March 10, 2011

Spring "Scam" Surprises

Just recently, Stardoll has been on the hot seat because of the lapses in their security system. 

aka Paying Members getting hacked and their clothes stolen.

The most controversial one probably was that of the case of 2-time-victim emorox4eva.

In all fairness to Stardoll though, they agreed to return some of Jenna's items but didn't do so until they've put the blame entirely on her (according to them, it's her fault because she was using proxies). 

What's bugging me though was that they didn't even explain how it has been possible for more than 80 items to be sold within 24 hours. There's suppose to be a restriction, right?

Anyway, to make the long story short, to divert our attention away from their fucked-up-done-by-amateur-programmers system (and still squeeze more money out of us while doing so) they released LE Decor a couple of days ago. 

It wasn't much of a hit though, not to me at least. 

They probably thought that wasn't enough (not enough money squeezed off from the little brats too). 

People are still talking about them and how they fucked up. 


Bad publicity... not now... especially when JC Penny is coming in as a partner *wink*.

Sooooo.... the smartest marketing assess of the Stardoll Staff thought of this thing which I picked up from among my Stardoll mail this morning:

ooohhh.... freebies without proxies!!!

As I clicked on the picture, I got redirected to another page.

And I cant help but laugh:


We have to spend $500 to get the free gifts?

The Free Gifts:


You know what Stardoll, the explanation you gave us is all Morse Code to many... let me try and interpret it to them for you:


Oh no! You don't have to thank me Stardoll.

It's Pro Bono.


  1. Thanks so much for the translation at the end, it all makes sense now xD

  2. Fab post :0D
    I can't stop laughing

  3. Haha! xD
    Although I only spent 21 Stardollars and I got everything. :^)

  4. Princess_Dumini (couldn't bother logging in)Thursday, March 10, 2011 4:06:00 PM

    Damn...That is fucked up!

  5. it is kinda okay because the money for the LE decor count.

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  7. um I think you didn't understand well you have to spend only 20 stardollars to get the 25 gifts....

  8. AlphaRhea, did you read the letter?

    - Get 1 free surprise gift for every 20 Stardollars you spend in Starplaza between now and April 18th

    - Collect all 25 now...

    Are you a moron?

  9. Good photoshoping skills even if the brown stuff kinda turned me off my meals xD
    Poor Jenna I wonder if they ever will return al her things

  10. It's not a scam at all.

    They give us the choice to buy, there is no forceful encouragement at all.

    Learn what scamming is.

  11. Stardoll can swing of my dick if they think I'm going to get lured into this new little campaign of there's.

  12. It is messed up!!!

    I don't criticise(?) stardoll too much, I usually send a mail being very blunt though.

    I spent 25sd's and got nothing! I'm highly disappointed! They really need to start pulling their act together!

    Love K xxx

  13. I spent 25 and got nothing as well.

    Is there some kind of "gift" toolbar that's supposed to be on our page? I read/saw that somewhere in another blog.

    And I have to say you just got a new follower. This is THE funniest post I've ever seen. The poop is SO APPROPRIATE. LOL forever.


  14. You should credit Gia fot this post, you copied her whole structure of her last post from Perez.

  15. OMG at the picture!!!! Hahahahaha!!!!!

  16. Ohh... Anonymous, I don't think so. :)

  17. This type of structuire has been done before and it has always been pretty much effective and funny.

    Gia's definitely not the Oprah of the blogging world and if that's the case, she should be crediting other bloggers out there who's already done that kind of a structure in their posts (editing a picture to make it look funny)... as she copied those structure too.

    This is a great and funny post. I enjoyed it so much. :-)

  18. The anonymous commenter's Gia herself. She's jealous. She told me...

  19. Anonymous said...
    The anonymous commenter's Gia herself. She's jealous. She told me... <---------- This is absurd. I don't think so too. C'mon guys... Good vibes! :)

  20. I put my meal down after this xD Great Post thoe!

  21. fame, fashion & friends = scamming, hacking & poop. ROFL!

    I think I am in love with you.

  22. PS @ Anon: This is better than Gia's post. But then, there's no sense in comparing this to that so what the fuck.

  23. How can you slag Stardoll off like that? If it is such a scam and shit why, why do you still go on it?

  24. Why do you keep on living if life's such a bitch? Go figure.

  25. Nice post haha
    But the poo disgusted me alot ..
    And I am about to have my lunch Lol :)

  26. Gia has been blogging for a lot longer than anyone on this blog.

    Check out her blog.

  27. I think Noelle & Isabella has been writing longer than Gia. Isabella for example was one of the first writers in PSG. So the above comment i'm afraid is not completely true.

  28. Are the anonymous comments turning this post to something about Gia is Gia herself? 'Coz it's irritating and quite pathetic.

  29. I spent 300 stardolllars and guess what?
    I didint get anything!!!!!
    No clothes, no diamonds and stardollars!!

  30. Hahaha I Agree ! What a scam! I spent at least 200 SD & I got NO MONEY BACK, Plus NO DIAMONDS! xLeslieee_


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