June 20, 2011

Signs you may be addicted to Stardoll...

One) You check your account and/or blogger in the morning before school.

I'll admit I used to do this a while ago, I would wake up and try to do everything fast so I'd have time to check my messages, it's really a bad habit to get in to. These days I have way to much stuff to do in the morning to worry or even think about Stardoll.
What's worse? If you wake up earlier than usual to check your accounts; you need your sleep!!

Two) You're often on your phone checking Stardoll

I have to admit I do this with Facebook when I'm bored and in front of the TV doing nothing and am too lazy to get my laptop out. x)

What's worse? You check it while hanging out with friends, during school (when you're not supposed to have your phone at school!!), stop focusing on Stardoll and be with your friends!

Three) You have four+ projects on the go

You have a magazine, blog, fashion line and some other random project in the works. You may love doing it, or you might just be doing it for more attention - but newsflash; having heaps of projects won't make you that much popular, it'll just make you busier. Do a project because it makes you happy!! :) And don't spend all your time on it, go outside!
What's worse? You are apart of lots of other people's projects and can't keep up with the the workload of their things, let alone your own.

Four) You go online before your homework

I used to this a lot, and although currently my workload is not that much, it's still a really bad habit of mine to go online before my homework, especially since time just flies by when I go on.
What's worse? Knowing that you're meant to be doing homework and not going off.

Five) You buy extra stardollars every month

200sd not enough for you? Are you spending an excessive amount of money on virtual clothes? Begging your parents for money so you can buy something from the latest Versus tribute store? Well stop right there, what do you think your parents and friends would say if they knew you spent their money on virtual clothes? Mock you? Scold you?
What's worse? You're spending hundreds of dollars a month on these clothes.

I'll be one of the first to admit  I do a few of the above, although I'm definitely not as bad now a days. Maybe we should make a group for all those Stardoll addicts out there? Stardoll Anonymous? ;)

I could probably go on and on, but I'll stop now. As you can tell I'm feeling very bitter towards Stardoll at the moment, I hate the fact that I spend so much money on virtual clothes, that I spend so much time on this site so I can get a glimpse of virtual fame. It's so not worth it.

Love you guys!! :) xo


  1. I thought I am addicted to Stardoll,but after this post it looks like I am not addicted xD

  2. 3, 4, 5 apply to me :O!! >:D

  3. I had a habit of waiting until the last minute to do important things because I'm addicted. I think I'm going to start being allowed on SD for 1:30-2 hours MAX on the weekdays and maybe 2:30 on the weekends. I'm way too addicted!

  4. I'm a three and five:(
    I guess I really never thought about what my friends would think if they heard I spent my money on VIRTUAL clothes. I will never buy superstardom again, thanks for opening my eyes;)

  5. So true! I only buy the €5 stardollars once a month though, because 200sd is more than enough to keep me going, especially considering Stardoll never release any clothes that I actually like, plus I have tons of rares so I just sell the ones I don't wear anymore :D

    I used to log on before I went to school, but only because I had extra time before my parents woke up, and was bored, and I usually only went on for 1 second and switched to facebook, LOL! XD

  6. The only one I do out of them is four.
    Hey guys, I'm mentally stable!

  7. I actually don't agree with everything your saying.
    You are like mocking us & Make it sound bad that we are practising our writing or graphics skills, just because we are part of lots of projects we enjoy.

    You can't really talk, you just opened up a new blog and I usually see you as Royalty on Stardoll.
    There is 'nothing worse' when we are doing what we love, like writing on a blog or trying to make a new outfit on Sd... So really please don't insult us the way you just did with this post.

  8. Haha,they actually have a Stardoll's Anonymous xD I followed it for a while,and it helped,and then they blocked it for only invited members,that sucked big time. xD I'm a stardoll Junkie,not quite an addict.xD

  9. I do 1, every single day. + I always check tumblr and twitter, on school .

  10. A stardolls anonymous sounds like a fantastic idea!

  11. I always thought I was aaddicted, but I don't feel so bad after reading this. I couldn't get up early just for stardoll, I do my homework first, I don't have an iphone and I never check stardoll on my phone, I only have one project and one I am helping someone with .

    The only one I do is buy extra stardollars, but that is only when there is the 50% offer.

    I know when I am leaving stardoll, but I am going to make the most of it while I can .

  12. Totally agree with jelizaeta123 :)(Comment 1)

  13. Lol most of these used to apply to me. 1 defo did, 2 didn't, 3 doesn't, although if I writing for blogs counts then it applies, 4 did until very recently as did 5. So looks like I'm an addicted coming in to the real world(:

  14. I'm addicted to Stardoll because it's fun. There aren't any other sites where you have a well made graphical self, where you buy well made clothes, interact with a great community of people JUST LIKE YOU, and have an six story suite complete with pent house and personal beach to decorate to your very own pleasing.

    Stardoll is fun.

  15. 1,3 and 4 Apply to me :/

  16. 1 for me
    I'm not major-ley addicted
    like some people
    : P

  17. im all except phone... not good. very not good =/ oh wells i love it. if it makes you happy, who cares.

  18. I agree with Vicky. It seems a little like you are mocking us. "I used to do these things but I don't anymore, and since you still do, youre addicted". This is total opinion.

    I use SD on my phone because it's faster and I dont want to spend all day on the computer. I don't check it when Im doing something more important, but using SD on someone's phone doesn't signify an addiction.

    Also, your opinion about how often to buy SDs per month is total BS. I buy SDs multiple times a month but I have a job. I have money set aside for recreational things (Stardoll, itunes, going to the movies, going shopping, etc. ) and I have the rest of my money for things that I actually NEED. I feel like I use my money very wisely and I don't feel like I'm in anyway addicted. These days, the only real way to enjoy SD is to spend money on it. And for some of us, 200 a month is not enough.

  19. Oh btw, that quote wasn't from the article, that's just what this post sounds like to me lol.

  20. I guess I don't feel so bad anymore...although last year it got to the point that I barley did any hw when I was at home...I did it all in school....but somehow still managed to get good grades....

    I don't think this post sounded mocking. It's just kinda like warning alert.

  21. Hehehe, that means I'm not addicted. Even though I'm online up to 8 hours a day...

  22. @ vicky

    I'm kinda trying to say that if you're doing all these projects and things just to get more attention and to get people to notice you - don't. But if you really love making graphics and writing and whatever, go for it! :)
    And as for my new blog, it's a personal blog and nothing to do with stardoll, I do it cause I enjoy it. ;P

    I was trying to get across that if you are constantly checking your phone for messages on stardoll and are always wondering if someone visited your suite or left you a message or whatever, you are probably addicted. But if you don't use a computer and if your phone is faster, why not use it? I'm not saying there is anything wrong with that.
    And if it's your own money, go for it, you worked for it. But if it's your parents hard earned money, think about what your spending it on.

  23. Kylie- hmmm. Okay. I guess if it were someone else's money it would be different. I think most ppl that actually spend alot of money on SD usually use their own tho

  24. I log in, I have projects.. I am pretty much addicted, although not so much as I used to be

  25. haha I though I was bad lol but at least I don't do any of those :P

  26. Hm.... I'm only 4. And only occasionally, but I'm on it a lot, even if I don't show those signs.

    Addicted or not? I think if I was addicted at any point in time, I've broken it by now, but still.



  29. have an addiction to a Role-Play club on stardoll! Im like constantly on it! OMG

  30. I mean yes, I obviousli am, but how do I stop? Becouse of stardoll I am often in a depression. I mean what to do? Anyone ideaa??


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