July 21, 2011

Scene and Heard Finalists!

We have had a plethora of sceneries this week that were all really good! The only thing the sceneries had to contain was a reflection. I was very happy to see many creative sceneries spun around this idea! The only thing that disappointed me (but was also mildly amusing) was that some people forgot that objects on top of water (like swans!) are also reflected!

I have chosen 8 sceneries to be finalists! Now it's your turn to chose their fate - look at the following sceneries, and vote wisely! The winner gets 50 stardollars!



Sorry, I know you're probably asking why I made them finalists if they were so erroneous, but the rest of the scenery is truly stunning! I just hope this is a learning experience.








  1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate this opportunity. All of the sceneries entered were truly amazing and everyone did a fantastic job(:

  2. Sorry I forgot that :(
    Raina/Bipasha2@Thank you soo much :D

  3. Wow all amazing sceneries :) You girls have so much talent!

  4. So much talent shown! o: I loved all the sceneries, but I had a personal favorite (; Well done everyone & good luck. (:

  5. I knew I wouldn't be a finalist since mine was so bad!

  6. thank you for this opportunity =]
    ummm the problem is there isn't my name on the voting thing... but my scenery is up there..

  7. @MMalover: I'm sorry! I don't know how that happened...I have added you to the poll. Again, my apologies.

  8. First of all yay im in!!

    @LiaMackenna Sorry for the mistake with the swans i had done one scenery but i wasnt realy happy with it i created this one i checked almost verything but still i had forgotten the swans ,i knew swans reflect to in the water but just a tiny flaw totaly stuppid of me but the total image was perfect so i thought maybe people would forgive me for that tiny mistake ,....


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