March 22, 2011

Need a big head? No prob, Stardoll can help!

As many might have noticed by now your doll might have a "head" problem in Guestbook and Messages sections in Stardoll.

(Medoll heads icons pic taken from my Guestbook, Ruubin, alany456 & myself)

As you can see from the picture above, the medoll head is twice as before and it's aligned right, while before it was aligned center. Probably 8 year old girls and boys left by now, scared of this gigantic heads.

Now, I guess you are all curious to know why this happens, well here's why and how.

Why: Stardoll needs better workers!
How: If you save your doll in Beauty Parlour it will directly get a big head, an amazing offer, 2 in 1.

I think that they need to hire a better team, really!
What do you think?


  1. "How: If you save your doll in Beauty Parlour it will directly get a big head, an amazing offer, 2 in 1."

    OMGLOL. I love you Lolita, this post me laugh so hard xD

  2. LOL, but really, guys that's the truth.

    Let's take an example, if you buy something in Starplaza you get a clothing piece and a fancy bag with the clothing piece in.

    ..later you can even recycle the bag. Stardoll does it for you.

  3. Yes, I've noticed this misalignment and it's driving me crazy! When are they going to fix this??

    BTW, your post made me LOL for realz!

  4. hahaha xD Stardoll DOES recycle the bag for you xD But we don't get the one stardollar :@ *Angry face*

  5. @ JanaStarlite; I hope asap.

    @ Ruubin; They owe us a lot of Stardollars.

  6. Yeah, they should definitely do that -.-

    Lazy, lazy, lazy.

  7. tut tut so many glitches. Hope its fixed really soon, I am scared to edit my medoll incase this happens =[

  8. if you save your doll on a close up of course its gonna give you a big head, just make sure when you save that your doll isnt on zoom in lmao.

  9. You've improved as a writer in this blog Lolita. Good job.


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