February 28, 2011

New Skins Options - Tan Lines!

(I always forget this.. :D )

 Hey guys! Its me, Dei.

So if you have been on Stardoll the past few days, you've had to had noticed the new skin slider for Superstar members!

Personally I love it! In real life, I am a tan skin tone, and now I am more able to be that color which is one reason why I love it. It gives members a chance to make their dolls look even more like them for real, or more like their perfect me-doll!

But then today, when I went to finally go chance my doll's clothes.. I noticed something..

Tan lines!

I know you may have noticed before if you use those Stardoll bras, but it was a shocker and quite funny discovery if you ask me! But it makes me happy Stardoll hasn't thought to create Stardoll thongs or else I would puke all over the screen at seeing bikini tan lines! Ew!

So then I got curious.. 'what if someone instead of making their doll darker, made it light?' And soooo, I saved my doll as it was and went to slid the skin slider to a more paler version of my old skin tone. And we have...

Reverse tan lines?!

Now, I know this is Stardoll, but if I had a reserve tan line in real life.. I would be pissed or mildly confused. Luckily, this is all virtual so it makes sense... :)

How do you enjoy the virtual tan lines or reserve tan lines?

Are you sporting one? :D

Love, Deidra <3


  1. I'm just not wearing the stardoll bra ;D

  2. Owowowo.
    Same for the MK RC dresses, and many RC clothings, they are the same because they show some skin tonages.

  3. Lol bit of a problem, I wonder how they will solve it or if they will?..

  4. Lol, wow. Now I kind of want to go make my medoll look super sunburned! (:

  5. LOL @ Dei! Some dresses wouldn't look as good anymore. :P

    I can't get over the thongs!

  6. LOOL :)

    Unfortunately we don't have the Bahamas loving middle aged ladies here on Stardoll to complete the look (and fortunately no cellulite gracing dolls)!

  7. @Noelle - Stardoll thongs with tan lines D;


  8. Skins?! i luff that showw!!!1!111

  9. The same thing happened to me!

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  11. AngRainbow, Please spare us from experiencing your TERRORIST ROOTS and just DIE yourself, ok?

  12. AngRainbow, Please spare us from experiencing your TERRORIST ROOTS and just DIE yourself, ok?


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