June 08, 2011

Winner: Classical Elements + My Thoughts On 'Young Hollywood'


After a load of votes, the people have chosen, the winner of make-up comp and the receiver of the 50 stardollars from me is..


Whom is..

So please congratulate her on her victory! And you should all wish her a happy early birthday!


Now on another note, I am here to talk about the brand new limited items shop, Young Hollywood.

(click to enlarge)
Personally, I think its a load of bullshit. Though I do have some good points, the bad points over-ride the good ones.

Pros of Young Hollywood:
- The clutches are to die for.
- Good graphics.
- Nice clothes.

Cons of Young Hollywood:
- High prices.
- Limited items.
- The too sudden and unaware of release of the shop.
- Blandness of a lot of the items.

I mean really, I love the clutches and bags!

They are so nice, but the thing is I wish Stardoll would have warned me of this shop if they actually wanted me to buy it! They randomly release it out of the blue and it sucks because I just spent 300 Stardollars right before the shop was even made! Which pisses me off. And another reason it bothers me is because they are so high! I remember when clutches use to be 1-5 Stardollars, not between 40-60!

And really, a lot of the items are so plain and boring, some are really trendy or haute and better than the last few Antidote and Limited Edition seasons, this still isn't something I wanted to see from Stardoll.. I know all the care about is SuperStar members spending their Stardollars so they need to purchase more, but still, this makes me angry at them for being so unthoughtful about the members who DO pay SuperStar.

It already blows that if you aren't a SuperStar you can't use or buy Stardollar items as it is! Now they throw in our face yet another shop that has raised prices? How sweet of them..

I mean really, first Limited Edition, then Antidote, then Super Spreme, the LE Furniture, Pet-a-Porter, now THIS?!

I bought a few items, like 4. Mainly the bags, but how do you feel about Stardoll making yet ANOTHER limited clothes shop?

Did you buy anything?

Your thoughts of the prices?

Love, Dei

P.S. I am doing another make-up competition!


  1. That was an expected winner. An elite puhleez. We all know they're pretty and better known. Pick someone unexpected for a change! I know you couldn't see who she was when voting, but give some other people a chance.

  2. I bought some cute high-waisted shorts from Young Hollywood! I chose the orange shorts and the black ones that look like a skirt!

    I paired the black ones with an YSL Tribute top and clutch! It was soooo cute!

  3. @Anon.
    Firstly, the best wins, and it was obviously, now we find out; Aislin.
    Yeah, sure I didn't like Aislin's entry as much as the other entry that I voted for, but a lot of other people did, and you can't say it's not fair, because Dei, as you know, did not put the nickname of the doll next to the entry.

    Happy early b-day Aislin! (:

    I never liked LE.
    It's more like Limited Junk :/
    It's so expensive but not nice, poor graphics and just tacky -.-

  4. I J'adore The Bags!! I would buy some but I am NonSS =/ oh well. Some of the pieces are beautiful though, and lots are over priced.

  5. @anon:

    I don't see how Dei's approach to this was unfair at all. She removed the usernames, and instead of choosing a winner herself, she allowed the Stardoll community to vote. So technically speaking, everyone had a fair chance. If you're going to be upset with someone, be upset with those that voted for me, not Dei.

  6. I agree. But regarding these things... a huge chunk of the blame is on us. Stardoll sets the bait and we all bite it. I am guilty of this as well. I guess, this is all business for them and this is an addiction to majority of us. Life may not always be fair in our eyes.

  7. I don't like that it is so expensive and only for ss, I did like how it was a surprise though. I love the clothes and bags. I wanted to buy it all, but the prices are massive.

    It isn't Le and there are too many limited stores that they are sort of losing their value now :(

  8. Congrats Aislin! :D Well deserved & Happy early Birthday!

    lol, I came 3rd >:)

    & I think all the limited edition things lately are far too much. I mean I really don't want to bother buying stardollars which will cost 2.50 euros, and I'd only get 90 stardollars. Which doesn't even buy me one of the dresses I like. -.-' It's ridiculous. Not worth wasting my real money.

  9. I love the new store its something different :) We shouldn't be downing it as much as we do! & well done to Aislin

  10. Congrats to Aslin , I think it was the best make-up , too .

    For the Anon :
    I can guarntee you don't know who I am , but look I was 3rd on ' Classical Elements Competition ' :PPPPPPPPP

    I don't know what is that special with LE ,Antidote ,... That '' special '' clothes ( or shoes or anything ) are just pixels . Nothing real , nothing you can touch or wear . Although , there are some preety items it is mostly basic , but limited clothes :|

  11. i have made an outfit using different pieces which looked okaay but Dei yoou are right the clutches are just soo WOW! but still stardoll needs to make an effort to include non ss as well especially when they gave them 2Osh which i heard they couldn't even use because non ss cant use sd's which sucks x

  12. Well the Idea of Limited shops are certainly Now Unlimited soon an "Limited; shoe shop ( I wouldn't mind), Lingerie....YAWN The only Reason why SD makes So much Profit from these " Limited Shops" is that everyone wants to feel Special and Gorgeous...Manipulating it's customers to feel special Typically Business like if you ask me!And Yes Dollies It works we fall for the trap EVERYTIME!


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