July 03, 2011

Books and Atmosphere

Hey there,
Recently, I have been hooked up on reading books, no matter what they are really fantasy, autobiographies, documentaries, and to an extent (and sometimes when I am hungry) cook books. Most of you know that a lot of these books (well not the cook books) are adapted into movies. These movies according to their appeal gain a lot of money.

Anyway, as a recent avid reader of novels I wanted to discuss the atmosphere a book or a movie portrays to the reader or viewer. Of course depending on the movie or book the atmosphere changes say for example The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank portrays a totally different atmosphere as that of say The Twilight Saga. It really depends on your taste to decide on which movie you'd like to watch.

More importantly I wanted to talk about fiction books as they usually are the most interesting, and for a reason. A lot of fiction books or movies create their own world, this world often requires you to mentally form an image (well in books mainly) this really helps with your imagination and increases your capacity to think beyond what's given; as in, if a book says a garden full of flowers you would - not intentionally - form a mental image of the garden, what types of flowers, how large, what would be in it, how would the characters look based on your perception of how the author portrayed them.

The Harry Potter phenomenon that started at the end of the last century has created a world, no matter how brutal the world is on the main character the world still seemed so magical, it was something so important for avid Harry Potter readers (like I am of course). I remember watching the first movie in theaters, even though I was merely an 8 year old girl whom was taken to the movie firstly out of curiosity and second because my whole family is Harry Potter crazed. Anyway, the point is ever since then I have dreamed of being in their world, have ever so wished wands did do what they did in the movie, and wished I would be sent to Hogwarts in the fall and come back in the Summer.

In addition to that, lets discuss twilight, the book is - in my opinion better than the movie- and I think the romance between the vampire and a human was a classic movie that I think would never get old. The dangers she goes through, the emotions she faces, the adrenaline, it all makes us want what Bella has (well not all) but of course it engages us in the world of mystery and danger. The atmosphere makes us readily involved in the plot and because the writer is very descriptive it is like we are bystanders in the book itself. That is what a good writer always tries to obtain, the involvement of the readers.

In conclusion, I think the atmosphere of any book is really important because we need to visualize and put ourselves in the main character's shoes to really love the story. I also believe that fictional movies are the most entertaining and interesting books out there...

What about you, have you read any books that engage you to take part in it?
Have you ever really read a book that you loved because of the atmosphere it creates?


P.S: 13 more days to go until the final Harry Potter Movie! Overwhelming:



  1. OMG






    POTTER <3

  2. I LOVE books! I'm not a huge fan of Harry Potter, but it's still awesome nonetheless! My favourite book is a Japanese one named Umineko no Naku Koro Ni, and it means "When the seagulls cry". It's so captivating and mind stimulating, I just can't get enough. It's about an extremely wealthy family who all attend a family conference on their father's private island to see who will become the next family head, but there is a legend out there about a witch named Beatrice living on the island, and this greatly shakes the Ushiromiya family [the people attending the conference]. But when several mysterious murders take place within some of the family members, the legend starts coming true! Haha, I'm terrible at explaining things, but it's just so amazing.

  3. I love Harry Potter, very very much!

    My favourite book actually, is called, The Da Vinci Code, it's by Dan Brown. It's a really good read, but, it's mainly for college kids to read. I'm reading it currently, and it's very captivating.

  4. LOL, the German Harry Potter movie poster says "It all ends 7.14". YAY, I can watch it one day before you xD

    So, I think most of the time the books are better than the movies. When you read the book you can let your imagination run wild.
    Well, I read so many books; I don't have any favourites :D

  5. I adore books, I have shelves and shelves of books in my room.
    My Harry Potter books have a special shelf just for them.

    I cant wait for the movie, I was 10 when Philosopher's Stone came out, my Nana sent the video out and it held my attention ever since.

  6. I L O V E Harry Potter, everday i count the days until it comes out! It will be EPIC!



  8. I hate when books are turned into movies, it just ruins the imagination you created. Imagination doesn't cost a thing, like movies do.

    Some of my favourite books are written by Roald Dahl: Matilda, The BFG and The Twits. They're all children books but I fucking love them.

