that and SO AM I.

    and "Cocunut", If MY point is much too incompetent for your taste, it's quite amusing to find you visiting this post and actually commenting on it over and over. :-)

    Sometimes, you have to take opinions of other people no matter how harsh those may seem.

    Well, if you are mature enough to take it rather.

  10. You're being very hypocritical right now, considering you said (quote) "Speaking of Stardoll Fashion Week (SFW), Fashion group is again in search of a new face for Stardoll Fashion Week 2011." and "Fashion Group should be getting someone better this time." So yeah, you pretty much wrote that I'm being replaced. :)

    And I never said that your incompetence was too much for my taste. I usually like a little incompetence once and a while... it feels, "refreshing", if you will. However, you're a total overdose. I seriously wonder how long they'll keep you as a writer? ;D After all, you can't report the facts as they are.

    BTW I have follow-up comments send directly to my email, you know, so I can monitor how incorrect your statements are? :) JS but sorry honey, you lost.

  11. Oh Coconut, that was how you interpreted those lines. Again, I have never said you were being replaced. "A new face for Stardoll fashion week" and "they should be getting someone better this time" is much much different if I have said: "...Fashion Group is replacing coconut for she's done basically nothing to have her face associated with Fashion Group."

    FG is holding a competition to, technically speaking "find a new face for Stardoll Fashion Week" really, correct? And they should "find someone better this time" probably to keep you company for you cant hold up by yourself.

    I lost? Did I really? Everyone sees through you now. I am correct after all. You are one ungracious disgrace to an event as such, who funny as it may seem, cannot and will not take criticisms.

    Poor you, really. Sensitive much to conclusions of being replaced. Sad.

    Just do what you do best hun, fade into oblivion. :-)

  12. And just how did I prove that incompetent point of yours? :) Mind you, I said absolutely nothing that proved your statement true, nor will I ever. You think I "faded into oblivion"? Ever since SFW I've been working on a project of my own. Really, YOU'RE the one to talk.

    There's no need to justify your existence beyond Stardoll Fashion Week Coconut. This is no court. :-)

  13. Frankly speaking, i personally think Nicole did justice to her part. SFW has opened a lot of opportunities to a lot of people (Stardoll designers and models alike). It has become an avenue for all of us to showcase and watch real talent.

    I however will respect all opinions expressed on here as we are all entitled to that.

    Ysadora, moving forward, please clarify your statements for words written contain as much power as the ones that are spoken. I am pretty sure you know that.

    ...and please call her NICOLE. Respect begets respect... and i am not about to tolerate name callings from any of the MDM writers.

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