February 21, 2011

How To_Royal came to be.. (Part II)

Hey guys! I have been checking my last post and was so happy to see all of you guys post you stories about how you were introduced to Stardoll and some explaining how they were introduced to what we like to call now.. Dollywood. Here is how I was introduced to Dollywood..

Well like I stated in my last post, in April 2007, is when I created my second and main account, To_Royal*. To be honest, my self-esteem on Stardoll was so SO high, I felt like I was the all mighty princess of America online, even though I only had basic clothing items.. Since.. before Stardoll became sooo nice to noobs, all you got for joining up around then was 25 Stardollars and a pack of stickers for your album.. No free clothes, no free day of Superstar, and no way to earn Stardollars by playing a game or voting on something. But.. with my first and only items (at that point) and yet, I felt like I looked the best of them all with these 7 items circled below.
The t-shirt is a whole 'nother story.. 

But pretty much what I am saying is that I was very obliovious, I didn't have a care in the world to meet people over the internet.. I gave a rat's ass about anything that wasn't about paper-doll dress-ups and my own me-doll. And really, I wasn't unhappy with my small wardrobe, until one day..

It was early 2008, and I was bored around Stardoll, so I visited peoples suites, something I did a lot but never really cared what they had to offer, and I visited a boy's suite who's user-name was ChrisFresh..

To be honest, Chris was pretty much, to me, the Tylerisbomb/bold before I even knew who Tyler was. He was considered snobby and bossy, and had an eye for taste. And the ironic thing.. he had an exclusive modeling agency.. and now so does Tyler.

So yeah.. I joined the club and checked out how it was like to model, and saw all the girls who were already models and looked at each with envy of their (virtual) beauty. And for the first time I saw.. I was a poor Stardoll.. Those girls had the hair, the make-up, the Starpoints (when hairs and rewards were much better), and style.. I knew he would never even look my way if I didn't improve myself before I even applied.. so about a week later, I bought my VERY first Stardoll card, the $10 one just to try out SS and have money, and I was hooked to buying them ever since..

So then I instantly bought more clothes, make-up, the works, gave my me-doll a virtual make-over. And so then I got the courage to apply to be a model.. and he looked me over and told me to change my lips and then bam, I became a model. :) 

No you are thinking.. so.. how does that have to do with being introduced to Dollywood? Well..

About a couple of weeks later, Chris posted in the club that they were holding the 3rd (or 4th?) annual Star Awards and that he wanted his models there to represent the agency.. And reading that I was a bit confused but then rolled with it, so I dolled up my doll just before and went to the guestbook of Star_Awards and then swoosh.. I just couldn't keep up, all the messages and people, it was baffling... and I loved it. But I soon noticed I was a nobody. Just a random member.. Not an elite. A word a never really seen used until that very day. And later I saw a person there by the name of PerezStarGossip say 'Best & worst dressed list will be posted on the blog' and so I checked out Stardoll's Most Hated for the very first time and was floored by all I was missing.

The guestbook parties, the drama, the scandal, the Loophole! Gosh, I was pretty much unknown when the loophole was in play and kind of shy, so I didn't know who to ask for clothes from and then it ended before I could grasp my claws onto any MKA.

Instantly, I also got hooked to Stardoll blogs, and made a blogger account later on to follow all of the madness. And along with blogging, there came the premier and just for fun parties. Soon I got into Stardoll partying a lot. At first I was just a random member, but people started to notice me little by little, go or bad ways. One of the parties I remember getting the most negative feedback from was the Mean Girls party, which BDL/WDL was posted on both PSG and It's Stardoll Gossip, Bitch! At the party, I talked to Springate(right after he came out as a boy and everyone flipped out) and DanPuffs (SaltyDan) and I don't remember what I said, but I think it was like 'Wat are you talking about? :P' and they deeply roasted my writing as old and pretty much retarded, which is one reason why I hardly use typing slang today as it is actually, and I was put on the worst dressed, my costume was the girl who dressed as a mouse at the Halloween party, since Anthony's outfit was the same thing. :D So he called me a hooker on the blog.

Slowly but surely, I started to improve the way I looked, getting tired of constantly being told my outfits for parties were rubbish. And I started to gain more friends! Such as Perez herself, she was so use to me at her parties by then. And then leading up to a pool party she hosted, I started to do what I was too scared to do, layer.

Ahh, laying, I won't lie, I have always been a layer-er, but I was too scared to in the past, and then for the party, I dared myself to do it, to mix and match my me-doll's ever growing closet. And finally, my first best dressed list! I was so happy, and even Perez was surprised at how well I dressed for once so basically, soon after, I started to improve my style basically. And the more I improved, the more best dressed lists was featured on, like for Stardoll Fashion Forward parties, which were very frequent and very fun. And I gained more party friends like Keisha, Lou, Arna, Perez, Anthony eventually, Sam, Britney, etc.

So to anwer the question asked in my last post, the reason I became so 'popular', I would say rather than elite, is because I was featured a lot on BDLs pretty much. :)

Soon enough, people congratulated my layering more, and even compared me to the likes of Isabella and Noelle, people who I thought to be untouchable to in fame and beauty on Stardoll. Which after all this time is ironic to me since..

