May 25, 2011

Tyler is......bold???

Tylerisbold has been a big name in Stardoll for quite some time.
Known for his successful blog, Tyler's Top Trends; he was idolized by many.
I was one of those admirers. I thought Tyler was extraordinary. I looked up to him in a big way.
And after being hired by him to write for Tyler's Top Trends, I was ecstatic.
As a boss, Tyler was tough and particular. 
Having tons of work experience, I applied it and took my job on his blog very seriously.
Something that I now know, I should haven't done.
The first time Tyler revealed his true colors, I was completely oblivious.
I even went against an amazing friend of mine[Gillian; Juciimami827],
because I believed she was in the wrong.
He harassed her, saying that she was "ruining my chances" to work for his blog.
When in fact, she was doing no such thing.
However, I let my admiration for him blind me to what was really going on.
It was almost as if he wanted Gillian to have no part in my life.
Little did he know, I would never let that happen.
I continued to work for his blog a while after that.
Until of course he up and decides to close it without consulting me or other workers(I presume).
Leaving me in the dark was an annoyance, because we had grown close.
(Well as close as Tyler lets people get)
Still, I admired him for all of his success and I was blind to the type of person he was.
Many times Gillian tried to show me the light, and I pushed her away.
Now, I see it her way.
After Tyler closed TTT, which he blamed on the Stardoll community;
he opened Tyler's Top Models.
It was an immediate catch.
Not because of how great it was, but because he made it.
This really irked me because I wasn't blown away by the agency.
Yet he was gaining followers hourly.
The sad thing about this is, other Stardoll members that aren't as well known as Tyler is weren't getting acknowledged for their blogs which were far better than his.

At one point, after not speaking with me for ages because I was no longer an asset to him,
he messages me on Skype asking for a partnership with me.
When I didn't give him an answer, he had his "assistant" ask me again.
Of course I wasn't going to be used by Tyler again. So I declined the partnership.
Like anyone with a brain and a pair of eyeballs would do.
And after all the shit he spoke about Gillian and all the trouble he caused her,
he had the audacity to ask to be a part of NOH8 by having a graphic of him made.
Not because he wanted to support the cause, but because he wanted it for publicity.
This didn't sit well with Gillian, and neither did the fact that he felt too good to fill out a form for the graphic like everyone else had to do.

Nevertheless, his blog soared because his name was behind it.
but in true Tyler style, he released a post staying that he was done with it.

This post basically states that he is better than everyone else and he should be treated accordingly.
And if people cannot see him for how great he is, he's going to pout about it and quit.
It's obvious that Tyler has a hard time handling criticism.
It's also clear that he cannot handle failure.
And when something doesn't go his way, he blames it on the Stardoll society.
Tyler, man up.

Something I find quite funny about this blog of his that failed shortly after it was created, was a graphic he released that said "Tyler's Top Models. Our models go places."

And after reading "Our Models Go Places..",
I thought....
"Where? Down the toilet?"

The bottom line is, people should really think twice about who they look up to.
Just because someone is well known, doesn't mean they are a success.
Or a good person for that matter.
I will never make that mistake again.

Also, not everyone is successful at everything they do.
And even when success is reached, not everyone is going to like or agree with what you do.
That doesn't mean we should blame the world for our problems and quit because not every single person likes us.

Sadly, Tyler will never learn from his mistakes.
In my eyes, he has fallen from Stardoll's graces.
While still a popular person among many people,
Tyler isn't bold,  he's your typical teenage brat with an ego that's bigger than his penis.


  1. What an amazing post, i agree with everything that you have said.

  2. Tyler isn't bold, he's your typical teenage brat with an ego that's bigger than his penis.


    ...and not too long ago, thanks or no thanks to the "Print Screen" hot key, a lot of us can now attest to that. As in REALLY. :-)

  3. I felt everything in this post to be meaningful and true, as I don't know Tyler personally but I always felt this impression from Tyler reading his posts.

  4. Love your writing Aislin, always worth reading (:
    & I agree with the comments above :D

  5. "Tyler isn't bold, he's your typical teenage brat with an ego that's bigger than his penis."

    Favorite line and splendid post. It should win an award .

  6. Wow, great post! Everyone seems to have their own option of Tyler, but your evaluation seems well researched, and thoughtfully analyzed (: You should win an award.

  7. That's the reason I like this blog. It doesn't do what most blogs do - just give you the news on stardoll. THis blog has opinions, and expresses them. I agree with everything, and have never ever liked Tyler.

  8. Hmm, I guess Tyler was a bit 'off' on that. But I also bet many people might differ to your post. I myself cannot, as I don't know Tyler personally, though some of his posts do indicate a tad of brattiness.
    Nevertheless, you piece of writing is nicely put together and I get your opinion. I'll try doing some investigation on my own, then see to what is true or not. (at least in my opinion LMAO)

  9. Aislin, you just moved to another blog... run by an elite. For all we know, Noelle might be like this too and the reason why you're sticking up with her is because you don't want to get fired. I won't be surprised if one day you'll be doing this same exact rant on Noelle on another famous blog.

