March 13, 2011

Are We Ashamed Of Our Sizes?

Hey guys, its me again. 
I would like to thank everyone who gave me such kind words in my last post, it really means a lot to me! :D

But back to what I planned to talk about was me-doll bodies.. Odd topic right? But seriously I want to touch on this subject. On Stardoll, old features like only the few skin tones and hair use to bother me greatly, so, why can't they update the body editor too?!

Really, isn't it normal for most (if not all) of us to instantly put her dollies in double zero size on Stardoll? 

The sad truth, it is. Which I can of really hate that the plus-sized doll is easily made to look trashy, unless you know what you are doing of course.. And really.. is it me or does the 3rd size for girls give you man shoulders?
In the past, my me-doll wore the third size options because I am proud to call myself big, but then its just, its annoying to find all these clothes that look good on the skinner me-dolls, but then on my large-and-in-charge on, it looks like a slag.. Which brings me to this point - its just like the real world..

Everyday girls and guys look in the mirror and hate themselves because they are not model sized or that they don't think their clothes fit right or that they don't have an attractive, proud to flaunt, body type. And that sucks. But when you look at it, the skinner you are, the easier it is to find clothes! And I can see the same thing is thought on Stardoll.

And to be honest, the size chart on Stardoll sucks anyway, I mean really look..
 1.) The small body: To be honest, to me, they both have the body of a 12 year old boy, except.. why are the boys thighs so big if he is suppose to be skinny? And really.. the girls body in this size has NO chest what-so ever! But hey, its okay to be 12 year old boy sized.

    2.) The medium body: The male torso is such bull to me, the body is beefy.. Beefy is not bad, don't get me wrong, but really, how many guys in the real world you know are that buff? But again.. why are his thighs so huge.. they are touching.. While for the girls, the top is okay, it actually has a cup size! Too bad its pretty much an A. And the hips just are..

    3.) The large body: Here's the thing for me about the guys large body.. its not that its fat.. its okay to be big. But.. so, pretty much, you're tellin' me that.. if a guy isn't stick thin or have an 8-pack.. he is automatically fat?! And AGAIN.. whats with the huge thighs.. As for the girls I think it look okay, but still, mannish shoulders and slutty outlook for clothes make me hate that size on Stardoll.

    My idea is that you should be able to adjust the bodies more, but, I know it will not come to be because:
    • Stardoll is lazy.
    Obviously. But really, it shames me that if I want a more larger doll that it will have mannish shoulders.. Over-all, its all not fair! Why should it look bad to be big? Everyone is beautiful no matter what size, so why does it have to be so odd to see on a virtual fashion game site? 

    But enough about what I think. So answer me these questions..

    So whats your me-doll's size right now? (Top & bottom)

    Is it the same size as you in real life?
    What would you like to change about your me-doll's body? 
     Love, Dei


    1. I think you are totally right even though I am skinny, I do have boobs so I think they should change the top half of the girl doll and the whole thing of the guy doll[:

    2. yes U are right i love this post...I use the smallest body because clothes fit so better .. but the 3rd body's shoulders are AWFUL . how can i wear shirts ??? I look like a MAN IMAO=))))

    3. My medoll size is medium for the top half and small for the bottom half.

      I would make it medium for the bottom half but I think some tights don't fit if you do that, although I'm not 100% sure.

      In real life I am more like small and small but I am still young and I try to eat as much as possible because I wish I was a bit fatter :P But it doesn't bother me much anyway.. it's just sometimes annoying when I buy jeans they are really baggy for me and don't fit me in the length. I once heard someone say "I'm getting to big for the size 8 jeans". I wish I could say that. But like I said, it doesn't bother me much.

      Nice post!

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    5. The fact that Stardoll limits the size of our dolls is a bit insulting. It's as if Stardoll is saying that it is unacceptable to be any size larger than the three provided sizes; and that to me is unfair.

      The shoulders on the largest size are very mannish and that is sad. Have you ever heard the term "big and beautiful"?

      Something else that saddens me is the fact that if larger sizes were available, members probably wouldn't use them. Simply because we are so fucking superficial.

      I think the best option for Stardoll is to create interchangeable top halves and bottom halves. That way if you are thin and you have larger boobs, your doll can as well. Or if you are a larger lady/man and want to flaunt it, you are able to.

      Staroll is such a fucking biased website and they need a swift kick in the ass.

    6. Hmm,
      First, I don't think that stardoll's lazy, they made all that complexions, all that noses, mouths, eyes, hair...
      Second, I think it's what make stardoll, having 3 sections.
      Lemme explain : you are Non-SS, SS or Royalty.
      The stardoll world divide people in those 3 sections so I don't think there are lazy, but there stardoll.
      And last thing, I think that they won't be stardoll anymore if we could have more choice, it would a remake of the sims !

