March 27, 2011

As We Grow Old

Hey guys, its me, Dei!

Ask yourself, when will you want to say no to Stardoll?

That's a question I have just now recently asked myself. But to be serious, when?

Added on to the collectors bug, the need of LE & Antidote, and the want to feed off our Stardoll social lives and society, it gets hard to picture yourself leaving the website itself. Really, to be honest, only reason I am still on Stardoll is because I love the Stardoll we made, not themselves. I love to read gossip blogs, look at magazines and fashion lines, and I love a party or too. And for the most part, the friends you've made though Stardoll! Its okay to have friends, no matter how far they are, they can always be your buddy.

But everyday I notice more members actually permanently leaving for good.. which is saddening, but, is actually something I am okay to accept. We have two lives, real life, and Stardoll life. Weird right? But its true! Don't actually tell me in real life your closet is as big(or small) as it is on Stardoll, or that you dye your hair everyday, or is actually that dark(or light!) skinned when you are not. And the number one thing that I think is that, just because you are popular on Stardoll doesn't mean you are in real life! And vice versa, give or take.

But really, you can't say you don't like this fantasy we live in, now can you? I mean really, you right now reading this post, if you deny that fact that you like your Stardoll fantasy life, then why are you still on Stardoll? You are saying you don't like the endless outfit combinations or choices, to be whatever you want to be, the socialization, or the blogging? Get real.

On Stardoll you can be another person, you can be yourself! Its what you make it. Some people are more open, and not afraid to show their faces, and some, we still ponder their look and type. But truly, you can't prove them right or wrong, so why bother.

But then eventually on Stardoll, sadder things happen.. Some girls(or boys) may become extremely addicted to the site.. BUT, that is something you can't really stop from starting, people are addicted to anything, including internet programs/websites. But those addictions lead to loss of social life in real life, back problems, carpal tunnel, even depression! And while on the flip side, we may have to just.. let go. Now, personally, if I wanted to leave Stardoll, I believe I could.. But there are those who are in love(give or take about what part) with Stardoll, not just as a website, but at what they have been given to view and perceive as fun. But then there is when you get older, you may grow a bigger social life, fall in love, go to college, get a job, start a family, lose family, and many other reasons a person would depart from the site.

We will all grow old of it, when will you?

Love, Dei
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  1. Dei that is a lovely post i am asking myself the question when will i leave ? Am i too old ?
    I totally agree the users made fun not the stardoll staff !
    That really made me think Dei your writing skills absoulutly amazing

  2. I was about to leave, when all of the sudden it became interesting again to me, so I am sticking up for a while now.

  3. I don't think I'm addicted to Stardoll I definitely have been in the past though. But right now if someone told me I had to leave stardoll and never come back I don't think I'd mind too much really, I've been spending less and less time on here in the last few weeks, and really when I turn 16 in a few weeks I really think I will be too old for it, I wouldn't be here without the whole outfit side of stardoll and I doubt 50% of members would be here without the blog/user created side of stardoll including myself.
    As for when I'm leaving stardoll, I'm thinking August, my ss membership runs out then and I have no plans on renewing it, plus I'll be starting the two-year course for my exams that decide what university course I get (leaving cert if you're irish and know what I'm talking about)
    I want to be a vet and I'll need top marks to get into the course- I'm talking hours of studying everyday and Stardoll is just the biggest distraction that I have ever encountered so theres no way those two can mix.
    Sorry for my annoyingly long comment ;)

  4. That was a great post..shame you had to end it by famewhoring

  5. Hmm... sorry to say that but sometimes I just don't read your posts because of the too small letters ! And this time I didn't read it !

  6. Nice post,Dei..
    I always ask myself that question too!.
    The reason I can't stop playing Stardoll is that I've met some awesome people..
    Few months ago I had problems because I moved and it was really hard (But I am fine now:D) at that times SD was my .. my life ! Sometime I feel that I wish I actually had the life I am living in SD.. But sometime I get really bored of SD and wish that I never discovered it.
    Sometime I escape from all my problems in RL to the fantasay fashion world which is SD..
    The people I've met the funny things I've said (or heard) ..Make me never get enough of playing SD...

  7. Stardoll is like a love affair. It's sweeter the second, third, fourth.... time around.

    Finding balance between reality and virtuality can sometimes become difficult for young folks and getting burned out is sometimes inevitable.

  8. @Sinead- No no, I loved your comment! :D Read it all the way through

    @Jessica896- Oh jeez, well sorry about that, but I didn't want to make a whole post about that! So that's why I added it at the end.

    @LadyG..- You can always increase the font size of your browser it that's the case. But I changed the font back to large juuussst for yooou.

  9. Excelent post Dei. It makes one reflect really.

    The font size is fine.

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  11. Unfortunately, I can relate to what you're saying. Great post btw! :)

  12. Princess_Dumini(too lazy to log in)Monday, March 28, 2011 1:25:00 PM

    Great post! I find stardoll boring these days.....But i ALWAYS come back (it happenned 3 times!) Yes the users made it fun...But if i get bored of SD, i'll always have Club Penguin :)

  13. I agree with this. We never think about these things. But in saying that a lot of people are leaving, with that comes new people ready to take over and become the next generation for bloggers and elites. Not even that, just to become new people to be friends with. There is a whole new world out there waiting for us.

    As for when i'm going to leave, well i have been here 5 years now which is longer than most, so i would say soon but i think i have a few years left in me.

    I agree though about the part where the users of Stardoll made it fun, not the staff. The blogging and the collecting made me stick around a lot longer, if i had of not found these blogs i don't think i would be on Stardoll today.

  14. Thanks Dei :). Now I read it and I'm Just speechless. I personally think that you should write thoughts like that at every at your post ! I'm not influent, but this is my advice and you're a good writer that deserve being on MDM ! Congrats I Love this post !

  15. First I must say that this is the most thoughtful, well-written post on any blog... and I follow a ton of them.

    Second, I must tell y'all that I am a retired university librarian who left the profession due to serious illness.

    When I found Stardoll almost a year ago, I knew I had found a place for me. I wanted to meet people from around the world, practice my Italian, and I have made some REAL friends here.

    I live vicariously through my medolls. I am not a fashion-type in RL, and so I live out my fantasies here. I truly enjoy it.

    Had I not found these blogs, though, I know I wouldn't have stayed. As for addiction, I have had to limit my time here. I actually have a husband who loves me very much and is jealous of the time I spend here. So, since I'm home alone while he works, I go to Stardoll whenever I can. I have no energy to do much else. When he is home, I am usually not here.

    There are lots of women on SD who are my age and older. They've been here for a long time and are still here. I imagine I'll be here for a while as well.

    Thanks for listening to my story.

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  17. @JanaStarlite: Thank you for sharing this with all of us. It is quite, should i say, a relief to know that there are a lot of users here on Stardoll who are well beyond being "kids" such as myself. :)

    This website i believe transcended that age bracket in so many ways, a huge credit of which goes to user created blogs such as this one.

    I am flattered and honored by the fact that you follow us.

    Again, Thank you. :)

  18. You're all retards who won't be able to stop playing on a kid's site. LOLZ!

  19. At least you're getting better with this. Nice post.


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