July 27, 2011

11 Year Old Stripper On Stardoll? OrginalClub Scandal?!

So a little birdy told me that OriginalClub, considered Stardoll's very first club, is having a huge scandal right about now.

What I have been told is that pretty much something happened or someone did something to someone, I don't really know since I hardly use clubs like OriginalClub or FashionClub. BUT, the rumor is that a girl took screen shots of SOMETHING, I don't know what, but showed it to her parents and they took it too the police which lead them also contact Stardoll about the shenanigans.

Though I think the rumors are bogus, but I actually see it. I mean really, we hardly ever see Stardoll shut down clubs, but wait, they didn't close it down, they are 'investigating' it. Hmm.. Something just isn't right with this picture.

(click to enlarge)
And with that being said, I go around 'investigating' for myself to see if I can see what went down for Stardoll to 'possibly' have a chance at getting into another issue.

So first I look around for OriginalClub. And so I see Stardoll in fact STILL has OC running, BUT it is unavailable until further notice.

(I hope I spelled Original right..)
And then so, after I see that, then I see this on the side of the main 'Clubs' page on Stardoll.

A brand new OC with the exact same name, apparently, the members are just so dedicated to it and pissed by Stardoll, they decide to not wait for Stardoll to reopen the club and create their own!

So then after seeing this club, I wanted to see how fast the news about OC spread and if I could find out what happened, so I go to the next frequent and equally insane club, FashionClub, and I just gaze around discussion to see if they will talk about it, and this one caught my eye first.

(click to enlarge)
At first I thought it was a mere troll hating on younger members, but then I notice that intriguing comment below hers. And here a more comments I found further explaining the situation.

(click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)

So.. pretty much, what I can see is that... (re-writing the story I told earlier) rumor has it that an 11 year old user on Stardoll called..
Is a frequent user of Tinychat and links people of Stardoll to her Tinychat shows of her, and one time when she was on webcam, she proceeded to strip off all of her clothes and somebody apparently called the police on her little show and someone took screenshots apparently as well. And so Stardoll and the parents of this 11 year old are being looked at for this.

The situation itself is completely outrageous if you ask me. But eh, I am speechless for once about something other than explaining it, haha.

So what do YOU guys think about all of this?

Love, Dei

P.S. (Photo of another discussion about the girl in question)
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  1. Well, now we have some gossip! Thanks for doing all the work to track this down. It's all very sad to me. And I agree about her parents. Where are they??

  2. I wasn't in OC, but I have constantly heard that they have always had bad topics in there, and this one was the worst. It is sad that her parents did not catch her in the act, but I got money that one the police are through with all this, that girl and her parents would not even dare let something like this happen again. I do hope they put her butt in juvie for awhile to teach her a good lesson! XD

  3. Well yeah, I am sure they all are annoyed by all of this, but I doubt she will go to juvie for stripping over Tinychat, BUT I know something like that can be on her record AND the parents could have to deal with it way more than the girl.

    And Stardoll, though not being at fault for the girl stripping is at fault for other occurrences that have happened in OC without them taking record of it, so pretty much, everyone involved is screwed. Haha.

  4. To be honest, fuck everything about this. What has society come to? All the people who egged that little girl on were probably pedo philes. They're everywhere in those clubs, plus, I'd say at least 25% of Stardoll's members are pedo philes. Whoever reported this to the police has their mind in the right place. I wonder if Tinychat will also undergo some serious changes in secrity, hmm...

    And by the way, what kind of parents allow their child to own a webcam? Hello? There's an option to disable it.

    Stardoll really started going downhill these past few years, in terms of sexual offences/scandals. If you were online in 2004, there was nothing of the sort.

  5. OMG! I'm not part of any of these 'clubs' but I'm glad I'm not. Just being logged into that show at that time could make you part of the crime and worthy of investigating. I'd rather not have that on my hands, thank you very much.

    Lets all keep our clothes on, o k a y?

  6. This happened awhile back, people in TC heard about it, I went to look. I didn't think much of iot, but apparently someone did.

