May 09, 2011

Burn Book Fail

Do you still remember this?

Unless you live under a rock, I bet you all do.

This is perhaps the most controversial project Stardoll has ever come across with... followed by the one huge flop one known as the A-List.

Something that has too much anger, senseless in every sense of the word that's written by some real life pariah with too much time on her (or his) hands but still chose a good for nothing virtual-hate-book to waste time on is destined for some huge-guiness-book-of-world-records failure.

With that real vivid picture painted on your heads, what do you think would happen to a mere copycat?

Your guesses are as good as mine. :-)

Meet BURNBOOK (What a creative way to call yourself!).

Exactly 6 days ago, she managed to get some attention by leaving comments on the guestbooks of some of the most popular Stardoll celebrities we have.

I was suppose to write about her back then but chose to see if she'll be able to pass the 5-day-test of survival since typical sore losers like this one tend to just stick around for a maximum of 5 days - 1 week.

This particular copy chose to post evidences of her incompetent fucktardness on her album and included people like noelle_page, style_magazine, and emorox4eva.

Halfway through her album, I noticed that everything was just a huge pile of pathetic compilation of past failed Burnbooks and blogs, such as the one written about Hunnigall, mentioning her finger-lickin'-good article which I wrote a couple of weeks back on here.

Interestingly though, all of the people she wrote about just went past her guestbook comment, ignored her very existence (as she rightfully deserves) and probably mumbled a few short prayers for her soul before getting on with their individual real lives. 

All of them.

Except for one:

I'm not so sure about Tyler but it seems like the truth hurts for this guy. 

Big time.

As of the current time, BURNBOOK's nowhere to be seen around Dollywood:

But it seems like she's planning a last attempt to get hold of that ever-so-slippery-thing-called-virtual-fame.

I can't wait to see how long this one would last...

or if Selena will turn out in one of her articles already as she so desperately wanted.



  1. mizzmileycyrus9 loves this burnbook, I bet it was her who made it.

  2. Love this article. I think it's mizzmileycyrus9 too

  3. Faux pas.
    I miss the REAL burnbook.

    All of this is old drama.

  4. OH MY GOD, I LMAO-ed when I read what Selena said! Typical Selena.

  5. HAHAHAHAHAH xD I LOLed by my own comment xD I think I was drunk or had a bad day Idk xD

  6. TheRealDealBook

    A copy cat in our midst.Has this chick started a burn book revolution?

    I sure hope so. It will make things a WHOLE lot more interesting. ;)

  7. It's not strange that I am laughing my damn face off at Selena's comment.

    Sor- wait, no,I shouldn't be sorry for my opinion.

    The Burn Book is old, but, Ysadora this post was great, and extremely humourous.

    Well, we will see how this Burn Book lasts.

  8. Selena, how desperate can you get? You are such a whore.

  9. How desperate can you be to ask to be in a burnbook?

  10. I don't understand this BurnBook bitch.All the people she writes about..all the things she says about them.Isn't it their choice to make what they want to do on their Stardoll Life? It's their Stardoll account and they can do whatever they want.Such a control Freak

  11. I don't understand this BurnBook bitch.All the people she writes about..all the things she says about them.Isn't it their choice to make what they want to do on their Stardoll Life? It's their Stardoll account and they can do whatever they want.Such a control Freak

  12. I agree. What they do isn't anybody's business. They are so called "elites" but they are human beings too. They have no responsibility to be friendly to Stardoll's 100 million members. They're no goddamn clowns and mascots.

    Except for Tyler.

  13. Lmao!!
    Selena is such a fuckin loser! She fails so epically it hurts! Ugh, how desperate can you get?!?!? YOU ARE NOT ELITE!! NOBODY LIKES YOU!!!

  14. Ebonymeme, don't speak for everyone, ALOT of people love me and I love them, with all my heart, I love my friends so much, I'm smothering them with love :) Y'all should be my friend instead of hating on me, I give everyone a chance and I forgive anyone for hating on me!

  15. The BURNBOOK girl/guy is obviously not mizzmileycyrus9, Reece/Destiny has shocking grammar, where as she/he has acceptable grammar. I'm putting my bets on someone more desperate, maybe...Selena? It wouldn't be a shock now would it?

    Also, I'm not fond of what I read in the book, some of it (to my awareness) is vaguely true, but at least 85% of it is utter shit.

    This month is meant to be the "famewhore" edition of the BURNBOOK, let's see who appears in this one, shall we? *rolls eyes*

  16. STYLE IS AMAZING <3 She has the funniest and craziest personality ever! She loves anime and her obsession with Britney is so cute!


  17. @ Chihiro

    Yeees, I LOVE Daisy :D I named her ^^, I'm her GODMADA as she puts it xD Haha :D

  18. Selena will stop playing sweet? Puhleeess, it is eerie enough for you to act like that much more than you saying that a lot of people like you. You begging people to put you in burnbook shows how low you are. You are lower than poop itself.

  19. I'm the sweetest bitch you'll ever meet! :)

  20. Fuck off Selena. Nobody wants you here. Go back to your shitty blog and just go play at i-dressup.

  21. Some of those things said are very hurtful and some just seem to have absolutely no basis of fact

  22. @Selena: "ALOT of people" love you? Is that supposed to be extremely sarcastic seeing as most people despise you here?

    You are not an elite, and what makes this more laughable is that you think that you are. Yeah, get high from your virtual attention you receive (not that you get positive attention). Your INfamaous for your frivilous language, rubbish writing and sick attitude.

    It only proves that you have no life, dear, go outside and start living a real life.

    Ooops, forgot, your a high school drop-out who smoke and drinks, you have NO LIFE. Why not get engaged to Mr. Laptop? :)

  23. What he/she said about zoe is true.
    but he/she forgotvto mention how fake she iz

  24. I have to say that it's quite entertaining reading BURNBOOK's epic fails. ;)

    Plus, I think it's funny when people mention a burnbook, they always put on a picture of the one off of 'Mean Girls'.


    I think it's best to just ingore her completely, she's only a bitch. Nothing special; so why should we make such a fuss. Leave her alone in her self pity.

    Love the post btw ;)

  25. Lol, this seems too well-written to be any of the usual suspects (mmc9, northslut98).

    The articles come off more desperate and jealous than bitchy. lol.

  26. Is that the burn book from Mean Girls, btw?? :P

  27. Why does mizzmileycryus9 has the brain capacity to do all these side projects. Seriously Reece/Destiny/IdontGiveAFudge is not smart enough to do all these. Obviously its someone else who is REALLY bored.

  28. Guys,guys! Selena was just kidding :-*
    Oh my dear Selena,how you amuse me.

  29. @FuckOffgirl
    Well,she's being sweet and gets blamed.She's being a bitch and gets blamed.Sweety,make up your mind.

    It's true that a lot of people love her.And I'm extremely happy she left the "You all love me" thing.And finally,get a life.Don't you have one?Maybe that's the reason all you can talk about is Selena.

    Judging is good.I actually like it because it makes me better.However,I need a sensible reason to be criticized.


  30. I give her account a week

  31. I kniw Selena, i think she's a great person, so give her a break!


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