March 27, 2011


It's the final night of releases, and before the finale tomorrow it's time to reflect. We've had some INCREDIBLE work this week, and it will all be celebrated tomorrow, as we have lottery results, competitions and awards!! But first an apology.
Last night, blogger failed for me. Stellar presenting work from Noj and Ciara, but the scheduled release of WOE RTW didn't happen. I apologise to you all, but mostly to Egle. I checked and checked but it didn't happen. It has now bee released, check it out HERE.
And now, one dropout. Coconut will NOT be released tonight. As you know, I've been strapped for time recently so simply haven't been able to create anything at all, nevermind anything presentable. I apologise to Noj here, my long suffering co-owner. But all is not lost!! Our autumn winter collection will NOT die silently, a spoiler will be released tonight, and a full collection is to follow in a very special event we have planned.. but that's all I can say.
Now, onto more pleasant things. THE NIGHT!! Party going on AS WE SPEAK over at FashionWeekSD [a new venue next season, I swear. I hate the lag as much as you do....], and the final collection [and hopefully a mag or two!!] will be released. And straight after, the moment I know all the designers will be looking forward to.
The second the last collection graces the runway, the poll link will be available for you to decide. You can now ALL vote for winners, so make your choices carefully!
Remember, you haven't long now to buy from our fabulous stardesigners, and our LOTTERY tickets will cease sale tomorrow midday GMT, so buy fast!!
See you over there!!


  1. So Coconut can't be in the awards? WOE is definitely winning everything then! :D

  2. SFW wasn't as fab as last season this season.


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