  9. I LOOOOOVVVVEEEEE Harry Potter!!! I cannot wait!!!!

    I just find Voldemorts lack of nose sooooo odd!!!

    Love K xxx

  10. I think films can really ruin a good book, but for Harry Potter that isn't the case. It is a perfect example of keeping true to the book and creating the right atmosphere.

  11. I LOOOOOOVE books :D
    Cant wait for Harry Potter!!!! I prefer books to films though... but when all the films come out my friends and I are having a HP marathon ;D

  12. I actually love books under a variety of genres, I mean, I'm not picky cause somehow I always get really involved in a story, and once I do, it's like a film playing in my head, it's magical really, imagination is.

    I read 1 of the Twilight books last Summer and I regret not reading them all and just watching the movies, but I really do want to read at least two more Twilight books this Summer, because I remember how they engaged me in the words and I love when a good story does that.

    To be honest, I've always loved Harry Potter but it became kind of depressing these last few movies, so I stopped watching it + Never tried reading the books cause I'm not a very big fan of adventure books, but I've heard people say just how amazing the books are so maybe I'm a bit late, but I do wanna start reading the HP books as well :]

  13. I love Harry Potter! There is a site called Pottermore.com based on harry potter books and it is amazing (well will be) it is a site that will soon open. You are able to create a character and play. I guess it will be a online game. Can't wait though!!!

  14. I'm hyperventilating right now.

    I've read all the Harry Potter books and I'm rereading the last one so I can get all the details for when the movie comes out. I think the books are better than the movies, but I still adore the movies and I'm going to be so sad when it all ends :(

    I've always loved books and I'd chose reading a book over going outside any day. When you read it's almost as if your a character in the book.

    When I'm reading Harry Potter, it's as if I'm in another universe and I imagine the characters and the place (in this case Hogwarts or something like that) and I have feelings for them. Call me crazy but I cried when Dumbledore died...

    Other books I love are Percy Jackson, Hunger Games, Skullduggery Pleasent. I recommend them if you like adventure and fiction (:


  15. Yaay glad there are so many Harry Potter fans out there =D!!

    @Mary271: Well the official release date worldwide is 15th of July however some countries have it earlier such as the show in Australia which premiers on the 13th of this month.

    @Yumi: I actually read the book, its an excellent read really.

    @No.1...Ellanor: Yes, I saw J.K. Rowling's snippet o pottermore.com on Perezhilton.com the other day, it sounds fabulous really! Cant wait to experience something new :)

    And to comment on how books are changed to movies I think it really depends on the director and his work with the author and her book to begin with. If the author can clearly include the books details then the movie is certainly an epic win.

    I have to agree though that watching Harry Potter gave my mind a direct image of the Harry the character in the book as Daniel Radcliffe, and Hermione as Emma Watson and so on and that just destroys the joy of having to imagine and enjoy having your own characters...

  16. I love Harry Potter too. Lucky your posts aren't half as boring as To/Royal. blehhhhhh

  17. ^ What are you on about? Both Dei's and Findurlove's posts are awesome!

  18. @Chihiro

    IKR! ^^ Their posts are my fave to read at MDM [: <3

  19. I personally love everyone except for Nojarama & Ms.Lolita_F :'(

  20. @ Chihiro: There are some of the blog writers that don't really post (or have never really posted) like Bruno, Chad and all. Of course there's Zoe who used to post but Idk where she's off to and Jenny who left stardoll, I do miss her posts though :'(

  21. AH! Harry Potter! I have my ticket already, and am so excited (:

    Just some constructive criticism: I think it would be nice if you added more pics. Your posts tend to be long (which is good!) but I look at the chunk of writing and my brain just goes bleh. I have to be in a good mood/wide awake to read everything, so most of the time I just skim it...

  22. @Lia:

    I agree with you, I should add more pics, however, it gets harder to like add pictures that directly links to atmosphere, well at least it is for me. In addition to that, if I added too many pictures the whole thing would seem unprofessional and really seem too juvenile in my opinion...

  23. I really enjoyed this post, Maggie ♥ You're such a talented writer, and I dearly love reading your writing. (P.S., I ♥ books, too!)

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