March 28, 2011

Superstar, Is It Necessary?

No-one wants to log into Stardoll and see *gasp!* this:

So, my superstardom ran out… again.

I only pay monthly [even though it probably is more expensive in the long run], and honestly I don’t want to give Stardoll all that money to have a year code, it doesn’t appeal to me. Plus, I doubt my parents would be happy if I suddenly asked for $70aud [or however much it is] to be a “Superstar” for a year on a virtual website, seeing as though I can’t buy that much on my mobile.

So, what to do, what to do?

I have two options.

Buy Superstar, or don't.

I'm the sort of person who looks at the pro's and cons, evaluates each option, then decides. It's the logical thing to do. And that's me right, all logic [most of the time ;D].

What will buying Superstar honestly get me?

200sd and being able to say [if I wish too anyways] "I've got a gold star*!! Love me! Visit me!". *Because I buy monthly I'm not even in the so-called "Royalty" club.

It also entitles me to buy any of the overpriced graphics [and they are honestly, just graphics] they call clothes. And really, my medoll already has like quadruple the amount of clothes I have. What's to say she needs more?

Plus, I'm allowed to use their broadcasting system. On the old stardoll, I used to use it lots, it was fantastic! Nowadays, when I broadcast, I get what? Three, four people? [the last time I sent a broadcast was three months ago? Correct me if I'm wrong.]

And I can use the superstar only hair, the superstar only mouth, the superstar only skin. Stardoll! Honestly! It's superstar only this! Superstar only that!

I especially love this quote I found on Brit-On-Me's presentation:

I loved it. :D

Oh, and I can also design stuff and sell my old clothes in the Starbazaar. Unfortunately this doesn't apply to me, I fail at designing and I can't bear to part with any clothes, no matter how ugly!

And let's not forget, by buying superstar, we're signing up for horrible customer service! If we're ever hacked, who's going to save the day? Not Stardoll, for sure. It's like we need insurance for virtual clothes these days.

Why is continuing to buy superstar pointless?? [for me anyways].

Because, I can do everything I've done in the past, exactly the same right now as a non-superstar. I can read blogs, I can create outfits, I can write, I can make graphics and I can talk to my friends... none of these things are affected by me being Superstar or not, and they are the things I come onto Stardoll for. Sure I can't use my favourite hair, or have the latest clothes, but all those things are superficial.

So, I'm going to continue being non-superstar, at least for a little while, and see if it makes any difference to me.

...Who wants to start the bets on how long I'll last?

x Kylie


  1. I don't know...maybe you can last 3 weeks?

  2. Well I decided this year I would be more of non-ss than ss as I also no longer wish to spend too much money on stardoll. But unlike you I always pay for 2 weeks only & get 80sd (it used to be 100sd), so far for these first 3 months I've been non-ss for about 6 weeks in total (including the first 3 weeks of March). I just renewed my mebership for just 2 weeks & guess what? I'm in the royalty club! So don't think because you buy monthly you won't be in the club, the rules are changing. I never imagined I would be invited to the club I guess they used my starpoints & the number of times I was ss last year. They'll soon kick me out though because I would be non-ss again in 2 weeks.

    Being non-ss now means you can buy ss items from starbazaar but I'm finding it difficult looking for non-ss items to buy in the starplaza & suite shops as I have to use up my play & earn money. Although I think paying members should get more as they pay more however, I also think stardoll should at least refresh & renew non-ss items in the shops more often. You're right being ss is not really worth it sometimes.

  3. Right especially now when they made bazaars open to everyone, I payed for 3 weeks, sold lots of spare clothes I had and earned good amount of stardollars (but I wasted over 1000 on stupid broadcats and about the same on even more stupid LE)and now when my ss membership expired I will not pay anymore cause I sold almost all I wanted to get rid of, I can shop in vintage shop and I got lots of clothes I like and I can wear.

