January 30, 2011

Top of the Hour News: Disney Taking Over Stardoll?

Hi Everyone!

It's me again. (Yes, I haven't been fired yet, contrary to what others are hoping for.) :-)

For the top of the hour news, It appears that everyone on Stardoll are up on their toes because of the news about Disneyland taking over and buying the website we all love. Stardoll.

If you will be taking this picture and apparent "confidential" letter sent to a very fortunate blogger seriously, then things are about to turn for the worst.

If the titles of Disneydoll, Disdoll, Stardisney or Princessdoll isn't horrible enough, then the theme of Disney Princesses might just get us all stuck in a world of a living nightmare.

As a person of reason and good judgment, I say that this letter is as FAKE as those knock-off designer bags a few Stardollians chose to sell on their Starbazaars:

1. It seems that this letter was sent by somebody who's working from Disney to the person who first uploaded the pic (hmmm... i wonder who she is and from which blog). If that's the case, Why the hell would Disney send a letter to someone who's got nothing to do with it? Out of friendship? WTF.

2. From the look of that picture, this is suppose to be an official communication released by Disney (look at the letter head). 

If so, why aren't there any news about this on Google? Yeah, I know that it's suppose to be "confidential" but come on!!! They were able to leak hundreds of copies of Britney's song on youtube even before it was released so something as big as this couldn't be possibly held out of the news radar.

3. Read that letter. Go ahead, read it again. 

Doesn't it appear to be too unprofessional for it to be written by someone who's suppose to be working for Disney? 

For me, it looks like it was just written by an attention seeking blogger working for an attention seeking blog who's got tons of time in their hands to come up with something as fraudulent as this.

Wouldn't it be cool to track down the person behind this? 

What do you all think?


On another news, have you visited people's sceneries lately?

I did.

And to my shock, not one scenery that used "manipulation" as a technique came out as it should. 

Look at the popular sceneries of Miss Isabella:

Of Stardoll Supermodel Bluegreen86

 And of posing guru Liajm

Now I am well aware that there are a lot of modelling competitions runing out there.
Will the organizers postpone these contests first until this Technical Issue is resolved?

This is quite sad and I hope Stardoll fixes it. ASAP!


Another Stardoll-user-created magazine is set to make waves this 1st of February. I think their first spoiler is quite inviting.


If that got you curious enough, you can always go to the release party.
Here's the invite:

Will you go?

I will.


  1. I would love to go to the runway magazine party, hoefully I will be able to.
    It is very annoying about the pictures I hope stardoll fixes it soon, why so many glitches I wonder?

    Thank you so much you have made me feel slightly more reassured about the letter I honestly hope its not true and much as I love disney this is bad news.

  2. That disney thing has GOT to be fake, or else a lot of us are leaving stardoll. Like, as in, half of the population of stardoll that pay cash, at least. If not like 75% of them.

    Secondly, that 'Runway' magazine spoiler....hmmm....isn't that graphic of the girl by Recerche? I think they copied them...maybe. I'm not certain.

  3. I did believe it, for a time, because clearly I'm a little stupid today. Normally I see through this stuff.

    I'm not worried, for a number of reasons:
    1) If this was a friend letter, aimed at our age group, it would be set out in that way, but I very much doubt they're letterhead it, since they weren't addressing corporate. Also, someone in that position would know that 'overnight' is one word.
    2) A quick google search can tell you that Stardoll's average age group now is age 15. Disney Princesses is aimed primarily, by my estimation, at ages 8 and below, the age range you are very unlikely to find on the internet, therefore it makes no sense to do that.
    3) If this was actually their plan, the aforementioned 15 year olds would leave, ASAP. 15 is the age at which you can spend your disposable income on pixelated couture, but at age 8 and below? Wouldn't you rather a Barbie than virtual Chanel? And how receptive are parents going to be to that plan, sinking their funds into something like that? If the kids even find out about it, given it's on the internet. Therefore, no money would come into Stardoll, and it would die. And we would all laugh.
    4) Disney aims for the age group Stardoll currently attracts. Sonny with a Chance, Wizards, even Hannah Montana have older viewers, and Good Luck Charlie was actually their attempt to create a show to entertain the whole family. If they were going to remodel Stardoll, surely they'd embrace those values to try and hold onto people already there, as opposed to reverting to an old format there's probably a million sites on already?

