April 21, 2011

Haters gonna hate

I've noticed over the past few days Selena's got some crazy hate going around people seriously despise the poor girl! A perfect example would be the comments on one of her blog posts, I sort of agree with them because I don't see the need for her to post that she's won NCG but after reading some of the comments I realised there's something else bugging these people and not just her post.

Selena kept her head high and didn't say anything in the comments section-who's the bigger (wo)man?

Also I'm sure a bunch of people have received a friend request from an anonymous account called 'IKnowTheGossip.' she mailed me asking if I was interesting in some gossip and well of course I said hells yeah but then I realised this girl is a total phony.

(click here for a enlarged view)

So I think we all agree that Selena's been sh*t on quite a bit this week-but why? Is she turning into Lolita-a bubbly personality everyone hates for no apparent reason.

Are all the anonymous' Jack, JessJen and NorthGirl?
Is Selena causing some conflict with these people for attention (which I just gave her)?

UPDATE: The haters have made there way here as well..

This post has been verified by Nojo.Cheerio!


  1. First off all, I have never ever told anyone that they are worthless. no on is worthless.

    He is lying and his proof is edited, he showed it to me, I LOLed. He also accused Mia of telling him he was worthless... Gosh, he is such a fame whore... BTW, the Iknowgossip person is austin aswell...


  3. Haha, you have done this enough times for me to recognize your new dolls ;)

  4. Yeah this is simply awful, its sad that you took time out of your life to create this shit which is basically just a promo ad for Selena.

  5. Lolita was hated because she kind of made PSG into her own personal blog.Maybe that this Selena girl is hated.

    Oh and that "IHaveGossip" girl sent me a request telling me she has some gossip on "my dear friend Jack", but if I want to know what it is I'd have to pay a price.

    And about the whole actor thing... who gives a fuck? really?*giggles*Lame!


  6. @Linda GURL HAI :D

    @Mia http://rationalise.files.wordpress.com/2011/04/shocked.gif?w=267&h=270

  7. NorthGirl89 Is the Iknowthetruth shit.

  8. Yep. I kill puppies. That's why I have one? Yep ok.

  9. I don't like the whole " You know you love me " new attitude, but Selena is fine, really. I believe she is awesome and epicly hilarious. She has to put up some kind of shield since many haters pop up from nowhere.
    And about that post, I believe she just wanted to share her happiness, it's not that big fuss. She didn't beg for votes, she just felt like telling people about it because she felt really pleased.
    I wasn't annoyed at all.

    Nojo, DFTBA next time as well ;]


  10. I hate to see Selena poked at, she is nice and from what I have seen never said anything to bully. I have no reason to hate her and the more we chat the more I love her, she is kind, thoughtful and puts up with me, which really recommends her personality.

  11. She brought this onto herself. She's such a famewhore!

  12. She sucks black dicks proly in real life. LOL!

  13. I think she was just showing appreciation for being NCG for those who voted for her afterall it's her blog. Nasty comments should not be encouraged from either anonymous or user accounts. Some people feel they have the right to insult people because they used their account name which is wrong. There is no reason to hate or be nasty to anyone on a continous basis.

  14. @ Last anon

    Thank you <3 and SO true!

    @ Update on the post

    Not only the Kardashians ;) The bigger the better ;) WOOT WOOT

  15. @ Nojo

    MHMMMM,I got my swagga on, I'll be yo swagga pussy, meow HISS HISS ;) I be luvin' mahself some black ones ;)

  16. Yeah right Selena. You're a pervert.

  17. Lmfao, "The Kardashians seem to love it". xD Anyways, since this gossip girl seems to be trying to get people interested in like... the lamest scandal possible, maybe he/she/it IS Northgirl89? I mean, it's not like anyone else really would care that much.

  18. I hate Northgirl98, I love Sel.

  19. @ last anon

    No, I'm not a pervert, sex is the most natural thing in the world. It is what created you!

    I LOVE SEX, now, happy? Good :) And YES, I love big juicy black dicks :)

  20. @Selena

  21. First of all Selena, you can't write. Second, you are the most perverted person in Stardoll. Third, nobody likes you. Not now. Not ever.

  22. Hey Nojo! Can you show us your dick?

  23. No, Selena is horrid to everyone, why should we be nice to her?

  24. Selena is a famewhore, firstly she says the dumbest things and she cannot write to save her life, Nojo this post so stupid.

    Everything that comes out of her mouth is sexual and dirty.

