July 04, 2011

Chronicles of Cora

Season Three, Episode Five: Don't Forget About Me
(Episode Fifteen)
Season Finale

Old, dusty libraries aren't exactly a place for conversation in general, but definitely not a place for conversation of sexual endeavors. In a library on campus, Luca and Cora sit quietly, their noses in various books. As their exteriors were washed with calmness, inside they were bubbling with news Cora has recently given Luca. "So you two finally had sex!" Luca blurted out a little too loud. Obviously incapable of containing himself any longer. "Luca!" Cora whispered loudly. "Could you have been any louder!? We're in a library after all." "Well...." he pried. "Did you guys, you know?" Cora blushed brightly and gave a small smile. "Yes...we did."  Luca gave a small thumbs up, in approval of Cora's lost virginity. "How was it?" he asked nonchalantly. "Oh my god, Luca! You have no shame!" Cora said, surprised with all of the questions. "C'mon, I'm your best friend." Cora gave an exasperated sigh and caved in to Luca's constant prying. "Fine!" Cora whispered. And immediately, she dove into the small details. "It was amazing! It's almost like he was professinally trained in that department. I was blown away." she finished with a small sigh. "See, that's all I need to know." Luca said in a pleased tone. And now that he had what he wanted, he felt inclined to change the subject. "What time are you driving Knoxx to the airport?" Luca said and immediately noticed a wave of sadness come over Cora. "His flight is at six tonight, so I'll head home after we leave here and have enough time to change before I drive him to the airport.". Though she knew this day would come, she didn't think it would sneak up on her this quickly. "If you're not feeling so great afterwards, come by and see me. Ryder and I will do our best to cheer you up." Luca reassured her.

After leaving the library, Cora made her way home and tried her best to dress nicely. Obviously in hopes to paint a nice picture for Knoxx to remember her by. Being on the fence about whether or not she would cry at the airport, she decided against applying eyeliner. And as she finished her look, her phone rang. When she realized it was Knoxx, a shock of panic shot through her.

Cora: "Hello?"
Knoxx: "Hey, can I ask a favor of you?"
Cora: "Yeah, sure. What is it?"
Knoxx: "Okay, well my family really wants to drive me to the airport, so would it be okay if you could meet me there after they left?"
Cora: "Yeah, that's not a problem."
Knoxx: "Thanks, you're a doll. I'll see you soon then?"
Cora: "Of course!"

After hanging up, Cora felt a little disappointed that she wasn't going to be able to spend as much time with Knoxx as she thought she would. But she completely understood him wanting to spend a little time with his family. So when the time came, Cora got in her car and made the small journey to the airport. As she drove through the parking lot, trying to find a space, nerves got the better of her. Hastily choosing a parking space, Cora put her car in park and rested her head on the steering wheel. She knew that she had to gain complete composure before she walked into that airport. Knoxx needed her strength right now, and she was going to do her best to give it to him. And as a majority of her composure set in, she made her way inside. In the big swarm of people, the panic washed over Cora once more. What if she couldn't find Knoxx before his flight left? She walked around, trying to find him and when she was ready to give up, someone tapped her on the shoulder. And she turned to see Knoxx, standing behind her. "Hey!" she screeched in sheer relief. "I'm so happy you made it!" Knoxx said, wrapping her in a hug. "Of course, I made it! I would never stand you up!" I know you wouldn't stand me up, but I guess I was just overreacting." Knoxx confessed. Cora smiled at him with reassurance. "Want to walk me to my gate?" he asked Cora.  "Is it that time already?" she whined. "I'm afraid it is." Knoxx said, regretably. Neither of them wanted to part, but that time was near, and there was no way to avoid it. So hand in hand, they navigated the airport, attempting to find Knoxx's gate. And as they walked, Cora thought to herself. She hoped that they would walk forever through that airport and never find his gate. But sooner than she expected, they have arrived at their destination. The aura between them shifted and the weight of reality really set in. Knoxx squeezed Cora tightly, and they held their embrace for what seemed like hours. And when he released, Cora became overly emotional. "Please don't go." she said softly. And with those three words, tears welled in her eyes and streamed down her face like a small waterfall. "Please don't cry." Knoxx pleaded. "Don't make this harder on me or yourself." Cora wiped away the tears, but it was useless because new tears took their place. "I'm just really going to miss you." Cora cried. Knoxx's eyes met hers and for a brief second, the two of them felt truly connected. "I love you." Knoxx breathed. As the words rang in Cora's ears,  her heart began to flutter. She could barely respond. "..I love you too, Knoxx.". Another moment was shared between, but it had to be cut short or Knoxx would miss his flight. "I really have to go now. Boarding is soon and I don't have my bags checked yet." Knoxx said, unhappily. As they spoke their goodbyes, Knoxx said something to Cora that really tugged on her heart strings. "Don't forget about me." She wanted to cry harder, because the gravity of the words made her sad. "I won't, I promise." And with those words, Knoxx was on his way, leaving Cora to watch him go.

When Knoxx was out of sight, Cora made her way near an exit, but as she neared closer, she didn't feel ready to drive just yet, and she was still shedding tears. So she found a coffee shop instead. After finding a table and ordering a coffee, Cora began to people watch. She saw business people in suits, walking fast while talking on their phones. She saw families coming back from vacations. Their children lugging suitcases larger than they were and maintaining a decent amount of chaos. As she continued identifying people and trying to guess where they were going and what they were doing, she came across a rather peculiar guy. He  was gorgeous in a bad boy way. Covered in tattoos, Cora was taken back. His hair was long and black, hanging in his face. Retro glasses framed his structured cheekbones. There was a mysterious air enveloping him. And as Cora tried to figure him out, she noticed that he was headed in her direction. Coffee seemed to be a big hit that day. But when isn't coffee desired? And as he came closer, Cora realized that he might even sit at a table near her. This would give her an opportunity to study him further. But as he passed table after table, Cora realized he was making his way to her table. No sooner than her mind completed that thought, he sat down right in front of her. "Sorry to intrude." he said lazily. "You just look like you could use some company. Cora gave a weak smile and her face turned blush red when she realized that she still had tears on her face. "I'm Dustin." the mystery man said as he reached across the table and used him thumb to wipe a stray tear from under Cora's eye.


  1. Ooh lalalah!
    If only I had Cora's luck.. Haha.

  2. I already like Dustin . . . if he has green eyes he's gonna have to beat out Knoxx for me. But it is really sad that he is going. I'm gonna miss him ]:

  3. It makes me want to cry. Hm, a new boy this could be interesting


  5. oh Gawd!BIG cliffhanger!!is dustin gonna fill the void knoxx left?

  6. love. love this blog! thanks for sharing! :)



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