June 03, 2011

Dollywood Summer Job: Modeling

It's already June, which means it's summer already!
Are you guys excited to just chill at home and focus on your Stardoll lives all day, everyday?
 well I am!

This summer, I noticed that a lot of Stardoll members (including me) are helping others to be a model by creating a competition, clothing line or agency.

1. Dominique's Lingerie

A Stardoll user named Dominique Fontaine had recently opened a lingerie line and is looking for models to be a part of it.
If you wanna be a model for her lingerie line, go to dominiqueslingerie.blogspot.com/ and check out the details on how to be a model.

2. Stardoll Role Model (cycle 2)

After the success of the 1st cycle of my competition, Stardoll Role Model. I decided to open another cycle.
Stardoll Role Model Cycle 2 is now looking for 8 girls to prove Dollywood that they can be true role models.
Visit stardollrolemodel.blogspot.com to submit an application.

3. Lolita's Models
Lolita's Models is a modeling agency owned by Miss_LolitaF. It's not officially opened yet, but it'll be soon and i'm sure it'll be a big hit (bigger than Tyler's :P)

There you have it.
This summer, we are opening the gates through Stardoll modeling.
Are you going to take these opportunities?



  1. Is Lolita just copying Mel with that club??
    Been there.
    Done that.

  2. @eboneymeme - I think everyone who makes a club that is a modeling agency/comp is copying Mel.

  3. I gotta agree with you there Dei. I'll admit that I'm guilty of this though...

    But it seems like lolita's thing is more like an agency (like Elite Models or Kharma models) than a competition, but some times it's hart to tell at first.

  4. Wow! Stardoll's getting a bit adults-only isn't it? Lingerie, Playboy....

    I love Lolita's new competition, I hope she doesn't cancel it.

  5. Thank you for featuring me Stacy, you are such a sweetheart! :)

  6. @Dominique No problem. Your work's so awesome and you totally deserve to be featured.

    Thanks for calling me a sweetheart! cuz I really am one!

  7. Heck Yea, stardoll modeling is somewhat exciting. I even made a portfolio to get ready: http://supaportfolio.blogspot.com/

  8. Name: Mariam Wardak
    Stardoll Username: Mary_Annne
    Age: 14
    Stardoll Level: 28
    Medoll Screenshot: http://s1343.photobucket.com/user/Mariam8484/media/Stardoll_zpsda666a4c.png.html


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