June 21, 2011

Feature: Beyond Beauty

As promised, here I am with my first project feature, Beyond Beauty.

I am sure you are all wondering where you've seen this jaw-dropping graphic before.
And you're right to think it was on Dioguardi Group's blog.
Beyond Beauty was created quite some time ago, but was never really released.

Beyond Beauty owner, Christina Grau, otherwise known as Sevillana94 on Stardoll,
is officially releasing this unique fashion blog.
She along with notorious graphic designer, Mario Dodovski(Dodence_bt)
have brought this blog to it's fashionable and glamorous birth,
in hopes to create a fashion blog like no other.
With talented writers covering a series of hot fashion style,
Beyond Beauty is sure to be a must-see for all of Stardoll's fashion fanatics.

To become a follower of Beyond Beauty, or to check it, please follow the link provided below.


  1. Wow! that graphic is amazing! And that project sounds amazing too :D

  2. I was meant to be a model for that, but then Manolo left Stardoll :/

  3. I've seen that graphic on PSG when it was first released :) I thought the project was quite a good idea and it would get Dioguardi up and running from it's hiatus. Didn't really happen though, did it? :P

    The thing is though, DG has decided to create a lot of projects but has never got around to making them as successful as their fashion line. Such as MCM Publishers, or Stardoll Global Fashion. I think DG is like a group version of Tyler (no offence, Tyler!). Not in a bad way, but in the sense that they come up with a lot of ideas but it becomes too many to cope with. If they stuck with one individual one, then it'd be a lot more successful.



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