May 25, 2011

MizzMileyCyrus9, that ... will never change!

Nearly everyone now-days on Stardoll wants to be popular in a way or another but I have never seen hackers like MizzMileyCurys9 crave fame so badly. In place of being tortured for everything she has done so far, people actually consider forgiving her?

I can't believe them, I, myself, would never forgive someone like her.
In fact I wish she burns in hell along with other people that keep on making others suffer. Seriously, if that person hacks on Stardoll, I am sure that she/he does the same on real life too.

Anyway, back to my point:

Yesterday noon I was being congratulated on Stardoll Chat by MizzWeirdo on providing her and everyone else proof of Jack being a hacker. I was like Wtf are you talking about?

She said that someone going by the name "Lolita (CBB to sign in)" provided her with this info on a comment on PSG, on a post written by Vanessa regarding MizzWeirdo. Surprised, I did check PSG and this is what I welcomed by in the comments section:

Seconds after reading it I said to MizzWeirdo that I was not the person who did post the comment, and she said ok.

I kept on reading comments on that post for another 5 minutes and well refreshed the page before I closed it and for my surprise, there were two new comments...

(don't open that link, I don't know if it is safe to do so or not!)

Basically, only seconds after I said I was not the person who posted it, the "Lolita (CBB to sign in)" person posted a new comment, along with MizzWeirdo. BIG COINCIDENCE, RIGHT?
Analyzing everything for a few minutes, I made the connection.

The person going by the name "Lolita (CBB to sign in)" was actually MizzWeirdo!!!

Yeah, it was a trick of hers to make people dislike Jack more by using someones popular name and reputation like mine, BUT once again, the truth came out MizzWeirdo.

MizzWeirdo, you, and your lies will never make it through Stardoll because nobody believes you and actually if I had to choose between being on your or Jack's choice would had been Jacks side.

And that's all for today my lovely MDM readers. Tell me what you think about this post & your opinion too! I wanna hear them!



  1. please.stop.posting.about.him.her.or, it. thanks.nice post.

  2. p.s. its safe, its actually a tinypic. but i guess it wouldnt matter cos i have a mac ..

  3. I think it's safe but just to be sure Ill check my virus software and change my pass and email

  4. I can't say for sure that it is mmc9 as Lolita but however there is a possible coincidence, I know though that mmc9 is a regular reader of psg - so I think it would be unfair to skip conclusions but it's likely.


  6. I guess mizzmileycyrus9 will never change. My 'plan' (LOL) is to make the entire of Stardoll (or maybe only the 'elites') just IGNORE her. SHe'll drift away, I'm sure ...

  7. As much as appreciate the fact that you would be on "my side", you have no right to pin this on Reece without any clear evidence. Someone posting a comment in a short space of time as someone else, isn't proof.

  8. Actually Reece, I don't think I need proof. My segment here on MDM's called I think that... and everything I post is about what I, myself, Lolita thinks!

    Oh, and after all your lies such as:
    - being a girl
    - getting raped
    - being Destiny
    - being Keara
    - giving life to a child
    - being poor, with no house to sleep at
    - and it goes on...

  9. @ Jack; You can say whatever you want, but we both know that deep inside you are happy about it!

  10. @ Reece: Everything you do ends on stupid blogs?

    Wow, thanks for calling PSG & MDM stupid! I am sure it isn't highly appreciated. You just showed you think this two blogs are I wonder...why do you read stupid blogs?

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  12. To Lolita,

    Hi. I am Dei, I don't know if you know me or not, but.. This post is very ironic to me. Because to me, you were just like them, maybe a bit smarter, but the same none the less.
    Another thing is one, please don't tell someone to burn in hell or say something like "In place of being tortured for everything.." You are no better than they are if you resort to wanting to torture or humiliate people -.- That is mean and inappropriate and also called cyber bulling.

  13. You said it correctly Dei, that how it looks like to you. As I said on my previous comment, I post what I think and you have the same equal rights as everyone else to post what you think...still you can't equalize me to either Reece or Jack.

    You can't equalize me to Reece because:
    - I am not a guy who said I'm a girl.
    - I didn't go by different names every month, I'm actually proud of my name...even if for some it is funny.
    - I am not a hacker/scammer/thief.
    - I have moral values.

    You can't equalize me to Jack because:
    - I don't fake my own accidents for 5 more visitors on Stardoll.
    - I don't go and post lies on blogs like Jack does.

