May 08, 2011

Hair Adventures

 And so I will tell you all the adventures of me finding myself with a rather delicious new look. 

It all began with a beautiful picture of Rihanna donning her new signiture 'do. 

"A dashing color, and so well it goes with curls!" I thought, and so I tried it myself. First it was the curls to go. I just feel that straight hair and my medoll just suit each other better. Then, I felt that no matter the makeup or outfit, the bright red overshadowed it all into a mere little decoration for it's wonderful presence. 

And yet, I do awfully love red hair. And finally it struck me-why not just tone it down to a deep, dark red color?  "Why not!" I thought. It's still red hair, after all.

Yet something was still missing. Black lipstick (my favorite) was added, some experimenting with eyeshadows and eyeliners of the bold sort, and yet...

The final touch. The sprinkles to a vanilla cupcake, in fact. How could I have taken so long to figure it out! Some highlights would be the cherry to this very red ice cream.

Have you yourself tried something new in your beauty routine as of late? Post a screenshot in comments!


  1. I love this post. Thank you so much for making my day:)

  2. I recently decided to make my medoll's hair dark violet. I think it's glamorous.

    Yours looks good also!

  3. I love this, too. I like to use the really strange hairstyles with cool colors. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. I find it hard to make my medoll stand out and I really like the natural look though. I am still tweaking her everyday until I get it right.

    Black lipstick + red hair= fierce

  5. this blog is such shit. no offense.

  6. Urgh... why does someone always have to hide their identity under 'anonymous'? If you can't say anything nice don't say nothing at all!
    I bet anonymous is jealous of this blogs popularity and of your great writing skills! :)
    Thanks for the post, it inspires me, but I'm not brave enough to venture from the natural look :P

  7. lol when i change my hair people are like ' you looked better when your hair was brown' it stinks :(


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