March 18, 2011

Tough Five: mizzmileycyrus9

What is the main ingredient to make for an interesting plot of a one heck of a drama?

make a guess.

C'mon. You can do better than that.

Give up?

Just have one bitchy antagonist and everything will fall into place.

In real (or virtual) life, there's always this person we would really love to hate.

It seems that every action this person does is designed to bring out the worst in all of our emotions and there will come a point when everything about this particular person translates as a conscious effort to make our lives hell.

But really, how well do we understand these people?

Let's begin doing so now.

The next person to take the Tough Five challenge doesn't need any more introductions.

Meet Destiny aka mizzmileycyrus9. let's let the Tough Five questions roll.

1. Why are you back so soon? Many are thinking this is all a part of huge drama on your part?

I went to the Carribean islands to see my Dad as my parents broke up last year and my father moved back to the Carribean islands.

It is not drama i wanted a break so i phoned my dad the day the marcela thing happend and the next morning i left i went i had a break for a week and i came back yesterday early morning hours.

2. I wont hold back in saying that you are probably the girl stardoll loves to hate at the moment, is there something inside you wishing this hadn't happened?

Yes i wish it never happend this time last year i was a stardoll nobody who knew nothing and now i am a famewhore.

i am famous.

i am famous for bad reasons and i would like to say to my haters `I am sorry i didn't faze you` Nicki Minaj Quote

3. Is there any truth behind the accusations before that you use graphics without the permission of the people who actually made them?

No one would do graphic designing for me so i thought i would do it the easier way and try and pass other people's graphics as my own.

 it was very bad all i wanted was a big project... nobody will start one with me though.I am sorry Reira422 and Doinker-Chic for passing your hard work off as my own.

4. With all the hacking issues, taking into consideration all the evidences shown against you, were any of these true? Were you the one who hacked Marcela and Jack?

The evidence could have been true and i did hack freeduck_ i admit that and it was wrong but i do not wish to answer any of did i hack marcela as it could be true.

Me and marcela both know the truth and that is all that matters i am sorry jack that i hacked you.

5. Are you really sorry in any little way? You think Stardoll is worth all this?

I am very sorry to all the people i have hurt stardoll is worth this because i have friends and in real life i have no friends and i am very sorry to all the people i have hurt...i thought when i was with my father all the bad things i have done and i have changed as a person

Can i have your forgivness ?

Is there a second chance for me ?


Now, what's your response to her question?

Except for the Volturi,
are you willing to give her that second chance?

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  2. Great post, if she hacked me, i would forgive her, but i'd ask her to NEVER contact me again. And good for you Marcela for being smart.

  3. Oh wow, she is so full of bull!Haha

    I could not even finish the post, when I read the comment she made saying, "I am sorry i didn't faze you` Nicki Minaj Quote" referring to her 'haters', first of all the quote is incorrect, second of all I had this SAME quote in my presentation not to long ago and I told that bitch it was for her, oh and lastly there is a difference with having haters, and just being hated because your a scum! Two DIFFERENT thing!

    Not saying she copied me... but it wouldn't be the first time.

    Also its obvious she never heard the song, for if she has the quote would have been correct.

    Love Linda <3

  4. I like how the questions are really straight forward. She just admitted she's a hacker! LOL!

  5. I wonder who the next person to take the challenge will be?

    mizzmileypsycho did this to get sympathy. BAD MOVE.

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  7. Besides, if she's really sorry, she won't be standing in her suite with all the stolen rares as her background.

    Instead, she should be returning all the things she stole to the people who RIGHTFULLY OWN THEM.

    Stupid, stupid girl.

    She's so good at hacking. Why can't she be so good at lying?

  8. She says all this, yet shoe doesn't give the actual STUFF Back? There is just words and NO Action. I was surprised to see her on the top ten in the first place. She is getting what she wants by it... I am no one to judge, or to forgive anything because she didn't hurt me, but If I were the person that got hacked and she says all this bull and doesn't give anything back- Well No forgiveness from me. (And Trust me, I forgive for SO Much)

  9. I love the format of this segment.

    There's something about the questions that exposes these people and what their real intentions are.

    All famewhores are dumb. Tough Five is their trap. Bravo.

  10. Dang! She should have just walked out on the first question! LOLZZZ!!!!!!

  11. BY THE WAY mizzmileypsycho, the Nicki Minaj quote is "Shout out to my haters, sorry that you COULDN'T phase me" the bull you just quoted was plagerism, if you dont know it 100% go to, geez. You bullcrap. You now irritated me by well 100 percent.