I don't see how people think of me as an 'elite' and yet I've..
-Never been in a magazine.
-Never been on a runway (yet)
-Never been covergirl (or NCG)
-Never won a contest of any kind
or -Never been in any major or minor drama scandal

But yeah.. this is my story. And I am sticking to it. :)

So I am curious.. do you remember how your me-doll use to look? Has it changed?

What about YOUR style/closet on Stardoll? Has it changed?

Love, DEIDRA <3


  1. Whoa I remember when we had to pay a stardollar for album stickers & sceneries.

    And you probably also became 'popular' (elite) because you have a huge talent for writing!

  2. Oh my style has definitely changed. When I was in middle school (2007-2008) I used to just wear what I wore in real life (jeans, and a tee shirt) Here's a tinypic of my medoll in 2008: http://i51.tinypic.com/11uan8i.png

    It makes me cringe now....

    Now I do a lot more experimental, high fashion stuff. I don't go to out there though. The stuff I wear on stardoll is still stuff I would wear in real life, just not on a daily basis. However I do think see fahion in stardoll on the daily has greatly help my fashion sense, and has helped me be fashionable in real life.

  3. This was really great! I looked totally different aswell.

  4. Oh my god. I remember ChrisFresh and his many projects.

    My first purchase was the Gucci Spring 2007 dress that Rihanna wore. That's probably why I named my account "Undamyumbrellla," because I had seen the Rihanna doll in that dress in an ad at the side of the page. I recognized the dress as Gucci, and that was when I was first subscribed to Vogue and I was just beginning to follow fashion. It was exciting for me.

  5. Hey this is a good blogging ur style is so perfect!

  6. I remember how it was when I started. My me-doll was a bit on the plump side because I wanted bigger b**bs LOL. Anyway, my me-doll has really changed since then.

  7. LOL. I did that to get bigger boobs too! :D

  8. I used to have the whole huge thighs, larger chest, braces and those old free braces that you could get. I used to think I was so cool when I got a new pair of jeans. I had the most riduculous presentations and I used to 'type lyk dis, bcuz I fot I wuz cool'. Now it aggrivates me so much. :D

  9. I remember my first medoll, It looked fine in my eyes, as I was a just a regular non-SS.

    But, my newer medolls did have the big thighs big breasts, combo, because, well, growing up sucks.

    But, when I first made my account, my grammar was appalling. I gasp at how horrible it was..

    I typed like, 'heyyyy i lyk stuff, ow bout yu?'.

    Well, I was around 7 when I created it, so I didn't expect anything else.

  10. My style has totaly changed!
    Here is my medoll from the begining form now!
    (Please excuse the terrible quality and pictures)

    My medoll has changed so much- and so I have, stardoll has inspired me in real life, it may sound sad but it's true. I'm now also recognising designers and clothes on TV and in magazines, I can say 'oh that dress was designed by...'

    We are the first generation of stardoll, lets be the best one :)

  11. Hey MDM,
    My style has changed so much since I started, saying that so has my Medoll. For various reasons I had to get a new account, nothing bad, just the usual forgetting of a password. Silly, I know.

    I wasn't all that good with Stardoll back then anyway so it wasn't really any loss. I would just log on to dress up celebrities, too afraid to enter the Starplaza and lose my Stardollars.

    My style back then was very simple, it consisted of the free Stardoll brand clothing. You know, the pink and black skirt that had the Stardoll badge on them, a simple tee, you get the drift.

    Now though, recently, I have been experimenting a lot more with my style and updating my Medoll pretty much everyday.

    I'm still experimenting though so don't get too excited. I'm not Superstar and never have been so I have no high end clothing, I just work with what I've got.

    Natalie x :)

    Stardoll Name - Babyxnatalie

  12. I used to have a page in my album of which I compared my looks from when I had first started. I was shocked about even joining a model club but in the similarity, I only really stuck to Stardoll when I got a so called SS code. I then started to buy make-up and I could see my doll improve day-by-day. But whenever I see those previous pictures that I saved to my album I say; Abbie, what were you thinking...

  13. My medoll has changed so much. I didn't have much stuff that many stardollians used today (e.g: black eyeshadow, although I guess I had some Sephora.) I used to go completely crazy on my medoll, then I slowly changed. I guess I'm still improving today, I'll just wait and see. ;)

  14. My medoll, looking back now, was really weird... I remeber having no clothes and noting in my suite, so I was just naked :O And my style has definatly improved to what it used to be ;)

  15. Got myself in 2 worst dressed list.

    The first one was actually my fault as i was still playing around with my doll's style.

    The 2nd one was completely Isabella's fault. She bought me this black fur coat and transferred it to my suite. She threw it on my doll so i can see it easily. I was wearing this yellow flowery sunday a-line dress with a Birkin... and an uninvited black fur coat for days!

    I was just SO LUCKY that one writer from PSG passed by and got apalled with what i am wearing. Well, we just had the same reaction when i saw it.

  16. i remember when i joined stardoll 2 years ago u only got 25 stardollars and 5 clothes items!! its really annoying because now u get 2 be a superstar 4 a day and tons of stuff like that!! i would love to be a superstar so i could buy more stuff and stuff like that!! this blog is really gd and really truthfull as well!! xx :)


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