June 19, 2011

Dont you just...

Don't you just love it when you're in a dream - alone - walking by a meadow full of sunflowers, tulips, lavender and pretty much any other kind of flower you can possibly imagine. The sun tickling your skin but not to the point of heat or sweating, and clouds fill the sky, dispersed in an odd pattern. As you lay on the grass watching the breeze move the different shapes of clouds away and bringing about new ones you begin to wonder if what you're living is reality or fantasy.

Let me answer that question clearly it is fantasy. Reality is more brutal and harsh than it is in a dream where you live alone or with people whom you control, and if you'd like you can make them disappear. The thing that makes reality and much similar to it virtual sites such as Stardoll much more of a harsh place are people. The people you come to know may make it pleasurable and in most cases a living hell.

It takes no more effort to make a person's life a living hell as it does to say drink water. If the necessities are there, you can make a person live a life of torment, and the reasons are often crystal clear to why people attempt and usually succeed in tormenting you. Greed, jealousy, anger, hatred, and in a lot of the times people just want to use you then dispose of you.

Take for example, Eternity Magazine, how could it have reached such a level that it overshadowed all the new and upcoming magazine? Of course, the magazine gained publicity, and with the right connections and often making fake friendships often get you to a such a status that then you end up ignoring the person that helped you reach where you are right now. What's the use of helping people if their intentions are for the worst? Why hope for the best but often forget to expect the worst?

Sometimes you know a person so well that you tend to omit the fact that they use you at times, that they make absolutely no effort into feeling what you're going through before laying out what they are going through. Some people say that it's the way of life, that without the harsh realities we get from people then what good is there in life? Well, the answer is using people, or feeling greedy or being angry or jealous is acceptable, but in the right times and if they follow the right conditions. Yes, I think on Stardoll if we never did broadcast any project I would not have written on this very blog, nor will there be comments because this blog would have been just another blog that was created but never really publicized by large blogs such as Stardoll's Most Hated and Stardoll's Most Wanted.

The reason behind this post is not to critique any person, nor is it to put any spotlight on any example used above but its just a rant that I had to discuss because I think that many of us are being exploited for being who we are and doing what we do. Most of the times we do it because of the kindness of our hearts, generosity and sometimes its to gain friendships, but then when you know what you have done is over and that person doesn't want to be your friend can you take it back?

Can you?



  1. I absolutely agree. I think a lot of the times, both on Stardoll AND in real life, most people are known for what they've done and/or how well they did it rather than for their personality. Its almost like that saying, "Don't judge a book by its cover." Most of the time when you get to talk to some of the most "elite" people on Stardoll, they really have no personality or they seem to not have time for you. As if they are too busy or too important for you.

  2. Thank you for making this wonderful post, Maggie. I thought of this often, how many people, even close friends may use you at times... Yet, we always seem to let it slide and ignore it. I think many people on stardoll have a fame-whorish side...

  3. I agree with dei...
    And as the profound song im listenting to right now says...
    mwahahah... i am anonymous :)

  4. I've never had a dream where I've been walking through a field in the sunshine, surrounded by flowers.
    Although I did once dream that I was locked in a McDonalds that was being attacked by zombies. And then my best friend from middle school and I stole a JCB digger, and realised neither of us knew how to drive.

    Is that the same thing?

  5. @Rhiann:

    Pretty much the same thing I suppose :D

  6. I haven't ever had a nice dream :( I wish I did, but I have day dreamed about it.

    Life is brutal and I think you really highlighted that well. You shouldn't ever forget your roots if possible. I is so hurtful when you help someone and then they forget you.

    Maggie you really are on a roll today♥

  7. Most of my dreams are nightmares, but that would make sense since I'm a horror movie freak :D

    Love this post hoer! So true!

  8. I don't dream a lot, and when I do I dream about school. Nothing else really.

    Or, the person I'm basically desperately in love with...

  9. The dream part is just an introduction to the main topic of my post and has no importance to whether you did have this dream or dream at all.

    Sorry, had to say that :D Most of you were discussing the first part and ignored the second :s

  10. Gosh, I thought you were talking about twilight in the beginning. But your post was much better than that :D Go Maggie!!!

  11. Thanks for sharing another part of yourself to all of us Maggie. I'm so glad i read this post on this chilly Monday morning in Manila.



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