March 12, 2011

What else do you guys want to see here on MDM?

It has been a while since I've been posting here, and well I'm back, with a new banner made by Noelle. I love her work, don't you?

Anyway, many new writers have joined MDM since I last posted here and they all seem great, and that's why I find it hard to be more unique in my posts, and now I need your opinion...what would you guys like me to post about?

I am open to suggestions so hurry and let me know in comments what you would like to see here on MDM. I will try to fuse my ideas with your suggestions, and well I know it will be great.

Oh, and the winner of the "Did you change?" competition which I hosted back in December is Elleeae, congratulations, you are the winner of 100 Shiny Stardollars. Contact me on Stardoll within a week to claim your prize.


  1. You should make your comp, to hire someone on MDM.

  2. Maybe every week you choose one person of your choice and you talk about something that she'd like. Then you make a post about that. You what I mean ?

  3. Maybe interview the the non-elite, let there projects and voices be heard, because don't you remember when you wanted your voices to be heard? Wanted BBS&TSS to become big.

    Well them voices still remain in people's. Interview, might include there hobbies, new projects, inspirations and the rest relays on you.

  4. interview with non-elite...or maybe you can wrie someting about modeling clubs (like SNTM.XX,VanityModels,etc...)?

  5. Interview someone who is close to becoming an elite but just needs an extra push :0)

  6. Yeah ! You should showcase people with a lot of potential to be amazing ! And then you kind of advertise them , and then you are kind of their founder [: lol .

    BTW , Elleeae has left Stardoll .

  7. I am so glad to see you back and the new banner is really nice.

    Um you could maybe do a post on how to make to ugly clothes look nice or where people can advertise things to sell, like rares?

    sorry I have nile imagination..

  8. Sorry but half of the staff are way under par. To_Royal, Yashinda and GossipGirl4real are just bad and bring the blog down with their boring and unimaginative posts.

    Why is Bruno even a contributor? He is a fame seeker and nothing more.

    Bring some new and talented writers in, get rid of the dead weight because you guys could be up there with SMW and Perez if you had better contributors.

  9. Thanks for your suggestions guys.

    @ Last anon; I don't think there's a writer on MDM whose name is Yashinda...

  10. Hey Miss_LolitaF,
    Great post!
    Maybe you could introduce less known Stardoll members into the Spotlight? Not attention seekers, just regular members you have come across around Stardoll that in your opinion deserve a bit of recognition. Even if it is just because their Medoll has a pretty outfit, everyone likes to be recognized sometimes right?
    Congratulations to Elleeae by the way!
    Natalie x :)
    Stardoll Name - Babyxnatalie

  11. FIRE GossipGirl4real! She's a shitty writer and the ultimate Welite.

    Also, do some bitchier gossip posts.

  12. @ Northgirl...; I can't hire anyone on MDM and even if I could I wouldn't, there's MDM Next Top Blogger Comp to hire people, :)

    @ Anon; Can you please suggest ideas and stop being mean? Thank you.

  13. I want to see you guys support little blogs. Not to help them become famous, but just like associate them. They could be like bloggin' proteges. It's just an idea though, hope you like it :\

  14. I agree on firing GossipGirl4real.

    She uses this blog to try and be popular, she is the biggest try hard elite on stardoll at the moment.

  15. I like Ysadora. I like how she writes and I don't think she wants to be popular unlike other writers here.

  16. Princess_Dumini (couldn't bother logging in)Sunday, March 13, 2011 8:14:00 AM

    This is the 1st time i've seen a post by you!

  17. @ Princess_Dumini;

    Probably because your a new reader.

  18. Hi Lolita! Your banner is beautiful! I think that you should interview some non-superstars to let their voices and opinions be clearly heard. If not, I love reading what people's thoughts on things are, I find that quite inspiring. I'm quite blank on ideas, sorry if I wasted your time. :) xx


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