    7. The plus size bodies have such manly football player shoulders which bothers me. If I was plus-size, I think I'd make my medoll medium because the plus-size body is pretty unrealistic

    8. Interesting viewpoints. I think it is a bit ridiculous as well. Did you notice that even on the largest body for the girl, the waist is still tiny? Like, the breasts, shoulders, hips, and legs are all bigger, but it makes it look awful because of the waist.

      I am proud to say that I am stick thin, no matter how much I eat. And even though I'm 17, i still look like the smallest medoll size. I'm pretty much built like a boy but not as strong and beefy.

      And, while it IS unfair and insulting that it is only "acceptable" to be up to that big, I dont see why so many people are truly bigger than that in real life. I mean, yes, some people have medical issues or medications that make them eat or unable to exercise, but no one else really hase much of an excuse in my opinion.

    9. torso 2 legs 1 :D . no it'snot i'm not very obese but i am la little fat in real life ;P

    10. you are so right. I'm "just" 13, and it's not easy to be a bit over sized... I'm being bullied(and talked about behind my back) But I tries to be strong, but it's hard to not just jell it out how much I hate my body. On stardoll I used to have the "pretty" petite body, but then I read your post, and I changed it immediately to the one that looked more like me. From now on I'm going to try harder on school. I shall not give up.

    11. All of your articles come off like you're whining about how unfair everything is. Seriously, no one wants to read the negative shit that you and some of the other writers are cranking out.

    12. I made my medoll a girl and shes all the way skinny because I'm an 11 year old boy and I'm really skinny!

    13. I agree with what you say.

      So whats your me-doll's size right now? (Top & bottom)
      Top is 2 and bottom is 1

      Is it the same size as you in real life?
      To be honest, I have a larger top half but I don't want "manly shoulders" and I don't have a muffin top for hips so I decided against it.

      What would you like to change about your me-doll's body?
      I'd like to have the 3rd for the top (without manly shoulders) and the 2nd for the bottom (without the muffin top.

    14. My MeDoll is small for both.
      In RL, I am a medium, but hey, Stardoll aint real, and also, I find the larger sizes a bit gross :\

    15. @The last Anon. - All I am saying is that I feel that the bodies are too limited and that I don't see why Stardoll limits the sizes to only 3 options for top and bottom, but if you think I am 'whining' then okay. :)

    16. My medoll is the thinest options, and no it's not what I'm like in real life at all.
      Your right, it's because the clothes look good on it.
      I would love to be able to change single details to help make my doll a little more like me.
      I have very small shoulders, but a rather large chest, so none of the options to me justice. My waist is small too, so really I want to shoulders and waist of the smallest top half, but the chest of the biggest - but then again, I don't think any of the clothes on stardoll would look flattering.
      And with the bottom half, I have reasonable hips, but skinny legs, the stardoll bodies only change the thighs of the legs when going up and down in size, it's very unrealistic, and it doesn't look right to me.

      For me stardoll can be about being someone who you are or aren't. For me, I can have all the material things in stardoll which I don't have in life, but my doll has my personality, it's a nice mix of the two, where I'd like to be - but it's really just dreams!

      Love K xxx

    17. Princess_Dumini (couldn't bother logging in)Sunday, March 13, 2011 8:12:00 AM

      Agreed! My medoll is pretty much the exact opposite of what i look like in real life!!I want my medoll to have a bit more curves but not too much! Girls with curves are pretty too stardoll!

    18. I usually use the third size, I'm very eh, curvy to put it. I don't have a big stomach, but I am like a D on top, and size on the bottom and I have like a fucking waist.

      And, really the third body size doesn't make me look like a man, it makes me look like a girl, but damn, I try to use the small one once in a while cause the big one makes me look slutty. I am NOT slutty.

    19. I love this post. You're points are so right.
      Stardoll should fix this medoll body features and I think they should give us more poses too.

    20. This post is great, but why do you always seem like your on your period ?

    21. Also the waist looks too fabulous for a bigger girl. They are too narrow, they don't curve like an actual person's would if they were chubby. Not just that, but I find the arms disgusting. I think they only look good on the first size.

      I used to have 2 and 1 on my doll, but now they are both 1 cause Stardoll failed to make the 1sd bra for all sizes.
      Which brings up my next topic...

      Skyscraper dress. Remember that? Remember the historical update? Well, might I add that on the bigger sizes it looks like shit! Literally! It makes them look like a news paper was cut up and duct tapped together. They have failed big time in this department.

    22. You are right about the whole medoll body type.

      I am a 3 for both and im proud to be.. even though the shoulders are manly.

      I would never go for the size 1 body because it looks so fake and really its not my type.

      In RL i am plus size, but the one thing about stardoll is that they have 3 types of Real life everyone has a different body.