    So hun, after you read this...tell me if you can actually equalize me to each one of them.

  14. ..about the cyber bullying, you are right but I simply can't stand it when idiots try to play it smart on me.

  15. You're exactly like them in that you're a shameless famewhore just like they are and have stooped to all kinds of lows to get the limited fame and recognition you have now. Just because you never claimed to be a boy or hacked anyone doesn't change the fact that you're as low as they are in other ways.

  16. @ I miss Dan:

    LOL, whatever.
    If that's how you want to see it, it's totally O.K. to me. In fact, I'm happy people still remember me as a drama queen. In fact, I was one, and I did love it...but soon got bored so decided to move on.

    Still, there's a drama is connected to working for a blog, getting fired and bla bla bla...not faking car crashes, sex change, giving birth, hacking etc.

    Oh, and hun hacking is not a famewhore action, Reece should be punished for that but we live in a society when no one cares on giving him the punishment! That's low.

  17. That's another way that you're just like them because they are proud of their attention-whoring ways as well. At the core of things, you're no different than them. You're only helping to prove my and Dei's point.

  18. So you are being horrible about JACK! just shows how sour and fucking bitter you are i know i have done them things wrong thats why i am turning over a new leaf on here. Now you are calling Jack. Lolita you think you are so high-class when you aren't as Deidra said everyone is the same. You were the one once seeking fame you got it WOOP-IDOO.What i did was wrong and i know now from my mistakes. I can not believe you called Jack a lier you evil twisted girl you told an 11 YEAR OLD BOY TO ROT IN HELL. I am reporting that to stardoll

  19. @imissdan:( YOU ARE SO RIGHT. Lolita you are a famewhore you ARE, how many times have you 'left' stardoll umm let me think about this one umm how about 5 FUCKING TIMES just for fame. You are a SICK,TWISTED GIRL FOR TELLING A 11 YEAR OLD BOY TO ROT IN HELL

  20. he's 14, not 11. but still that's fucked up and uncalled for LOLita, fuck off fameslut!

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  22. Lolita, stop listing things.

    The fact that you can not let things, from the past, stay in the past, and instead dwell on them, is childish.


    How do enjoy I this? I do not enjoy you framing a young boy(?) for posting lies, regardless whether he is a disgusting person or not. It isn't right.

    Take a look in the fucking mirror and remember all the bad things YOU did and all the bad things YOU said. You cannot be this much of a hypocrite. You are Stardoll's biggest whore of fame. Yes, maybe I did lie about several things, but I did it to give people something to talk about. Let's face it, it got people talking. Everytime I lied about something, people would talk, drama was created! I don't fucking leave every 3 weeks and then re-appear like a rabbit from a hat. That is famewhoring. You are a famewhore. Lap up the sour milk Lolita, I hope it poisons your ego!

    I bid you good day, ROFLMAOita.

  23. oh ok i thought she meant jack, he's 14.

  24. @jack, Lolita and Destiny:
    Just because ppl let things stay in the past doesn't mean they have to forgive you. People don't trust jack or destiny. you could die today and nobody would care anymore cuz they don't believe you!

    I find it funny how the three biggest famewhores on Stardoll are all talking shit about each other, knowing the same things they're saying to everyone else apply to themselves the most. Did jack honestly call someone else a famewhore?!! Pmsl!! You can't call someone a famewhore if YOU are a famewhore too! Is that supposed to be an insult?!?

    Yes, this post is childish. But destiny deserves it. You're a hacker, you're a liar and people avoid you! You cant expect everyone to just drop that, especially since this is the internet. People say we're just pixels and it's no big deal but it is! The reputation you've created for yourself is what you're stuck with. NOBODY is gonna forget it! And you in NO way deserve a fucking apology! I appreciate the fact that Lolita gave us a warning about that post and

  25. (cont)

    I honestly agree with alot of what she said.
    But of all the people to be putting someone else in the negative spotlight, Lolita shouldnt be one of them.

    All three of you are hypocrites who thrive on the meaningless Internet drama you create for yourselves.

  26. NEVER open a link you are unfamiliar of.

  27. @everyone

    please! stop calling other people famewhores and get on with your LIVES! Hopefully you have one.

  28. Every single one of you is acting like a baby.

  29. @ Jackieboy & Reecedudette:

    Point 1: I am a famewhore, I've accept it on a post of mine of BFM so get over it, you little LolitaWannabes.

