May 05, 2011

"Anonymous Comments" Poll

So here it is.

I'll make this short and quick.

I've noticed a rise in the Anonymous Comments in the blog recently and it has become a controversial topic on its own, not just on here but also amongst other blogs.

To be over and done with it though, the option to click on the mute button on all our anonymous friends have been brought forward.

There were mixed reactions to it as expected.

Some were against it.

While others thought it's just.

Here's the deal.
As i've said before, you, our readers and followers own this blog as much as all of us writers here do.

So I want your opinion. Your vote.

I've placed a poll at the top right corner of the blog, just above the follow us tab. Show us how you guys love... or hate anonimyty and quit all the nasty talk.

Life is short. Let's enjoy it all together.



  1. Honestly, anons can be annoying. But taking away anonymous comments is kind of taking away a bit of the blog. Anonymous' are people that come with the blog, and I feel it'd be weird to change that..

  2. Voted. I am eagerly awaiting the results. This will be interesting...

  3. I voted. The results will be very, very interesting as evermore1girl said above me. What's going to be more interesting is if there aren't any anon comments then what will they do?

    I once heard someone say "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all"


  4. I find anonymous comments really annoying.
    I can understand why someone wants to hide when they are posting something they are scared of having someone else find out it was them who posted it. People who post rude and hurtful comments under anonymous are cowards, in my opinion.

    But those who just can't create a blogger account, or can't be bothered to sign in should not be taken away from the privilege of quickly posting something under 'anonymous'.

    But also, I do not understand why this whole flare has come up about anonymous commenting. If you want to comment but you do not have a blogger account, you can do the 'Name/URL' thing! It's simple! Just put your stardoll username under the 'name' and leave the 'url' blank!

    There is no excuse as to 'oh, I do not have a blogger account'!

    People should think before they post, and use common sense - not excuses.

    Another thing, why do people post rude comments?? Would it be something they would post in front of their parents, younger siblings, friends? Is that what the world is coming to today? Is that being a good role model and someone to look up to - someone who is cowardly enough to post rude comments under 'anonymous'?

    Ok, I think my comment is long enough. I know what I am voting.

  5. No. If I can't be anon, I'll just use a fake name.

  6. Yes, the anonymous users can just register under a fake name. That's fine with me... as long as they are not anonymous anymore.

    Hiding behind a fake name is just as cowardly, in my mind, however. And if you're the type that has to leave nasty and/or hurtful comments, the fake account is the way to go. It's not going to change anything except make these types of people go an extra step to be rude, hurtful, etc.

    Just because this Blogger account is under my Stardoll name doesn't mean it's the only Blogger account I have. I have no problem saying negative things about anyone or anything with my SD name. Why should anyone?

  7. I've noticed that blogs that don't allow anonymous commenting don't seem to get very many comments.

    For the overall health of the blog, I'd suggest allowing anons. (:

  8. Let anons comment, not everybody has a blogger account or want the TRUTH to hurt others feelings.

    Selena- a fat famewhore cannot take the truth. She cannot write and continues to use disgusting profanity constantly, this only shows her social class. Working and lower.

    And who brought this up? Aislinvictory. That is somewhat hypocritical of her- no wait. it is extremely hypocritical of her seeing as at one time she was an anonymous user. Yet she dares to shun such a thing, within a week the "gothic bitch" told everyone her identity.

    Well everyone already knew, she was one of the few NON-ELITES that she placed on her own list alongside juicy friend who use NOH8 as a way to gain fame; but she has ditched that "project" eons ago.

    Everyone is so fake. Haha I am still laughing at LOLita's numerous comebacks xDDDD. At one point I though that she did have a real life, but my doubts of her are confirmed, she is an uneducated oaf who has no life. Just because she thinks that she is well-known on a VIRTUAL website, she assumes that she is much more superior than everyone else.

    I feel sorry for her crying at night, her real life must be rubbish.

  9. Oh yeah, and you know Lolita?

    She can deny this all she wants but it is so true. Her supposed best friend; Princesslicha (or something like that) is only on her pres and bff list because LOLita stole money from her.

    LOLita made Princesslicha pay $50 for one of her lame projects that failed, I think it is the big brother thing?

    Yes, 50 US DOLLARS! A theif and a SWINE!

  10. Oh yeah, wanna know what the stupid girl spent it on? Yet ever more PIXELATED rares on Stardoll- this just proves that she does infact have no life, and no brain, or money for that matter.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. I've always been a fan of MDM. And now, even more. I believe that disbaling anonymous commenting on this blog will promote intelligent exchange of opinions which is not the case with all the other popular blogs. I made my vote.

  13. Did anyone else click on the picture to try and vote... or was it just me?
    Anyway, I read the post again and voted. It's good to see you taking an interest in what your readers want. :]

  14. Well I completely agree with JanaStarlite's comment.

    I tried to vote in the picture of the poll in this post and it didn't work, lol. I'll go straight to the poll at the sidebar now :)

  15. I thought somebody would try to vote on the "picture". LOL! You guys are so funny. :P

  16. I think that anonymous comments should be dissabled. I think they are very annoying and I don't get them, honestly. They aren't more intresting or something like that. Bye Bye Anonymus Comments!

    @Noelle_Page That was such a good trick. I almost felt for it. Haha. :))

  17. I have to agree with what seems to be the majority - no anonymous commenters.
    Not only does it attract snide and bitchy comments, it also allows us to get away with way too many things. We can insult anyone we want to, promote our own causes (and on the other end of the scale, be accused of doing so when others have, therefore eliminating the appeal of any anonymous support whatsoever) etc. It's wrong, and I think encouraging the use of a face will - in a way - teach us how to talk with a face, or, if it's so bad you have to say it without, not to say it at all.

  18. Try No Anonymous And See Wgat Will Happen...
    Better or Worse?

  19. I voted to not delete them. And, it seems like not taking them away is the majority at this moment.

  20. LOL. I clicked the picture too..

    But my suggestion is, if you take off anon-commenting.. can you please take off the Word Verification! :D Its so annoying..

  21. Ignore the thing about the word verification.. :)


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