August 22, 2011

For Or Against: Abortion

Hello, and I am back with another 'For Or Against'. 

The topic being: ABORTION.

Abortion, for those who do not know, means basically to stop and rid of a pregnancy/birth of a child.


A summary of the history of abortion is that pretty much, abortion dates, from Wikipedia, "can be traced back to civilizations as varied as China under Shennong (c. 2700 BCE), Ancient Egypt with its Ebers Papyrus (c. 1550 BCE), and the Roman Empire in the time of Juvenal (c. 200 CE)". So its been around for a LONG time. But over its long history, its been debated between whether or not its 'ethical' or 'okay' to perform between scientists and doctors. And even though advances in technique advanced over the 1700's, the people deemed it something not to tech, so the spread of safe way to perform it were few.

But not until the mid-19th century, abortion was okay to practice, but later banned in both the UK and the US. And later, the US was the first country to ban all forms of it due to the fact it was claimed, in the 1930s, that it was more dangerous than childbirth.But in the 1960s-70s, abortion grew in demand, due to various mass factors. And over time, has been more permitted and used in many countries of the world today legally, including America.

File:Leis do aborto.png
International status of abortion law:
  Legal on request, though various countries have different time limits
  Illegal with exception for rape, maternal life, health, mental health, fetal defects, and/or socioeconomic factors
  Illegal with exception for rape, maternal life, health, mental health, and/or fetal defects
  Illegal with exception for rape, maternal life, and in some countries physical and/or mental health
  Illegal with exception for maternal life, and in some countries mental and/or physical health
  Illegal with no exceptions
  Varies by region
  No information

The procedure, I will not explain in detail, but imagine this, think of an empty bottle, and in it, there is a little teddy bear that grew everyday inside of it.

And then lets say the person who owned the bottle wanted to get rid of the growing teddy due to whatever. Well then they go to a doctor and open the bottle a little in the opening and then, depending on how far along the teddy bear had grew, if he is an itty bitty bear, he will be vacuumed out, while if he is more developed bear, he has a.. I'll call it a large needle, that goes through the crown of his head and he is pulled out of the bottle from it. And the bottle is awake during all of it most likely. And that the owner of the bottle can wait up until the birth of the bear to get rid of it. And if it is after 24 weeks, then the 'teddy bear' can in fact feel the pain from the procedure.


The reasons people do it vary really, examples include:
  • They think that they can not provide for the future child.
  • Their family/mother does not want them.
  • They are a teen who isn't ready or want children.
  • They aren't allowed to birth a child/their body can't. (most times, mandatory)
  • Failed pregnancy. (mandatory)
  • Rape victim.
*For the ones I listed mandatory next to means that they will have to be aborted/removed anyway in most cases.
(Pro-Choice Activists)
Most people who are for abortion are for women's choice, which is, if a woman wants to not have a child, she wants the choice to and not have to 'suffer' with the child they do not want. That the pregnancy was a mistake that they wish to rid of. And to be honest, I believe if a person wasn't ready or planning to be a mother, they might be very sad, hurt, or mad at becoming pregnant. I am sure if I got pregnant right now, I would just feel like a whore.
(Quote from President Obama)
But there are cases where the mother physically can not keep the child where it is life or death for the mother. And where, due to illness (either of the mother or the baby) they cannot keep their baby.

While most people who are against are against it due to the fact that either they are for life or from religious/ethical reasons. The main issue people have with it that it IS either ending the life of or preventing the life of a baby from being born. While religious reasons are because of it not being permitted in the person's religion to rid of pregnancy. And studies have shown that abortion can cause depression, psychological issues, the natural pain of a mother losing her child since its a fact that the longer a woman is pregnant, the more she bonds with her unborn baby. And there are tons of cases where women regret doing it in the first place.
(Pro-Life Activists)
The fight for and against it has been a raging battle over many many years. To kill an unborn child, or to suffer an ongoing pregnancy?


So tell me, are you FOR or AGAINST abortion?

Why or why not?