    And finally, some gossip.

  7. It's not stardolls fault nor is it just this one girl doing this; our society has gotten to a point where we are over sexualizing our children at such a young age and it's sickening. You can look anywhere, facebook, tumblr, tinychat and even stardoll to find evidence of this. Girls and boys during this new decade are being exposed to all sorts of sexual thoughts before they turn thirteen and we expect things like this not to happen. I've been in Original Club a few times mostly to advertise my sales when I've been low on stardollars, as well as some other clubs and the topics shock me. I myself am eighteen years of age, and it repulsed me that everytime I would go to one of those clubs i'd see a topic saying something about sex, cuss words in topics and all sorts of scandalous things with no one doing anything to stop it; it's become a sick sort of normal in our society. We as the older generation (16 and up) need to be a better influence to these younger kids on stardoll as a lot of them spend hours on it. The real world is just going to keep shoving thoughts like this into their heads forcing them to grow up, but we the older members of stardoll can at least try to fight back. This isn't gossip, it's a sad sad story and it sickens me that people think this is amusing.

  8. Yeah, OC always has gross topics (that's why I left a while ago). Not surprised that this happened...

  9. @audreyxbeth - I couldn't agree with you more, its so horrid and disgusting that our youth of today is obsessed with tits, ass, and even porn.

    All it shows is that though is that our previous generation has left a mark on the newer one in which leads them to think and act this way.

    I mean really, if people my age and older (18-25) weren't as slutty as they were (because the world is just full of sluts..) then I bet the youth wouldn't have grown to be thrown into the sex and vanity craze of today.

  10. Princess_Dumini(who's never gonna log in)Wednesday, July 27, 2011 1:11:00 PM

    Yes, I'm on OC'er. Lavenderluva has done that more than once. I want old OC... I remember being on TC with her. Ugh...

  11. It all started when her button "accidently" came undone (she though her camera was off apparently) we all believed her until her next scandal opening her legs up to the camera then she "climbed the wall"and dry humped her brother its a wonder robin didn't delete her
    also I can't get on to stardoll Safari can’t find the server.
    Safari can’t open the page “http://www.stardoll.com/” because Safari can’t find the server “www.stardoll.com”. is what it comes up with on all of my browsers; google chrome, firefox and safari does anyone know how to fix this?

  12. Lol, I'm an OC'er and I was there, this is HILARIOUS. I went on the TC once, innocently, but luckily, lavender had gone for a break from her a show. An FC'er created the new OC, we have no idea who she is. If you go to the New OC, you can know all that you wrote in just a second. But some are already moving on and catching up with the owner 'Becca' and becoming New OC'ers. But I'm missing my place as manager.


  13. omg! This is disgusting. At 11 years old she's old enough to know that taking off your clothes infront of a webcam is inapropriate. Where are her parents? The girls who called the police did the right thing. I'm not in OC but I have like maddy/maddy65 heard of the rumours of bad topics in the club. On the plus side- this is serious gossip!

  14. It's a shame none of the writers here are Stardoll clubbers because you seem to not realise: OC is known for being... uh... inappropriate? at the best of times.
    This just tipped Stardoll staff over the edge. OC is full of topics like that, trolls and disgusting posts that shouldn't be allowed. People report the club all the time and beg Stardoll staff to do something about it, but until now there's never been any solid evidence that something bad was going on. Especially considering they can't track down the fake accounts people made.
    I don't get the girl that says some girl in TC stripped, though, because TC is my home, and even though we swear and act like idiots there, we've never had anything like that. :|

  15. As a regular OC member;I actually didn't hear about this scandal often. Some people would joke about her being a 'hacker' but I believed they were just joking. OC may have people who regularly swear, but it's really not entirely bad. Lavenderluva was one exception. The process of sexulisation of young girls is wrong, and disgusting. And she did that to her... brother? What the fuck is wrong with society these days? Her parents would be worse off then her; they would have to deal with the fact the child exposed herself to many 'children' possibly adults and even pedophiles. If I was her parent/s, I couldn't face her, nor look at her the same ever again, and 11?