      What would be better is if stardoll had different height medolls.. because really there is more to a body than if its fat or skinny.

    23. I love the way you respect EVERYONE for who they really are. And your right! It doesn't matter what size you are, you were born this way baby. And I agree Stardoll is lazy! Mine's on No. 2 right now, except I'm only 11 so I'm sort of just stuck with that I guess!

    24. My top is two and my bottem is one.

      Why? because I DO have breasts but I'd rather not have gigantic man-shoulders. My bottem is one because the hips annoy me...okay, they look a LITTLE fat.

      I'm actually a "two" in real life (The breasts are a bit more rounded, are a bit bigger, and aren't pixelated...) and a two-ish one-ish lower body. My thighs are pretty big but my hips and upper hip fat don't go like the MeDoll shows it to be.

      I seriously hate the three upper body size because it DOES make certain people look man-ish and there are a lot of young girls who make their MeDolls go with three-three and wear bikinis...(Need I say more?)

      I wish Stardoll would atleast make a meter-change thing like the skin, and some different poses, please!

    25. I agree with you 100%, fabulous post. Stardoll are basiclly being biased against fat people, have your doll skinny or just off skinny or be fat.

    26. I have been thinking about that for a while now, the guys bodies are really bad, they should make it have a scroll bar so you can make it any size you want. Also if your doll is the size 3 one the clothes sometimes don't fit :O

      Thats extremely offending.
      My medoll has the size one legs and size 2 top half and I am pretty much the exact same shape as her. Over here in the uk I am a size 6 but I think in america that is a size 2?

      I wish I could change the height of my medoll to as I am probably a bit shorter.

      Strong post Dei, I like how someone had the guts to stand up and say those things

    27. Love the post :) Thanks for being back! I have 1+1, because I am skinny. But really. Stardoll should give people a chance to show off their top-half without looking totally plastic surgeried, and fake!
      Stardoll is basically telling you that you have to be one of the three. What about the others? The ones inbetween?

    28. My doll is medium at the top and small at the bottom, which looks a lot like me in real life. I don't exactly like the last body size, for the same reasons as you listed.

    29. Well..I am thin actually I mean my body is fine,and I am happy about it.But actually I have some close relatives to me who are/was very fat.And my cousin was really fat.After a whole year of Vegi food.Her body became really nice and fit.No-one is perfect in their look.But some people are perfect in their heart.So that's the point.Look doesn't really matter!!.I love your post and I love the way that you're proud of your self.I am sure that no one in Stardoll would ever get the brave to say "I am over-weight" but Dei you're such an amazing person.You are a real role-model..

    30. I've got it one 2 for both and it does sorta look like me - I have the thigh - but the top half isn't accurate. My top half in RL is bigger than SD's version but there should be an option to change the body shapes/sizes etc to how we want as I know alot of people put it on the smaller option to look good of the bigger options to get a virtual boyfriend/girlfriend which means that like me [medium body] you're in a way condersiding not skinny or slutty enough which p's me off because in RL i am too skinny tbh but on stardoll the medium size makes me feel better so why the hell people want the skinny option idk because being skinny is horrible and not what people expect when they starve themsleves to the point where they are at risk of anorexia and other things.

    31. you are totally right!!! god come on!! im not a slim girl in real life in fact im a thick girl!!! and in stardoll i have to be slim because like you said the large body looks like a wH**ore!!!!!

      and please stardoll if you are going to improve this DONT PUT IT JUST FOR SUPERSTARS!!!!!! because we nonsuperstars dont have those bodies!!!

    32. I really like this post, Dei! I totally agree, we should be able to adjust the sizes. I think we should contact Stardoll and suggest it. xoxo

    33. Im medium sized in sd and real life. But I disagree with wooldoor. Haven't you seen plus sized models? They ALWAYS cinch their waists because that is the smallest part of them. Plus size waists are in my opinion fabulous too. Not just the "chubby" girls.

    34. I love this post and agree, cos i have friends who feel this way.

      I'm actually really pin thin.
      Thinner than the 12 yr old option LOL.

      I'm 90 pounds and 5'5

    35. My medoll's size is the first bottom and the second top. When I first started stardoll I had the 2nd bottom and I liked it but none of the tights fit properly so I changed it to the skinniest option. I would like an option for bigger breasts on the doll. I am always tempted to use the 3rd upper body but like a lot of people said, the arms and shoulders are terrible so I never use it.

      In real life I look more like the 3rd top and bottom but hey I am heavy in real life, why should my doll be heavy too? I go to stardoll to dress my doll up in ways that i couldn't dress myself in real life because I am not stick thin.

    36. I chose the first figure so that the clothes would fit correctly. The clothes are my main focus when playing in the Stardoll world.


    Nice to see you back! Oh wait. .. .who are you again?