  25. No Selena you are a perv, people do not talk about sex 24/7. It just shows that someone like you can't get laid so you talk about it all the time.

    Only mature, intelligent and hot girls get the best guys darling.

  26. What comes out of your mouth Selena is digusting, your swearing and your sex talk. Until you can refrain yourself from such frivilous language then we may start taking you more seriously.

    And Northgirl89, your so immature, grow up and take off your cap locks, it irks the hell out of me.

    Nojo, why are you defending her when she put this on herself?

  27. No Selena, no one wants your pussy. Your rotten.

  28. @ Ilovesth girl
    Entschuldigung, but what would you do if someone insulted you so much it seemed unending?
    Would you be all happy-bubbly?
    No, be pleased that she doesn't respond.
    And don't go on with the " Darling" and "Honey" thing. You'd just call someone like that only to annoy them.
    You know, it would help a little if you didn't go on and insult people you know nothing about.
    Just saying :]

  29. @ Anon
    :] Go geet a lifeee babey
    You know, if you had the courage to comment with your name we'd take you more seriously as well.
    Stand up for yourself, you'll feel better ;]

    By the way, have you all wondered that Nojo's defending her for a reason? Maybe he has seen a side of her you haven't because you haven't let her express her inner feelings and be her true self and nothing else just to please you?
    Think, thinking's good.

  30. @Denise AMEN

    @Anon's I can't take you guys seriously if you throw shade on someone anonymously cause you're being a coward, k? and no I will not show you my fucking nudes for the x1000th time

  31. Selena, you're nothing but a pereverted potty mouth who can't write who likes to feed on out of eltes' asses. Oooppps. I forgot to do this anonymously.

  32. Your blog, BFM, is nothing but pure shit. Your banners suck but at least not as bad as the contents of the posts.

  33. Selena started off great really. She just went with the wrong crowd (*cough* faggy jack *cough)and tried to famewhore on a whole new level.

    She's over even before she began.

  34. Wow.

    In my honest opinion, I reckon everyone should just leave Northgirl89 alone. This is why people use anonymous, because they don't get elites rallying against them.
    Northgirl89 finally had the guts to show the world what she really thinks. Isn't that what you say to all anonymous haters? "What's your user?" Well, she did. And some people agree with her, like Jack, but you don't see all of Ruubin's friends and fans chasing after them?
    And Autin might be lying, he might not. But Selena and Mia did insult him, [famewhore, accusations, puppies] just maybe not in Radio Perez.
    And yes, I am probably going to get haters coming after me now, but I didn't use anonymous, so what have you got against me?

  35. @Juicy-much

    He's a he. And yeah, that's true, they've said some pretty mean things to the kid.

    I like anons, I don't know why everyone hates them. It's like commenter prejudice.

  36. Yumi:
    Ofc! I get so confused with he and she e.t.c

    I like anons too, they tell you the honest opinion, however harsh.

  37. See Selena you shouldn't go around u know like 'I HAV WON NCG !!!' I have won it 2 times but if you are happy you can try something like 'Hey I have won ncg and i am happy and if you voted for me thnxxxx . And i can also vote you ncg or cg because you spend your time voting for me' !!! See that's way better and people will like you more than you know talking like this to you !!!

    anyways i was just trying to help ,


  38. seriously? is this what our little stardoll world is coming to? friends bitching among one another to try to be at the top? please people, show some respect for one another. who are we to know who each other is. we are DOLLS on an online website - created by noone but ourselves. If i'm honest, all of this is a big pile of shit. Publisising a feeble little argument on a BLOG. Come on guys, stop the hate? We are all people at the end of the day, we are all someone with feelings sat behind a computer screen. Its irritating seeing how much certain individuals want to present themselves to each other - for 'fame' for a fucking doll? Come on! Since when was a doll labelled as 'Rihanna' or 'Gaga'. One more thing, Selena is happy to win! I mean seriously, if you won for the fourth time, i'm sure you would be? Leave her alone, it is HER blog. She created it.

    '..I just wish we could all get along like we used to in middle school. I wish that I could bake a cake made out of rainbows and smiles, and we'd all eat it and be happy.'


  39. @Juicy-much I have something against you, you can't tell the difference between a penis and a vagina.

  40. Selena girl, your just constantly about yourself... Your like a robot set on 'I LOVE MYSELF' mode.

    Seriously, you need to ctfd or just give up on this Blogging thing because you know yah ain't doing shit for Blogs these days.


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