    OC will be missed.:'(
    Great post, Dei!

  16. Somebody logged off for the purposes of my viewing points.Wednesday, July 27, 2011 7:02:00 PM

    How the...could have an eleven years old girl get the idea of online stripping? In front of Stardoll members?! HELLO? She could have waited a few years and then do it kinda, legally? But not on Stardoll, there are sites such as pornhub and cam4. I think on this t(w)een site everybody's got enough of their own body.

  17. @Twitticon - I really don't think it's wise to state in the open that you were there. Believe it or not, Stardoll read these blogs, and you could end up in legal trouble for just going onto the Tinychat link.

  18. My God that is so sick! But, I also think it's gossip. Whatkind of 11 year old will strip?! Stardoll society is fucking sick, and I have few close friends, and that's all.

  19. Ah, I am loving this Stardoll scandal. OC is basically my second home, and I have met many of my friends there. This girl, Lavenderluva, has been TCing naked for weeks now, I was in the TC the first time she stripped off for us. I've been an active member for over 6 months now, and I was there for TheFemaleDog [My First Bra], all the robin mette callie threesome drama and even back when iwontbeasage was running lose. Lavenderluva has done this multiple times, however. At first it was funny and shocking, now it has become the talk of Stardoll. @Twitticon, I actually like the new OC. It's OC without the noobs, trolls or inactive owner [although, I do confess, I love robin dowling with all my heart]. But this new OC feels more, homely. I think this scandal has brought us all closer together :)

    Michelle (mack_shell) xx

  20. That is really horrible.
    If an 11 year old girl is doing that what will the younger ones do in years to come? It's very horrible.

  21. @To_Royal
    It's really sad to think that our generation is doing this (i'm in your generation ha) because I try my hardest to be a good example. Sure I may be covered in piercings and tattoos (i'm an artist for gods-sake) but even as an eighteen year old I've never once shown my tatas on a webcam.. it's so sad to think that our music, culture and fashion is influencing young kids like this but only thing we can do is try to be good examples to kids on stardoll as the adults playing it.

  22. Is it gone for good now??? Its completely removed from stardoll..Its not even in my list of clubs anymore:(

    My stardoll username-


    (plz reply)

  23. A lot of OC'ers are now in MSW, there are so many discussions, and the Stardoll closing down was a prank played on MSW by FA.2, some people took it really seriously and asked stardoll about it. And apparently she has flashed on camera before aswell, and then when she was stripping someone took screenshots of her and posted them in OC. But also it has had a lot of dirty topics so that could be included in the reason it has closed.

  24. @The Anon under Laurenhorse - Stardoll says is just shut down temporarily.

    So either it means OriginalClub could be closed down, or it might be monitors way more later on IF they decide to re-open it.

  25. Laws Broken-
    1.THis is considered,by law, child pornography.
    2. Parental Neglegence.
    3. Endangerment to a child.
    1. THis will now go on her permanent record and she can now be put on file as a sex offender. THis may also include a fine of up (I believe?)to 2,500 dollars, and her parents could be facing prison time.
    2. Prison time, fines, and possibly child services getting involved.
    3. Even more Jail time and Child services getting involved.
    Further information-
    Look up unformation on consequences to sexting, child pornography and parental neglegence.

    Plus, a lot of colleges and schools will be difficult to persuade to take her, because this is an extremally bad mark on a permanent record.

  26. ^In Arizona, It is punishable by 17 years in jail.

  27. @Last Anon - Yeah, I knew she would get that on her record for sure and that it is child porn. :/ But I bet she doesn't even understand that AND later on in life it can hurt her.

    Hopefully people she knows don't know about this. Because it must suck to be her parents right now.

  28. This is disgusting. What kind of demoralized tween would make herself the object of the public to taunt? And who are we to instigate or further pry into this subject? Leave it to the police, Stardoll, and her parents to punish her, beat her, discipline her into becoming a mature, young person. People and parents should really know how to monitor their children in times like this. If your child is posting Tinychat videos of herself, portraying herself as some kind of porn star or whatever, then our generation parents today need to realize that by letting our children be too free with their lives, it results in trashed reputations and constant buzz.