  12. I would find it very hard to trust this person. If she is really sorry she should make reparations by returning the stolen items. It is one of the steps to repentance. If she sold some of the items then she should pay them back with stardollars. It would end up being a situation where the victim could forgive but not forget.

  13. I will never forgive you until you give me back my Skyscraper.

  14. All the stories are funny, as for the security questions, you fill in more than one security question to make up an email account or you could make up your own security questions. And you could give a backup email account so if anyone reports they've forgotten the password, only you can access it because it would be sent to your other email. Knowing one security question is not enough for someone to get your email all questions must be answered correctly e.g. date or year the account was made & these are asked randomly. I therefore don't beleive those stories.

    However it's strange to get all those expensive items for just 2sd each. I know people get lucky sometimes in starbazaar (I've got 4hotbuy bags at 2sd each) but not so lucky. I'm not a clothes collector, never bought LE & I don't get what the craze is for people who decide to steal what others have spent time & money on. If she is guilty, going away for one week won't change her unless she's collected all the rares she wants. But I don't know if she's guilty or just thrives on the fame.

  15. Though her grammar and punctuation skills are complete shit I guess I COULD give her a second chance IF she completely means it AND she starts giving the rares back. Seriously, those sympathy answers were complete bull. I bet they weren't even her own words and she just smooshed them together.

    I, myself, won't forgive her until she really gives the fuck up and starts giving shits (And rares) to the people who she really damaged.

    Btw I didn't understand your first answer. ARE YOU IN THIRD GRADE?!! GET YOUR WRITING SKILLS STRAIGHT!

  16. :L I'm sorry, but I have no sympathy for this #%#^* at all.

    Maybe you could've had a second chance if you stopped at 1. You hacked again and again, and who knows? Maybe you still are?

    Pleeasseee gurl.

  17. PS; Is it me, or do I look fat in my old blogger pic? :o

  18. I don't believe that she is sorry at all! She had to be ASKED to say sorry! I'm never going to be that girls friend... She screwed up! And now she has to suffer the consequences! This doesn't do it! I don't feel the 'I'm sorry'...

  19. Volturi? Isn't that is Twilight?

    Um i don't know what to think, she just admitted she hacked alot of people and copied their work. I would like to be able to say its ok, but its not.

    Destiny seems to have alot on her plate but maybe if she tried to get a fresh start, no hacking, or copying, she should just be honest.

    I wonder how stardoll allowed her to hack so many people without shutting her down, the italian mafia was shut in a few hours of just threatening to hack people..

  20. everything she wants is FAME
    we all know that,she want fogivnes?why?
    she is just showing that she is a famewhore...she will always be the same..
    "wolf changes fur,but charcter never"

  21. I think everybody needs a second chance but if she wants a chance then why she has still all these stolen rares? o.O

  22. The whole interview answers are all garbage. I do not believe her for a second. And I also disagree with everyone deserves a second chance. If you want a second chance, you gotta start by making amends, not by spewing this garbage back in an interview.

    Also, I'd like to know why this particular hacker GOT SO FAMOUS!! Since she cannot string together one grammatically correct sentence, I am guessing she is quite young, or just plain stupid. It is clear that she is devious.

  23. Are those really her answers? I thought you just made them up! So she's guilty then, how can you change in one week? Does a leopard ever change it's spots? You should have asked if she has other hacking accounts because she could still hack people & they wouldn't know it's her.

  24. pity pity pity.

    dont make your medoll stand there with all her rares behind her when you are trying to get pity and lie to us all.

    hacking? oh come on. you wont even have any friends here if you go on like this!

    pity party... you win.

    I don't believe any of your words bitch.

  25. The questions made her admit that she's a hacker. LOLZ!

  26. Mmm she can't even spell Carribean right.

  27. Idc about her. I'm the biggest bich around here! My old account (As many of you already know) was the hacker Alexapie200, Alexapie20, Alexapie90 and all my other Alexapie's :)

  28. I'm still not going to believe ANY single word she says.

  29. Bwhaha, this girl is so funny, her pathetic ways make me laugh so hard and yet she thinks that she is "famous". -_-.



  31. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Who would wanna do that? Second chance my ass. :")

  32. She has FAMEWHORE written all over her.


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