August 11, 2011

Can You Make It Up? - Scene Emo Voting!

Hello! And here are the selected finalists for this 'Can You Make It Up!' To be honest, more than half of the entries, in my opinion, were not emo in the least let alone scene emo (yes they can be considered two different things. But mainly I wanted to point out that goth(ic) does not equal emo, gothic is a style and emo is more like a trend (like the hipster trend).

So no hard feelings if I didn't feature yours, it doesn't mean I didn't think it looked nice, but its because I think you got the theme a bit wrong. Nor does that mean I am 'in love' with the entries, I picked the ones who I thought matched the stereotype the best, not who looked the best. So better luck next time! I am happy you guys do this.

*Also, I've decided to keep hiding the names but add the person's description of their look under their photo! So if you are thinking 'what the hell were they thinking', well now you know! But if you are reading and like to complain about grammar, I don't fix what they write, I just copy and paste it as it is, hee hee.

"Perforations; Pink; Black; Painted Hair; Scene"

the image
"I want my picture to speak for itself(:
I think my hair is dead-on and I am really proud of it, since it did take a while to do.

 "I tried to make it look cute."

"I used bright colours for the hair and make-up. I tried to make it sexy and fierce but cute in the end"

"I went for a more colourful, playful look rather than 'Peircings, dark eyes and, more peircings,' because emo's are what they feel, and they don't all feel miserable and depressed, so I decided to do a happy look as being an emo is expressing yourself, and I'm a happy person :)"

"I was going for the more simple emo/scene girl look"

"Shamefully and regrettably this is the clique I hung out with in high school. I was that girl with neon pink hair wearing a pickachu shirt and neon green zebra print skinnys. Yeah...."

"Unicorn vomit :)<3"

"I am a fan of the scene style, so it was kind of easy to put together a look for it :)"

"I based my look off of the "southern scene". With super short fashion mullets, trashy makeup,and a face full of metal."

 "My look is a classic scene with the pale-ish skin, big black eyes, piercings, geek glasses and the long, thin hair with hair dye."

The poll is opened for 4 days! So hurry and vote now!
Love, Dei


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  2. and the rest are more punk and rock/goth than emo ... realy dont get it that you picked those Dei..
    Mine wasnt the best but better than some of those . :(

  3. im back again ....cant let it rest lol.and the girls with all the stamps and stuff on there faces look more like anime girls than emo....
    so now i wont be back ... yeah for the next comp .. xxxxx

  4. @Nadine

    I think you're just a bit unhappy because yours wasn't selected. And just because it wasn't, doesn't mean the rest of the entries are crap. And these entries were meant to showcase the "stereotypical" scene or emo. It was not meant to capture each and every scene or emo person. That is quite impossible.

    I believe people who enter these types of competitions need to be able to handle losing. Being a sore loser and having bad sportsmanship, so to speak, isn't attractive.

    And time you decide to post not one, but three comments....brush up on your English first. -.-

  5. @Nadine86 - Yes, this is just a stereotyping theme, not a literal theme.

    So I picked entries based on how well they captured the stereotype. (your entry)

    I loved it to be honest, but to me, its gothic, hence why I didn't choose it.

    But please, do not clutter the comments because you are upset I didn't choose yours.

  6. @Ainslin Rane victory

    Don’t want to clutter the comments anymore. If you think i am a sore loser that fine by me, i already knew i wouldn’t win, but that doesn’t mean that i cant spill my opinion okay maybe i should have kept some of it to myself but i am sure a lot of people who have entered will think the same because there were a lot gorgeous entries, so i apologize to the girl's with a lot of fake hair stamps and buttons (just not my taste)But im no judge. Just think there were better entries and I don’t mean only mine!
    @Dei No hard feelings honey and sorry for the cluttering maybe you could remove 1 of them LOL

  7. I didn't enter, but agree with Nadine86. Not many of these are the steriotypical scene. When I think scene I think Black and.... Not neons and pink and happy and stickers. I would have (If there were any) some that were maybe darker with a light add on. SOme are very good, but scene seems to mean anime to you,and darker to others.

  8. ^ Hello?? Audrey Kitching? Kiki Kannibal? Zui Suicide? Jevee Massacre?

    You most certainly don't see those scene queens walking around all clad in black from head to toe. The stereotype you're thinking of is emo.

  9. ^I am.And it says,as the post title, "Can You Make It Up? -Scene Emo. Voting!"

  10. And Emo is black. So tey should all incorprate the bright of scene, and the black of emo. Buut very few do.

  11. I don't think they should be all black either, but none of them were.
    No many of them went for the looks you gave as examples, but they took their own take which was nice.

  12. That i agree with. Only some should have been black. Some definatly deserve that,and you did a fairly good job of picking, but there should be some that are based off black. (If there were any,if there weren't,well,that's not your fault.)


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