March 01, 2011

I Hate Bullies

In real life, I get bullied a lot and these bullies did a great part on diminishing my self esteem, but eventually I showed them that bullying is wrong and no one deserves to be treated that way.

SaltyDan is a well known member in Stardoll.
I'm not creating this post to bash him because of his hurtful comments to me in SMW, but i'm doing this for him to stop bullying other people.
If you've been victimized by him, then you'll probably understand what i'm saying here.

He calls those people as me, who are working hard for stardoll projects as "Welites." as in wannabe elites.
 how mature.
He's not allowing people to get some fame. He's always there to bring people down when they're about to climb the ladder.

The picture above is old school, but it still makes me sick.
Until now, he continues to harass this Devie44 guy because of his weight.

If that guy ever did something bad to him before, bullying is not th answer to their problems.

He even said that my recent public apology here, in MDM is just my drama to get fame.
He doesn't even know me, I wrote that apology for everybody that's why I put it here!
What does he want me to do? say sorry to each of the dolls' guestbooks worldwide?

I know I did something wrong on that elite list and that's why I apologized here.
I didn't do it for fame!

A comment from him on my and LadyGaGaMcQueen's blog:

Who are you to tell us that we have no talent,

Alright, I don't really know you in real life so I understand that this rant of mine is wrong, i'm just mad that's why I did this.
but you don't know me too and you totally hurt my feelings.

I guess I just fought fire w/ fire.

I'm not declaring any war here, cuz I know I won't win.
In order to win, I have to become like you and i'm more than that.
I'm just stating my opinion.



  1. Dan is a bully. And he is a fag. Those two combined is lethal. He's got his head swelled up for people sucking up to him which is wrong. Dan doesn't know how to write. Remove the cuss words from his posts and you'll be left with a shallow post from a pathetic loser who gets bullied in real life who in turn takes it out on virtual dolls on a virtual site. He's a sad kid.

  2. Props to you for standing up to him. You will have people support you. Dan is scum.

  3. Yaay first comment ..
    Although I think Dan is a famous,talented,fashionable person he shouldn't by bullier because he is cool .. I mean he is so famous,loved and well known person but he shouldn't be bullier..Anyway even if Patrick's fat so what ? My aunt is so so so fat but she have soo big,white heart and I love her..Plus Dan if you're reading this then you should know that bulling is going you to no where..And don't judge people by their looks!.

  4. It's not bullying in my opinion, he's just being very honest with you. Your projects are bad and he's told you straight.

    Also to Patrick, your worse than he is, so what if he's gay?

  5. You call Dan a bully but you use a homophobic slur to describe him, so nothing you say is of value Patrick. You're stooping to his level.

  6. If you think he's a bully, just don't talk to him, but creating a post calling him bully is the same as he did calling you wellite ¬¬ Just let it be, if you think you have talent, show it intead of wasting time doing this. If there's any problem between Patrick and Dan, let them solve it by themselves.

  7. @ Agnes
    I think you're right.... i'm just furious while creating this post, that's why I kinda lost all my scences...

  8. I think bullying is just wrong and wish noone would do it at all, stardoll seems to be such a base for people to bully, I am not saying that I think saltydan is or is not a bully but some people are and it shouldn't happen

  9. mizzmileycyrus9 actually congratulated Dan in his guestbook saying: 'I love how funny you are to devie44 he/she is such a baby :/' I saw in devie44's guestbook that he's fat because of a genetic disorder, so really it's even WORSE that he has a disorder

  10. I HATE DAN.
    He think that he's the biggest, the most coolest, and bla bla elite on SD ! I always hated him, and I believe that he is a girl.
    BTW, if not, he's a fag ! A BIG ONE.
    I got bullied because I'm thin. People are picking on me , "anorexic bitch, anorexic bitch" , when I am NOT. I eat normally, I don't look at calories, and other sh*t.
    Everyone in my family was thin as a kid/teen IT'S GENETIC. So what ? I can't live ? Or , when someone is fat ? So what? NO ONE IS PERFECT !