  29. OC hasn't closed for what it's like normally, it's actually one of the cleaner clubs. What they did was illegal, they posted child pornography. That's why it will be deleted

  30. Mmmm in this case it dont have to be the parents that are wrong in ther parenting ...some girl's are just great liars and mostly it are bad and older friends that are influencing younger children .....but maybe ther parents could bock some pages on ther computer or pageg for 18 and older all should be blocked on ther computer.

    She just did a stuppid thing and maybe thought it would be cool and she isnt the only weird girl in sd ...younger girls boys all get sexual feelings at one time some express that in the wrong way totaly nasty rubbin dolls on sd that was nasty !and the broadcast's that are soemtimes beeing send out like im hot sexy wanne see ..... just nasty broadcast's and people dont do anything about that ...ther are so many girls that do sutch a thing normaly they are somewhat older .
    I would be horrified if my daughter would do sutch a thing when she will be 11 one day .i will have parentel right's on my computer and will block all the 18 + pages when she will be old enough to understand sutch things ,
    I am happy that it is not my daughter but hey she is not the only girl in the world that did sutch a thig on youtube ther ar tons a movie's of tripping girl's ....and parent's can't see everything ther child does eventhough they try hard.most of them .
    But realy great gossip .great detective work Dei ! lol xx

  31. Wow, I knew her name seemed familiar. She was a fellow manager in a club called Royal.Medolls , a club (originally..) made for users with original and nice suites. You can see one of her posts here: http://i52.tinypic.com/x6d5dy.png
    I never knew her in any other way than as manager for that club, but I guess she seemed quite normal. I would have never expected anything like that from her. Some people just have problems.

  32. Oh please, Dei, you and your other little suck-up commentors, can stop fucking pretending you know all about these clubs.
    Clubs like MSW,APG, FC and OC aren't just little places where you can post disgusting things, it's someone else's FAMILY. They go to these total strangers because they can find humour, comfort and love in these people. So STOP making these loved stardoll clubs look like a waste of pixels.

  33. I honestly Don't interact with any clubs on stardoll, I may belong to some but really what is the point of a Club?.. Its kind of like a mini crappy blog.

  34. I was member of OC, before it was replaced after it was closed, and I didn't think much of it, but this? I think stardoll will be raising the security and have a look at all the weirdos on their site! Hopefully after this stardoll will learn a lesson!

  35. wow! i can`t believe i missed out on all the drama. i`m a regular member in OC and i admit, we do have constant inappropriate topics there, but this one, was far the WORST ever. i mean i heard about Lavender stripping in front of old men a month ago, but i never heard that POLICE are involved in this. i`m also sad that OC is temporality gone. that club was my home :( i think this is a lesson for all of us. children shouldn`t be on the internet and should be playing with their dolls and reading books.

  36. i think its wrong... we do that when were twelve (jks) but its still wrong for girls that age to be stripping. but 11 yr olds dont play with dolls anymore

  37. Hey guys, I just noticed this: (copyed from help-contact us page)" weeks ago( i translated this, because it was on my lagulange): Amy Diamond, Twilight, OC
    These clubs are currently under review and investigation.
    WTF?! The Stripper was in MORE THAN 1 CLUB?! I AM TOTALLY SHOCKEED! NOt by just this, by the all story! Where are the parents? And OC members knew for it all the time and they didn't said ANITHING?!


  38. This is so sad. And what do people mean by "it might not be the parents' fault?" Obviously they aren't monitoring her Internet usage and they don't care about her face chatting total STRANGERS or defiling herself.

  39. Ahhh good old memories... Can't believe this happened over four years ago! I myself was a loyal DC'er, but I remember hearing about this when all the OC'ers got kicked out. I went on Stardoll just the other day (to see if my account was even still active!) and it's such a strange place now! Stardoll was such a big part of my life, it feels strange now that it's just old memories.

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