August 03, 2012

Review(s): Liquorice & Spice

 Hey! What I decided to start back doing is writing reviews like I use to, so here I brought not only one thing to review but 2 for your guys!

Liquorice Fashion Pre-Fall 2012 and Spice Couture Ready-to-Wear Summer 2012

My Review: Created and designed by Khol(hollyoaksrocks*), with a kind of sweet an tangy theme involved, it's very bubbly yet Alternative mixed into the batter. I really liked this line, however it has some faults. All together its nice, but I think I could see some of the items already in a Topshop or Forever 21, some type of shop which sells "it" items really. Which I am saying look very great but its something I've seen before. But I hope to see much much more from Khol!

My Top Favorites:

I really love both of these equally! I have not a bad thing to say about either! I love the hair choices, shoes, and the kitty coin purse is to-die-for!

My Least Favorites: Okay, I will explain why I choose these two looks, the first is because I LOVE the dress, but it really doesn't match the rest of this collection, I can see maybe if she included more cocktail dresses, I'd understand where this style came from, but since its the only one there, to me it stuck out like a sore thumb.


  1. Good review, i agree with most things u said :)

  2. I actually think Spice Couture's graphics were a bit better. They included details such as a shadow behind the model that made it look 3-D. The other brand has flat, poorly thought out graphics.

  3. i would just like to say that your second favourite outfit was actually done by me as khol didn't have time to complete all the graphics. she obviously forgot to credit me somwhere...

  4. Thanks Dei, I'm glad you liked it, I agree that I need to improve, It was my first time doing a fashion line, and also I've never been great at clothes.
    Jack did create 2 outfits in the collection, I'd forgot to credit him (oops!)

    anyhow, @ Mandylou4, I'd like to see your graphics before you slate mine.

  5. Thank you so much Dei for reviewing me :) I'm glad you liked some of my designs. It was my first try of doing a fashion line and I hope I can improve.

    @Mandylou4, thank you very much! But I don't tink Nikhol's graphics are poorly thought out, she did an amazing job as well.

  6. Khol's (and Jack's?) collection was amazing! It was so Khol, to be honest. I could see her style and I really enjoyed the colors and patterns.

    Although, I have to say that Rafi's collection wasn't really my type...

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  9. Nice Review and it's quite cool to appear as a model at the nicest outfits ;)

    xoxo Cathérine


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