Love, Dei

P.S. I am not trying to be a bitch, but I believe if you choose Life BUT say 'but if they were raped, it is okay' then I do NOT believe you are pro-life, it is you being a hypocrite.


  1. AGAINST!!! It's just like killing a person... a little child... ;(


    Abortion makes me want to VOMIT! Its such a horrible thing! Killing an unborn human being! Its a form of MURDER in my opinion! I would never abort a child! NEVER! I can't believe anyone would do that!!!! Its so UN-CHRISTIAN and against everything I've been taught! I'm a strong Christian (deal with it). Thou shall not kill.

    And please don't try to change my beliefs. I brought my religion into this. Watcha gonna do about it?

  3. Wow. I am for abortion. It is your body, and you can decide what you want to do with it. It is not a horrible thing to do... Everyone has different opinions, and I would appreciate if people didn't just classify all women who have had an abortion "terrible", or other thing. I am only against abortion in the case of the pregnancy being a result of some drunk teens... or adults. That's just disgusting.

  4. Everybody has there opinion...and i was stating mine. If i think its horrible, then thats my belief.

  5. I am against it because I know I could never prevent the life of or stop the life of a baby.

    But if a person is for it, then I don't care.

    But I think its a selfish decision on the woman's part simply because, just think, if you were aborted, you wouldn't be here. Why not give the baby a chance?

  6. I am totally against!!! When you get an abortion, a whole life is lost. That child that was never born can never have life again, can never live.

    What if your mother chose to abort you?

  7. Againest, it's not right to kill an innocent baby who has not even been able to breath in the outside world. I agree with Deidra on the last part too.

  8. Ah, abortion. What a controversial topic. I love it! Not abortion...

    I am for abortion when a child has been conceived due to rape, especially by a family member. This leads to not only an unwanted pregnancy, but the possibility of mental and health problems for the child. It also causes the child to be a constant reminder that the mother was raped. No mother wants to see her child that way. And I can guarantee that no child would want to be seen that way.

    I am against abortion under the circumstance that a teenager got pregnant because of an ignorant decision made by both the father and the mother. If you are willing to lie down and have sex, you should not make the selfish decision to abort a child that was caused due to you ignorance or inability to care for said child. I believe that teenagers should have the child, and under the circumstance that they are unable to care for the child, it should be given to a well rounded family that desires children but are unable to conceive.

    All in all, abortion can be a sad, but sometimes necessary option for women who have faced rape. However, abortion should not be considered by selfish teenagers, etc. who are making a decision based on themselves, alone. I believe abortion should remain legal, but rules and restrictions should be applied to make it useful for those who desperately need it.

  9. I thought this topic had been posted about already?

  10. @Anon - By who?

    @Aislin - Well I see what you mean, sure psychological issues come from such an issue like rape causing the girl to be pregnant, but only more issues come with it after you have the abortion let alone just from the rape. Either way it goes, there will be issues, and thats life.

    And about half of the rape cases we hear about or know of, the girl might have put herself in the situation by letting the guy get too close after a few drinks, not saying I think its the girls fault, just saying.

    But I am not going to stop a girl who feels the need to get rid of a rapist's child.

    But I would rather her put the child up for adoption if she doesn't want to look at it and see its fathers face than not let them have a chance at life at all.

  11. And there are cases, pathetic ones, where women lie about being sexually abused and raped just to get the abortion performed if the father was negative to her.

  12. I'm for abortion. I hate when people say 'you could always give the baby up for adoption.' I know it's cruel to say this, but there will be a permanent pain afterwards, my mom ruined her back after giving birth to me.

    In some way I would have understood if she would have had me removed, especially if she wasn't ready, but she was. I think it's important to think about yourself, before you think about the baby. Call me heartless or whatever, I won't change my view on this :/

  13. For. Its a lot nicer to abort the child than have them grow up with a teenage mom, or have them left in a foster home or an orphanage, thats a cruel life. Better them never to experience than have to grow up almost on the streets. If you have a good reason for abortion, it should definitely always be allowed. Abortion should NOT be used as "birth control" or anything of the sort but should be allowed in some circumstances. We cannot end abortion.

