June 27, 2011

Chronicles of Cora

Season Three, Episode Four: Oh...oh...OOOOH!
(Episode Fourteen)

New Years  was now resting peacefully in the past, and Cora and Knoxx were resting peacefully in her bed. Their fingers were intertwined; Sacha was sleeping soundly between the two of them. The ceiling was the focal point of the room, as they held a quiet conversation of things to come. "Will you miss me?" Cora breathed quietly in an effort not to wake Sacha. "Of course I'll miss you." Knoxx said, squeezing Cora's hand tightly as a sign of reassurance. She smiled in her mind as butterflies formed in her stomach. "You have to promise to write as often as you can." Cora remarked with a serious tone. "Of course." Knoxx smiled, squeezing Cora's hand once more. "I don't want to lose touch with you. But you have to make me a promise as well." "What's that?" Cora asked lightly. "You have to promise to keep me up-to-date on our little Sacha. He's like our love child." Knoxx grinned as he used his free hand to pet Sacha. A content silence flooded the room and the couple basked in one another's prescene. After a while, Cora sprouted a new conversation. "So I was thinking of getting you a parting gift." Cora said with confidence. "Is there anything you need or would like to have?" Even though Cora has enstilled confidence in her voice, a long silence captivated the room, after Cora spoke her question. The silence worries Cora and her heart began to thud loudly in response. Finally, Knoxx spoke, and Cora breathed a sigh of relief. "Nothing that I need, and only one thing I desire." Knoxx breathed as he neared closer to Cora. "And I'll only take it if you give me the pleasure of doing so." Cora became puzzled. "Where are you going with this?" Without another word, Knoxx leaned in and sank his lips into Cora's. The kiss was no doubt a mood-setter, and it succeeded in taking Cora's breath away. As she longed for it to continue, it suddenly came to a halt. "That's all you wanted?" Cora said, breathless. "That's all I am willing to take without your permission." Knoxx said like a true gentleman. This comment left Cora speechless, and the only thing she could muster was a nod. And with the go ahead, Knoxx gently removes Sacha's sleeping body from the bed and turns his attention to Cora.

Knoxx's cocky smile lights up the dark room and slides Cora's shirt up just enough so he could place soft kisses on and around her navel. Soon his lips meet hers and warm, steamy kisses that seem to last an eternity crash onto Cora's lips. They range from short to long and soft to hard. Soon enough the temparture and the tension in the room rise and Knoxx slides Cora's shirt over her head. Cora mimicks his motions and removes his shirt to reveal his perfectly tan and perfectly toned chest. Something she would die a thousand times to see. Knoxx gently places Cora on the edge of the bed. He looms over her and kisses her softly from her neck to her navel, and all the way to the top of her jeans. Where he proceeds to unbutton each button, one by one. Slowly, he slides them off and tosses them to the floor. Leaving Cora in nothing but a bra and panties. She feels uneasy at first, but she removes his jeans and then goes a step further by removing his boxers. She's never seen Knoxx's body completely bare and she was afraid that she would faint, but before she could, he sweeps her long, black hair aside and unhooks her bra like a pro. Next come her underwear. And just like that they stand at the end of Cora's bed, both examining each other completely bare. Knoxx touches Cora's face gently to let her know that he can be trusted. With one quick, yet gentle motion, Knoxx picks Cora up and places her back  onto the bed. He tosses the pillow, blankets and sheets aside. Nothing to hide what is surely about to happen. Knoxx gently begins this process and while the first few seconds feel uncomfortable for Cora, things ease up and she lets Knoxx work his magic. Trying to contain herself she bites softly on her lips which works for a few minutes. As things speed up, Cora is afraid of biting her lip off so she resorts to grabbing the sheets, which she soon realizes are on the floor. So with one movement of the mouth, she lets everything she has been holding in.


  1. That was such a change from last week, that was filled with so much passion, how could you leave her Knoxx...

  2. I'm not usually into stuff like this, but woah! You write one gooood story! I'm totally hooked :D


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