  11. Angela177 said...
    He think that he's the biggest, the most coolest, and bla bla elite on SD ! I always hated him, and I believe that he is a girl.
    BTW, if not, he's a fag ! A BIG ONE.
    I got bullied because I'm thin. People are picking on me , "anorexic bitch, anorexic bitch" , when I am NOT. I eat normally, I don't look at calories, and other sh*t.
    Everyone in my family was thin as a kid/teen IT'S GENETIC. So what ? I can't live ? Or , when someone is fat ? So what? NO ONE IS PERFECT !



    Well it's true that nobody's perfect. That's best seen in you. :-)

    And probably, you aren;t bullied for being thin. You're bullied for having lack of breeding?

    Have you asked your parents about it young girl? You better should. :-)

  12. This just makes me SICK.
    The thing about Dan is that even though I don't know him...I can tell you right away that he is PATHETIC. He has no right to deprive anyone of their ''fame'',and even less right to call people FAT. If that's what he is doing than I can assume that the person hiding behind Dan's screen is no other than...
    a) A grown man or woman who enjoys harrasing children verbally and eventually physically
    b) A bullied,undereducated middle schooler.
    c) A seriously deranged person.

    All of the above are I come to an unfortunate verdict that Dan has a few screws loose in his head.

  13. I know what lack of breeding means ;)
    And I'm not that, old lady. o_o ? what are you then doing on a kids site ?! gosh.

    BTW, did someone asked you something ? No. This is not your post, dear. <3

    And yes, I'm bullied for being thin, darling, yes I am.

  14. Dear? Darling? LMFAO!

    Yeah this ain't my post. I just follow you around.

    You make me laugh, that's why. :-)

  15. Yeah, Dan is a BITCH! I don't get why people like him!

  16. I read his posts sometimes on SMW & he makes a lot of sense but there are ways to say or state things without being abusive to people or calling them names. You don't have to call people names or be harsh towards them because you don't agree with their views it's not right.

    I don't agree or like the elite thing but that's your view. I didn't understand why you apologised either you are not hurting, scamming or hacking, or being abusive to anyone. Maybe you like the elite culture but that's your view & your blog if people don't like it they'll stay away.
    There are so many views people don't agree with in real life & they just stay away.

  17. If you hate him why give him so much attention?

    devie44 is in Dan's guestbook, if he doesnt like what he says maybe he should stop harrasing Dan's guestbook

  18. What I say now is clearly an opinion from what I have observed from Dan:

    He likes to make fun of people, for something simple, or nothing at all. He wrote to you on famewhoring, and that your writing will never be remembered. But, nobody besides fans of him, will remember his writing either. That's kind of how blogging works, you write once, then when all goes wrong, there is someone with talent to replace you. What is Stardoll? A freakin' Hall of Fame?

    He seems to have no life, or such a small one, that he spends half of his time bundled up in "Fashion Club". He then tries to get people to put ludicrous comment in someone's GB for his own amusement.

    Every post I see these days by Dan, are on SMW and are just judging other people or their projects- In the worst way possible. I see it as him trying to make it seem as though he is better than everyone else, and that he could do so much better.

    His comment, "I am real and honest, something you'll never be," is misleading. Who is he to tell someone their rights and wrongs and then twist it around to make it seem like they are a bad person.

    Though he did write for PSG, and has a good sense of style at times, he no longer is much to the Stardoll world. He brings people down, so he can earn is way into news like this with no work done. Easy it seems.

    He said he was gay so I am pretty sure if he was open in real life, he would get picked on himself. I start to question Patrick's statement if he does take his self pity on other Stardoll users.

    Only he knows that.

  19. I like him and most of the time he's actually right. This is from somebody who actually has talked to him too. Which apparently none of you guys who are being mean have.

  20. If him making a post about you is bullying then this must be bullying too, no?

  21. I am a little bit disappointed with this blog.
    This is an amazing blog where we talk about fashion, I'm surprised that nobody yet has made a post about that John Galliano will be no more Christian Dior's Head Designer.
    This is new news and people on stardoll should know more about this.
    This is a true issue.