  14. @iswim19

    Wait a second! I'm not trying to be rude, but you think its better for a child to not be born and even feel pain than to at least be alive, even if their life may not be the most perfect?

  15. I am completely against abortion. If you are stupid enough to have unsafe and/or pre-mariatal sex, then you should suffer the consequenses. Think about the baby. What if that baby had lived? It could have had a LIFE, and those who get an abortion are just being selfish.

    For those who are for it, Google saline abortion. They BURN the baby's skin. That is inhuman, sick, and cruel. How would you like that if you were that baby? It's sad to think some people are okay with our fellow man are killed because of heartless people.

    If the mother and baby are going to die if there is no abortion, I am all for it.

  16. I am against it. Yes I know you said with exceptions doesn't mean they are pro life, but if the mothers life is in danger, I really would think about it being ok. But I really do believe it is a murder, especially with that "needle through head" type thing. Adoption is a better options, hehe that ryhmes

  17. Against all the way!

    What women that has any bit of a heart would willing kill a child? It is not the babies fault you got preagnant when you didn't want to. Blame yourself for not being able to have self control, not an innocent child. And yes, it is an actual LIVING child!!!

  18. Personally I'm against it.
    I could never do that, I think I'd be traumatised and regretful for the rest of my life :( but I have nothing against people who are for it, It's your body and your choice.

  19. I am for abortion and agree with aslins post completely. If the mother can't afford to bring up the child and provide it with the happy life all children deserve, why have a child? If you were raped and found you were pregnant, would you honestly want that baby. If your still at school stydying for your exams and find that your with child, your parents are so angry that they threaten to disown you, what would you do? Honestly


    Your post was good, but it had been done before.

  21. I'm for it. If you aren't prepared to have a child, if you don't want a child, if it will affect your life negatively you are given the choice to say no.
    As long as the foetus feels no pain, imo, it's fine. Not good, not great, just fine. I'm taking the utilitarian option... If the positives outweigh the negatives (which they do in most cases) then that's the better option to me.

  22. As the international law snippet you provided at the very start of your post, I believe that it should remain illegal with the exception of rape and if the health of the parent is endangered or if there are defects that were either developed because of say chromosomal abnormalities, or any excess genes that have been inherited from the parents.

  23. Against! In my opinion it is just horrible. Killing a person.
    If someone killed a newborn baby no one would be okay with it. But if someone kills an unborn baby, then it's okay. Well, it is definitely not okay!
    And when people say that they don't want the baby, because they see it as a mistake, it just makes me sick. Well, if you made a "mistake" deal with it. Only cowards run away from problems. Many people cannot have children and you are killing yours.
    If your mother wanted to abort you and you were able to understand her you would be against it, right?
    That child wants to live and instead of giving birth you are killing it.

  24. Just thought I should mention that my cousin DIED, as a result of being forced to give birth to a child she was not ready to have and care for. She was 16 when she was sexually abused by one of her teachers, and was not a legal age to have an abortion, even though they told her it would be very dangerous for her to give birth to this baby. I think it's disgusting how YOU, mskendall4198 can even talk about how it's wrong to have an abortion, when an innocent, amazing, kind person related to me had to loose her life, just to give birth to a child who would never survive anyway. Of course, killing is never right, but so is being a stupid close minded person. It was not her fault her parents couldn't afford to live in a nicer part of town like I did. It was not her fault they could not afford to send her to a private school. It was not her fault she was raped. She was a great girl, and had to loose her life because of a stupid law, and people like you. Honestly, just try to stop for a second, and use your brain. It's there for a reason.

  25. Yeah this post has been done by Bubblyminty before and much better. Your post was way to judgemental and one-sided, whereas Jenny's was much better written and open to everyone.

    Not only are you a hideous writel you had tthe cheek to mock Bruno in a previous post about one little typo, it is very ironic seeing as your writing is filled with profanities, dozens of grammatical and punctual errors.

