April 22, 2011

VSSD Needs You!


Hey guys! The interesting project VSSD(Victoria's Secret Stardoll), is on the look out for one or more graphic designers! The reason I blogged about this is because I am really curious about how this whole project will look when it is really started up with its first catalog. Aren't you? Victoria's Secret may be a more 'sexy' store, but truly, its lovely! The lingerie they have isn't trashy, and they also sell really cute clothes, hot attire for when you want to look spicy, and I just adore their perfumes, lotions, washes, make-up, gloss, etc. So a version just for Stardoll makes me fall in love with the idea!

So if you want to apply, please click HERE.

And guys, the owner, ashley4ever1 is having a party for VSSD! Its this Saturday, the 23rd! At her questbook! At 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. So for UK and other European members its really late (or early Sunday morning, depending how you look at it).

But remember.. weird, the Classique Awards party is still Saturday too! 
(click to enlarge)
I hope you haven't forgotten on me. :) So I am sure if you plan to attend both, you could easily keep your outfit! Haha

What's your thoughts of VSSD?

Do you like Victoria's Secret in real life? 

Do you plan to 'party' that day?

Love, Dei


  1. Wow! I found this idea very inspiring when I first heard of it. It comes to show the sky's the limit for us Stardolls!


  2. I applied for VSSD... and got accepted. :D

  3. fudgsickles just realized I can't go to the Classique awards party :(

    but I'll go the the VSSD one :)

  4. the posts are going so well until Dei makes a post. She's just advertising herself and her friends on here!!!

  5. Jessie (just cant be bothered to log in)Saturday, April 23, 2011 12:13:00 PM

    I'm sorry to say but i agree with anonymous. Dei seems to always be promoting herself, the post was really good until it turned into all about Dei, but thats just my thoughts

  6. Notice how no one is commenting on this post. This was following a very good post by Nojo with more than 40 comments. Dei, stop bringing MDM down and yourself up.

  7. @tinkerbell101
    I'm sorry to Dei but, Touché, you make a valid point.

    On another note, I quite like the VSSD idea.

  8. Well sorry, I guess... I just don't want to waste a whole post about something I was wanting to get a little light on. (I.e. TCA)

  9. aw Thats quite hard on Dei, she is a very enjoyable writing. I am going to go to your party Dei I even worked out my outfit today.

    Well I will be going so long as nothing major happens ♥

  10. It's cool, i totally understand that considering i own blogs and that myself. Trust me, people out there do much worse :P I hope that i didn't offend you by what i said, i do like your writing :)


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