March 26, 2011

Stardoll's Next Top Role Model Winner

The first cycle of my competition is now over.
With almost three months of looking for the first ever top role model, we successfully found her.

Iovanca, a 15 year old girl from Romania, won the first cycle of Stardoll's Next Top Role Model.
I personally admire her works in every challenge she's in, and it looks like i'm not the only one who likes her for that.
The viewers chose Iovanca to become the first ever Top Role Model

Challenges from SNTRM in which Iovanca proved that she is a true role model:

2nd Challenge:
I asked each contestants this question: Who is your role model growing up?

6th Challenge (the photo shoot challenge)

The Finale Challenge:
or the final challenge, I asked the final two girls some important questions:
1.) What will you do if you win this competition?
2.) Did this competition improved you as a person?
3.) What will you do if you found out you didn't win?
4.) To whom will you dedicate your win in SNTRM?

Here's an exclusive interview with Iovanca:

1. How does it feels to be the winner of Stardoll's Next Top Role Model?

When i first saw your message telling me that I won the finale task for The Next Top Role Model, believe me that i had to read it twice to realize that I really won this amazing competition! I'm super exited about it, and the prizes are WOAH! This was a competition that always surprised every contestant, and i'm sure that they all agree on this point! It was a great experience and I'm proud that I won this title!

2. At the beginning of this competition, did you already knew that you're going to win?

You can never know what is going to happen next. When i joined the competition of course that i was hoping to win and i did my best to win. But i can't say that i knew that i was going to win. I don't wanna think too much about the future or the past. I'm just living the moment because i can never know what is going to happen in a minute, hour, day or year, and i don't wanna loose any moment of my life for nothing

3. any advice to the people who wanted to be successful on being a role model?

My advice for people who want be role models is to be yourself. Be original because people will admire you for your originality and your own style. Be the best by being yourself. Be your own role model!

Congratulations, Iovanca and good luck on your future endeavors 


  1. She deserved to win in my opinion :)

    When is the next cycle sign up's?

  2. Hey MDM,
    Congratulations Iovanca!
    Special mention for her coming on my blog soon.
    She totally deserved it, well done!
    Natalie x :)
    Stardoll Name - BabyxNatalie

  3. Finally people can see that Romania is a great country with smart people. I'm very sad when I see that some people criticize our country because they thing we are gypsy. But we aren't gypsy! We're clever people like anybody else. Congratulations Iovanca! GO ROMANIA!

  4. @freakme'boo
    But i'm also giving the winner of my comp a recognition in this one :P



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