  10. "Tyler isn't bold, he's your typical teenage brat with an ego that's bigger than his penis."


    Everytime you write a post on here, it's always after we discuss the topic briefly on Skype. I like to think of myself as an...inspiration? And every time you write a post, I fall even more in love with your writing and with you. You and Ysadora are by far the best writers on this blog.

    As for the post, it's so true I could cry. Oh, and don't forget about the mentally retarded looking doll!

  11. i dont even know who this tyler guy is??!

  12. I won't go talking about that particular line ( we all loved it).
    This is a great,well-put together and analyzed post.You have some arguments to back up your opinion,which is really essential for me.Furthermore,you combine good writing skills with a pinch of spicy sarcasm.
    I adore your posts :]

  13. This is one brilliant post, it really connected with me. I can't believe Tyler would turn against Gillian, Gill who is one of the kindest souls I know.

    GO Aislin, you aren't afraid to speak your mind and you had alot of points to back you up.

  14. Moirabelle.ftw, yes, Aislin can go "rant" about some things on other blogs in the future but certainly not something along these lines towards Noelle. Noelle is the owner of MDM but she doesn't act like so towards us. I feel valued and important... that's how she makes us feel. She's never imposing anything on us and she lets us grow as writers.

  15. Good post! Lol, he needs to get over himself. It's a dress up dolly website for 10 year old girls, hahaha.

  16. Moirabelle.ftw
    First and foremost, I was not fired from TTT. I, like other writers for the blog was left out of the loop when Tyler decided to shut it down.

    Secondly, how dare you have the audacity to compare Noelle and Tyler. Moral-wise, they are not even on the same level. Unlike Tyler, Noelle doesn't watch her readers like a hawk and micro-manage every aspect of every post they make. She also gives her writers freedom of expression, within reason. Noelle has never given me a reason, nor will she ever give me or anyone else a reason to second guess her character. I respect her more than anyone on this website.

  17. I guess 'work Tyler' is very different to the Tyler I know? All I've ever known of Tyler is a great guy, really friendly, and he speaks his mind, which is a good thing.

    Trust me, when you're on the receiving end of nothing but bullshit (word of the moment, I keep using it) then it's hard to keep your cool! Really hard!

    Sometimes you just keep things to yourself and come across as cold when you're trying to protect yourself from harm. I know I do that too. We all make mistakes, live and let live ♥

  18. Lmao, Oh Tyler.

    I spoke to him not long ago, it then turned into an argument over his AMAZING job as a 'StarBlogger'. Yeah, you and that one post really blew us away Tyler! Now he blocked me on both Skype and Stardoll because I'm supposedly a negative person, or he just can't handle the truth!

    I haven't read your post yet (it is probably AMAZING as always!), just felt the need to comment on this Tylerisold... (did I say old? I meant "BOLD", yeaaaah right!) character!

    Oh and Ysadora, expect a lengthy comment from Tyler explain how amazing he is and how bigger of a loser you are. He does it ever time. He'll then proceed to tell you you're a nobody writing about a someone. He once said those things to me.

    Can't believe I was once friends with that fake, what a mistake I made!

  19. @Linda: I am SO looking forward to that, girl.

    TinkyWinkyisBold amuses me actually. Well, I wouldn't be expecting much anyway from a twinky starlet on a virtual website whose favorite past time is to flash dirty old men on :-)

  20. @Alice In Wonderland

    I would show Tyler much more respect than I do if that was the case. However, Tyler fails to hide his emotions on how he feels about others. His usual argument is that he's better than everyone else. Not that he speaks it that bluntly, that would make those blind to his bitchiness aware of the person he is. He uses everyone he meets. And the day you prove of no value to him, he'll drop your ass like you're last years Versace.

    I've been on the receiving end of bullshit more times than I can count. As I'm sure many other members have. Yet we don't slide our problems to the other side of the table and make it look like someone else is to blame.

    Tyler will never be a friend of mine.

  21. This was a amazing post you were so right about everything you said. Tyler is a fucking self-centered person he is one of the most hated elites.

  22. @MizzMiley

    I don't hate Tyler. And neither should anyone else. Hate is a strong word, and while Tyler may have done many things that I don't like or agree with, I will never hate him.

    And it wasn't all too long ago that you were doing some pretty shitty things as well. You're still doing those things. I don't care what kind of lies you're trying to pass off. I just want you to know, that I don't buy your bullshit. And unlike all of these other members who claim to "hate" you. Yet they still have conversations with you. I won't do that. I don't associate with trash, and that's what you are.

  23. LMAO! Somebody just got recycled... but still came out as trash. :-)


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