May 04, 2011


Comments have been rising in numbers on my previous posts and I want to clear up any miscommunication.

First of all, if I have come off self righteous to anyone, I apologize.
I never meant to hold myself in a higher regard than anyone else.
While I don't believe that we are all equals, I do believe that it is important to keep one's self grounded and never to allot more credit than is due.

Secondly, I want to unmask anything that has been obscured.
Whilst I was ranting on about the anonymous commenting that has been surfacing, I never meant to point fingers at those who were giving constructive criticism or airing their opinions in a mature way through anonymous comments.
My rant was strictly for those who often find themselves posting ignorant and irrelevant comments anonymously on ANY blog. I find that unfair and I do believe that it should be removed.
For those who are posting maturely and anonymously, you don't have to post under an anonymous title. Even posting just your name or Stardoll account  name gives us all a sigh of relief.

These photos below are directed toward to the comment that stated(I'm paraphrasing) 
"You should not tell Noelle how to run her blog."

I did indeed send Noelle a message asking her to consider removing the option to post a comment anonymously. And below is her reply stating that while I messaged her first, she was well on her way to messaging me about doing the exact same thing.

(click to enlarge)

As a last message to my readers, and all of the blogs' readers, I appreciate you and I value all of the mature opinions and criticism that I receive. Without readers, blogs would be dead.
At the same time, you all have to understand that blog writers have feelings to and some things that are said in a spiteful manner are detrimental to  us. I'm trying to not only protect the writers, but the commenters as well. It is my belief that we all are or should be mature enough to state our opinions without doing the type of damage that those immature and spiteful people do.

Lastly, I apologize for any miscommunication, misunderstanding or wrong-doing on my part.
Forgiveness is not a must, but it is appreciated.



  1. Thanks for posting this. It's intelligent, well thought-out and very much appreciated. I believe I've made my feelings on anonymous posters known in previous posts. I say turn it off.

  2. if you turn it off it takes away our right to express our feelings without showing who we are whats so wrong with that??

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Take the anonymous AWAY is my opinion :) I think I will do the same over at BFM! :) Good post!

    LOL at the last anon who seems to be a bit shaky and worried xD

  5. I very much appreciate this post, I was a bit annoyed with the other post, but this clears it up. I say,keep the option, but any comment thats totally rude, with a name or not, delete the comment,not the option. All that willl cause is more drama, and they will create a google account with something totally ridiculous just to get away with it, with the exact same anyomosity.

  6. oh give me a break selena you post anon comments all the time, and you make fake accounts to harass ppl too, hypocrite.

  7. @ Anon

    When did I ever make an anon account to harass anyone? WTF is your problem, do you know me? No? Yes? If yes, you would know I don't do that, fuck off and eat cookies.

  8. Honestly, I don't see a problem with them. A lot of people find it hard to post criticism (whether it be good or bad) on their own accounts under their own names - so what? I'm sure the writers on this blog know how talented they are, so surely you can ignore the haters and focus on the praising and mature comments instead?

  9. I don't think Selena comments anonymously, there is no reason for her to comment anon as she just says what she thinks already ^^ It's admirable in that sense.

    I don't mind this action I don't use anon and I really just hope it will spare people's opinions.

  10. If the anons don't have google accounts, secretly make one...That's what i did ( even though i barely use it)


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