March 25, 2011

Tonight's Party, hosted by...

Hey guys!! Tonight we have two more collections and a fabulous magazine re-emerging into the Dollywood scene:
 - Fiancee du Vampire by Pauline Armstrong
 - Cyanide Magazine by Yasmin
 - Wonderland of E - RTW by Egle Stone
I really can't wait for all the releases. Unfortunately, I won't actually be here tonight! I have an arrangement that can't be rescheduled. However, tonights party will be hosted by two people I'm sure will have a handle on things. Nomul Alfred-Darnley [nojarama] and Ciara Leanne Murphy [ciaraleanne] will be taking the reins tonight, and I have no worries about leaving the party in their more than capable hands! [Guests be advised: Noj is known for flatulence. Bring Febreze. You may need it.]
We're past the halfway point now, meaning your chances of buying SFW-exclusive designs are dwindling!! Don't forget to check them out, they're all worth it!! Click their names to go straight to their boutiques.
 - eeleenyte10
 - AbiiBabeh..x
 - iswim19
 - jelizaveta123
 - catlover103
 - sparklewand12
 - Jay.Pattinson
 - Style_Magazine
 - Miss_LolitaF
 - NOH8.Org - don't forget, buying this limited-edition print is promoting a good cause, AND all who buy one are automatically entered into a raffle to win a NOH8 graphic and 40 stardollars!
 And of course, buying one of the official lottery tickets from FashionWeekSD will enter you into the Fashion Week lottery, with the chance to win an Eternity editorial and 100 stardollars!!
Have fun tonight, and I'll see you tomorrow!!


  1. Hadn't seen Style Mag's dress before now. I love the dress and bought my own.

  2. Which magazine is re-emerging?


Nice to see you back! Oh wait. .. .who are you again?