January 06, 2011

TAG a FRIEND Rewards Program

A few days ago, just right after all the New Year feasts were celebrated, we've given all of you a sneek peak at what we at MDM have to offer all of you this 2011.

And on today, the 5th of January, we are offcially launching, the first ever user-created Rewards Program on Stardoll.

Now, allow us to take all of you through the structure of this program.

Do you remember the time when Stardoll would ask us to provide email addresses of friends we think would love to join the site?

And that for every successfull signup of a friend (the friend we invited created an account in Stardoll), we would earn 10 shiny Stardollars?

This is very similar to that...

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What do I have to do to join this Rewards Program.
Answer: You just simply have to become a follower of this blog.

  Once you've already become a follower, you may now begin to ask friends to join and follow MDM too.

Question: How will I be rewarded whenever I get another person to follow the blog?

Answer: You get 10 Stardollars for each person who will join because of you.
So just imagine, if you can get 10 people to follow the blog in 1 day, that's instant 100 Stardollars for you!

Question: Who can I invite to become a follower of the blog? What are the qualifications of the people I should invite?

Answer: The person you can invite must have an active follower account (see example above) and a Stardoll account with at least 200 Starpoints.

Question: How will MDM keep track of all my VALID invites so I can get my Rewards?

Answer: Once your friend becomes a follower of MDM, he or she should go to the tab at the top of the MDM page that says TAG a FRIEND and he or she should write the following as a comment:

INVITED BY: (Stardoll Username of the person who invited him / her)

Once all those steps were completed, a verification message will be sent to the Stardoll account of the new follower and the person should reply within the next 24 hours or the Reward will be forfeited.

Payout, is every weekend. Comments will be cleared every week and a database will be maintained to keep track of those followers that you have invited.

This is another chance for all of you to get BIG, BIG BUCKS so you can Stardoll shop till you all drop! :D

Again, every successful follower of yours is worth 10 Stardollars!

So what are you all waiting for?

Ask your friends to join us in MDM now!!!


  1. this is so cool! such a good idea and money maker!!

  2. Lol! I remember the stardoll's reward for inviting friends... I didnt had many money then, so it was the only way for buy some stuff for my main (and only one) suit :P

    I think u had a great idea!!

  3. What if we are not Superstar? How will we get our Stardollars? Gifts? Starbazzar (since its now open to non-superstar) etc.?


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