March 23, 2011


Not long to go now until the first night of SFW begins!! We are releasing three fabulous collections tonight:
 - Kharma by Linus Leonardsson
 - BYS by Amanda O'Neill and Tonia Dems
 - Extraordinary by Eamonn Collins and Kimberly Dean
And before their premiere in the SFW world, we bring you a few words from Eamonn, co-creator of Extraordinary:

Hi Eamonn! Are you excited for the start of the week?
OMG, of course i'm excited for the opening of the week. I know this year will be more successful than the year before, there is lot of excitement!
Awesome! How does it feel to know your hard work and talent is in this event?
I am really shocked that my collection will be featured in this years SFW. But I hope everyone enjoys it!
Is there anything you want people to interpret from your collection, ideas etc? Well, I would like the people that see this collection to know, whatever you want to wear, just wear it. It doesn't matter what people say about you, you're your own person!

See you soon!!

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Nice to see you back! Oh wait. .. .who are you again?