    I'm sceptical.

  4. Oh, and 5) Disneydoll?! Ok, we all play on a dollsite, we're a little immature. We're not fucking braindead. That's fake as hell, and even Disney wouldn't be that lame.

    When we find out who fed out this piece of trash, they're going to get lynched.

  5. the first blog who published this letter was special blog for stardoll, I don't know it's link but it's theme is all with butterflies, ok I first saw itthere and in less than a day it was all over the internet!!

  6. I can't shake the feeling I've seen that Runway Magazine graphic someplace else before.

  7. atleast there is i-dressup if stardoll gets taken over disney but i dressup graphics aren't as good...

  8. I agree with you, I'm sure it's fake. And you can download in internet totally free the font to make Disney letters, so anyone could fake it.
    And that scenery thing happened to me! Stardoll's going really weird: Parties are only for Superstar but today it let me make a Superstar Party when I'm not Superstar... (For me it's better xD, but Stardoll is weird these days :S)

  9. I really hope it's not true D;

  10. Well I am friends with the new owner of runway.
    She used Lily's graphic and she used one of Reira's graphic for the spoiler...

  11. I hope this is a fake. Becka gave excellent reasons why this is a fake.

    and about the sceneries: I soooooo hope stardoll fixes theme! They 'efed up some prefectly good sceneries. But at least I always prt scrn before I save (:

  12. It better not change to Disneydoll Disdoll,Stardisney or even PRINCESSDOLL!!!!!The theme of Disney Princesses make's me puke an even if it is real(but obviously its fake!)and it happens(which it wont)I am leaving stardoll for good!It said it was "making it available and fun for girls all ages" IT ALREADY IS FUN FOR ALL AGES!!!>:(

  13. I do hope it is fake but on 'purplesparkles's blog there was an interview of some sort with Liisa Wrang, Stardoll's founder. Right at the bottom there was also something about Disney buying Stardoll..



  14. The creator of Stardoll recently had an interview and mentioned that Disney might be a [possible buyer of Stardoll.

    REGARDLESS of whether or not it is a rumor or fake, I have created a petition to stop it.
    I will send Stardoll and Disney the petition as soon as has received many signatures.

    It may not be happening at all, but let's prevent it from happening in the future (like Club Penguin).

    I want to ask a huge favor, that you post about this petition.

    Because I want it to get as many signatures as possible.
    I would really appreciate it.

    Here is the link to the petition:
    Here is my post about it:
    My SD username is Princesspea105

  15. Its fake. I know because It was a prank/joke from Original Club.

  16. Ok, look.
    Vasia is still the owner of the Runway Magazine and it will be released soon. And NO! This spoiler and invite are FAKE FAKE FAKE! Someone is seeking for attention :S
    The Runway has official blog: www.runwaygazette.blogspot.com
    So if any spoiler comes up it will be released on this blog and not on any other.

  17. Ok, Stardoll and Disney are kicking boys out of this website, they hate us.
    And Princessdoll? I'd suicide if I see my medoll wearing pink and fluffy clothes, ew

  18. BTW The spoiler is completly fail, the bag was made by Lily for Recherche and the hand is from Runway's first issue, well, fail dear.

  19. LOL! The makers of these blogs are SUCH idiots! There is no such thing as "DisneyDoll."
    A girl named ...e_O... On stardoll made a huge topic in original club and of course, all the gullible little children beleived her.
    I'm surprised that your among the idiots that does.

  20. Were you able to understand Ysadora's post?

    She didn't believe it.

    Who's the idiot again?


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