  4. I'm in the EXACT same position as you mines ran out a couple of days ago and I honestly don't feel like being superstar for some time

  5. I just visited your suite & noticed you joined stardoll 4 months before I did, you sometimes pay membership monthly I pay sometimes every 2 weeks, your starpoints are 100 more than mine & you write for a blog. I think you would be in the royalty club very soon. They just invited me (even though I really don't see the need for it).

  6. I've decided that I'll become SS (or royalty since I am one :P) Whenever there's something on Stardoll thats SS only that I want to buy.
    And usually nothing SS-only i want to buy is there so I may last a while. :P

  7. I agree with you. Stardoll is getting 'too superstar'. Although, about broadcast, id on't think it's stardoll fault, even though they could do sth better with the breadcasts.

    Considering I havent been ss for like 7 months because I can't buy it but I'm trying to win comps instead, I beleive you can last without it...forever. ;)

  8. And about Royalty, I think you can get in when you will have complete 1 year of ss ;)

  9. That's deep.

    :D Really, it is!
    I can go on SD for a while with no SS, but then it's either I see a sale, an offer or a fucking amazing dress in the shop and I just NEED SS :D

    I give you 2 week! :P

  10. Every game has levels to encourage members to want something more. On stardoll it's non- ss & ss, if there was no levels it would be boring. Roiworld has level 1 -100, I-dressup level 1- maybe 20.

    One thing I noticed, when I'm non-ss I hardly get any visitors to my page.

  11. No fairydew you're wrong, I think they changed their rules. I am in the club & I pay 2 weeks at time. I think they now consider other things like: how long you've been ss for & also to encourage more people to buy membership.

    Ps: Has anyone noticed the free gifts they now give out has no shop stickers on them? This would make them harder to get in starbazaar.

  12. I've been superstar only once, in 2008, and since then I've been non.superstars and the truth is: who needs it?? I prefer spending all that money in real brand clothes ;) And I keep being a stardollian without any problem.

  13. I don't think being ss is worth it. I have been on Stardoll for a year and a half and i have never been superstar. And i'm fine with that. I would rather have REAL clothes than STARDOLL clothes.

  14. I know how you feel. I have the decision to be superstar this week. I haven't been superstar once my whole 2 SD yrs. Now I am thinking of getting SS.....But this post has made me really think.

    Hhmmmmm....You could last maybe 2 weeks?

  15. I pay monthly ss and I'm in royalty....not that it's anything special though.

    Well I was non ss for like the last 2 weeks, but that was just because I ran out of ss and I knew I'd have to computer access for a week,lol. The only thing that bothered me was that i didn't have access to any of my other rooms. I like coordination by outfits with my rooms (:

  16. SuperStar membership is VERY expensive! Although it says like $6.00, that's only per month. For the entire year, it is around $60.00 just for a bunch of fucking pixels! As much as i want to be SS, i also don't want to be SS...

  17. Same here!! my ss membership expired today.

  18. I THINK 1 or 2 months personally
    when i joined stardoll i was sd for 4 weeks then i was non-ss for 5 monthss
    Ughhhhhhhhhhh it was hard but i went through it


  19. I love reading your posts... I agree that Stardoll has become too "elite" in so many ways.

  20. Yes, you can live without being a superstar but also live with the stigma attached to being a non-superstar and being a nobody.

  21. You are so right! Sometimes..i consider these stuff about superstars and that it is just a virtual game but i pay REAL money...I think its because on Stardoll we can have the things,the clothes and the fame we want to have in reality..

  22. Well... it's necessary for me. But that's just me.

  23. I've been a non-ss since i joined.It have been a year that im a non-ss.I don't wanna waste my money and get addicted to being a ss.I am not into beaing a ss.anyways,i am 14 and and i think i dont wanna be a ss cuz im mature,i think. we should have a non-ss team swag group ,any questions ? my username for stardoll is sweetkhan !(:


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