  22. The truth is, I love SMW.

    Along with much on Stardoll, it's one of my guilty pleasures.

    But really?

    The blog practically breeds liars and bullies.

    Saltydan with the "welites"...
    MissLolita being framed by JustJack...

    The worst part is that, on SMW, I have rarely seen anyone getting in trouble.

    Remember the Tyler-Ysadora scandal? Remember how pissed (well, shocked and disappointed) Noelle was? The post got taken down, Ysadora got a temporary leave, etc. etc. The whole shebang.

    JustJack and SaltyDan are still up and running.

    Not only that, but our beloved "elite" trashers will be lusting after blood and cheering int he sidelines. Remember that one post that was on MDM? The one about how the very fame that elite trashers bag on elites about was given to those elites by the trashers themselves? And how the trashers then proceed to give these "famewhore" even more fame (and B.S.)?

    Elite trashers are hypocrites because they trash elites to get power and fame and so, are essentially, famewhores themselves.

    OK, I'm getting off topic.

    SMW, I love you. Don't get me wrong. You're right up there with Gossip Girl (the books), chick flicks, and dark chocolate.

    But please, I'm begging you- fix this.

  23. P.S...
    @Angela177, I know this is none of my business, but just a quick note.
    I'm the kind of girl that's thin. Like, THIN thin. I can pull of jeggings and all that junk, no muffin tops anywhere in sight.
    I've never been called anorexic OR a beeyotch.
    Lucky me. I managed to somehow miss that stage of bullying.
    Funny.... I've even been complimented on how (genetically, mind you) thin I am. Not bullied.
    Sorry "dear", what kind of school do you go to?

  24. and this posts makes you any better? this is basically a post to attck another person.

    Noelle, I am so dissapointed in your blog, I used to love it but It's getting trashy.

  25. Wow...Dan makes me sick.

    Honestly I think you put your apology in the best place possible. You were not try to suck up to dan or anything, you were honestly apologizing to everyone, in the bravest way possible. Kudos to you!

  26. People have seen Dan on webcam on tinychat plenty of times before and he is in fact a teenaged guy so all this "He's a girl, he's an old woman" crap makes you look stupid because he's proven that he's not, and that's not even the point of this post anyway.

  27. He is a boy, I saw him on tinychat a few times, he's pretty cute but he's emo with like peircings and stuff but still cute.

  28. UMMM DAN IS FAT that's probably why he picks on Patrick so much because he sees himself in him and he's self-loathing. HE POSTED A VIDEO of himself talking shit about girls on SD and he was not exactly super fit.



  29. Dan is a good friend of mine and to be honest he can be a little intimidating at times. The one rule that goes by Dan is that he treats others the way they treat him. He's a good guy, unless you get on the wrong side of him. I've been on both sides of him and I can tell you now, the bad side wasn't pretty. You just gotta be good to Dan in order for him to be good back. He isn't a bully, and besides this is Stardoll for Christ's sake. And there's no point in going into the whole "cyber bullying" extravaganza because like I said, this isn't bullying.Obviously, this devie44 must have gone wrong somewhere down the line to make Dan dislike him. I've had a somewhat brief "conversation" with devie44 in his Guestbook, he doesn't know me, and the replies he was giving weren't really that friendly.

    Patrick, I leave you with a question...

    For what reason do you think Dan is "bullying" you?

  30. I haven't fought with Dan ever, and like Jack said I really don't want to get on his bad side. Yet, I wont be kissing his ass just because he is "elite" either.

  31. Ysadora NOBODY ASKED YOU A N Y T H I N G !End.

  32. Angela177 said...
    Ysadora NOBODY ASKED YOU A N Y T H I N G !End. <---------- PSYCHO ALERT!!!! ROFL!!!!!

  33. @Angela177; What is your Stardoll username? I need to ask you something!

  34. Browsing through this blog's old posts, I am kinda new to this blog. I don't know Dan (not that popular) and I am not sure who to take word for. Sorry, I didn't know how to phrase the last sentence, so it sounds terrible.


Nice to see you back! Oh wait. .. .who are you again?