    Point 2: Guys, I am a famewhore with class while the two of you aren't. Actually I'm the connection of the words elite and famewhore! Oh, and it is actually really nice when a girl is a famewhore..and it is not nice for boys to be move on?

    Point 3: Reece doesn't deserve the tittle famewhore, because he is not! He is just a hacker, and you are simply too weird to deal with.

    It's obvious that none of us will ever agree on something since:
    - I've officially admitted I dislike you both.
    - I've blocked you on Stardoll...make me a favor and stop commenting if you have nothing good to say.
    - I think it's time to put other people on the spotlight, because the two of you..are boring...just the same old news...either hacking, either faking!

    Ciao sluts.

    @ ebonymeme:
    I actually think your good to gossip and analyze, ever thought of opening your own gossip blog? I would follow.

  30. Oh Lolita, oh so naive and delicate. It's gonna hurt like a bitch when you realise there is a real world out there. Welcome to the next generation of famewhores, we're called the trashy famewhores, we know what we're doing. You lost your touch Lolita, used to be a famewhore, now what are you?

  31. Jack, probably a famewhore you're trying so hard to be?

  32. @Lolita- Perez asked me to write for her blog today but idk about that. I wouldn't start my own. I'm too lazy for that

  33. @ Jack:
    Hunny, you are NOT a famewhore, nor an elite. Get over it!

    @ ebonymeme:

  34. Oh, and Jack...
    when I realized I had a real life, I was only 5...but you, you will realize that when you are 50.

  35. Does it ever occur to you that sometimes you need to shut the fuck up and face reality?

  36. OH please ebonymeme how pathetic, I doubt she asked you so stop lying to brag and try to build yourself up!

  37. Jack, I'm facing reality, your the one who isn't. Get it?

  38. No Lolita, I don't "get" your disturbed and retarded thoughts.

  39. LOL, Jack you know your not going to win a fight with me so give up! You already tried with your post on PSG and you failed pathetically, so why bother?

    If you don't get my comments, don't bother replying then!

  40. All I'm saying is it is possible to have two comments from different people posted within a minute.


    And MOVE ON people. MM9 is old news now. Any thing new? Please?

  41. @Elizabitch- omfg youre gonna feel so stupid!! We'll see whos pathetic hun!

  42. I think that this was not good, but God says to forgive people who made us sad. I know many people,when they will have seen my comment they will say :what is she talking about,is she crazy? No,I'm not and I know how annoying it is when they hack your profile(especially when you have paid much money for it),becauese you don't know if the hacker wants to harm you.... Please don't say bad comments about my comment...Please I just wanted to say my opinion..:)

  43. Sure hun, whatever you say. Even if she did ask you, which again I DOUBT, it's pathetic to brag about it.

  44. You call it bragging. I call it a conversation that didn't have your fuckin name in it. Simple.
    Any questions??

  45. Well it's not a *private* conversation when you're posting it in comments on a public blog dumbshit. You're nothing but a name dropper. Pathetic.

  46. I think youve exhausted the amount of times a person can say the word pathetic in a conversation. It's getting old. Your banter is a little too boring for me, id rather argue with jack. But a word of advice, instead of worrying about what I'm doing, get your own fucking life. Jealous wannabes like you tend to annoy me. You're probably one of those losers that signed up to write for her and got REJECTED.

    Notice how that one little sentence didn't bother anyone else?? I wasn't even bragging, I said I didn't know if I wanted to do it. You're just jealous. It's kinda flattering.

  47. When a word perfectly describes the situation, why bother changing it? Clearly you do enjoy arguing with me since you keep coming here to check my responses, otherwise you would have moved on already. I guess I'm not the only one who needs to "get a fucking life". And yes, had you actually been asked to write for PSG then I would be jealous, but you weren't so that's a moot point now, isn't it?

  48. You keep saying I wasn't but you're gonna feel like the hugest dumbshit ever when I start posting on PSG.
    I can't wait to rub it in your "pathetic" little face. Come up with a more original argument for once. You say the same thing to everyone. This convo is over, why spend any more of my time on another waste of a life like you?!

  49. You can't wait to rub it in my face, yet you're not bragging? Yeah, great job proving my point once again bitch.


Nice to see you back! Oh wait. .. .who are you again?