    As you said, learn to spell first before you post, you could be learning for a long time my fat ugly monkey.

  26. I am not against abortion, why bring up a child which is obviously not wanted?! :P

  27. I am stuck in-between the both i think its wrong in a way and right in a way too. wrong because you are killing a breathing, living human being but also for it because i know people who's lives have been ruined because of an unplanned pregnancy. none of them are rape viticims, they got drunk, had sex, got pregnant. but also i remember that their mothers didn't really care about what there daughter got upto with a boy i think this is sad. anyway.. it is good in a way because it lets young girls/woman stay young and not let there childhood/teen years be thrown away because of a one night stand. i'm sorry if this annoys anyone but this is just what i think, i fully respect everybodys veiws.

  28. but i have no idea what i would do if i was to become pregnant now at the age of 14, i wouldn't want to go through with either. me being a self centred person i personally dont want to go through the pain of having a child but i am at a young age and might change my mind when i'm older. yet again i do not mean to make anyone angrey my my posts - this is just what i think

  29. but i have no idea what i would do if i was to become pregnant now at the age of 14, i wouldn't want to go through with either. me being a self centred person i personally dont want to go through the pain of having a child but i am at a young age and might change my mind when i'm older. yet again i do not mean to make anyone angrey my my posts - this is just what i think


  30. I am for it in certain circumstances.The only ones I agree with are when the baby is a danger to your own health,or if the baby is most likely not going to live. If you don't want, adoption is always an option.

    I would never have an abortion,but I believe it is your body,your right, your choice.

  31. For. I think the Teddy bear bit was a bad way to present it, mothers would be more likely to view it as a parasite. But in the uk medical abortion is illegal after 8 weeks and surgical is illegal after 24 weeks.

  32. I don't think healthy people should give up their babies, many women feel regret after and if they don't want the child, there are many people out there looking for a baby with no strings attached they can bring up as their own.

    I do think abortion is vital for people like Sofi's cousin though. If there is a risk and it is likely both or one of the two will die, then of course abortion is a good choice to have.

    I still think it should be done before the baby is very old however, before it is properly developed, before it can feel, before it can think. Otherwise it is just the same as murder.

  33. mskendall4198 - Unchristian? Is it? God, I am the worst Christian ever.

    Personally, I could never do it. I don't think I could get rid of my unborn child and then continue to live my life. I apply to myself the belief that if you're ready to have sex, you need to be ready to deal with the consequences. Which is why I am still a proud virgin.

    However, that's more of a personal philosophy, as I don't feel I will be ready for sex until I could accept the consequences. Everyone is ready for it in their own time.

    Therefore, on the whole, I am not against abortion. Each woman has control of their own body and I therefore believe they should be allowed to make such decisions about their body. If one of my friends were to fall pregnant and want an abortion, while I don't think I could make the same decision, I would support her any way I could, because I feel it's her right to decide.

    While the idea of killing a child is sufficiently shocking, I don't think abortion is the most cruel thing you could do to an unwanted child. Other British teens may have seen the series showing on BBC Three at the moment, Underage and Pregnant. Last night's episode was particularly fitting to illustrate my point: one girl, Becky, had a 14 month old son, and at times it was plainly obvious that she couldn't bear being a mother. She wanted to be out and free, and would ditch the poor boy on her mother, or leave without him, or even leave him unattended in the bathtub. Her attitude towards him at times was saddening, because this could quite conceivably be an attitude that follows her, and indeed him, through the rest of their lives. Growing up knowing he was unwanted and unloved could be so detrimental and miserable for him. I have always known I was a wanted child, so I can't imagine the sadness of knowing you weren't. But I imagine it's a horrible feeling to have to live with, particularly in the case of this little boy, if you've known it from when you were tiny.

    So that is my opinion on the matter. I could never do it myself, but I am wholeheartedly pro-choice, because I feel every woman should be allowed to make that decision. But I do respect why others may feel differently, particularly if it's a part of their religion.


  34. Ok I have a bit more time to write my full opinion.

    I am for abortion. Personally I don't believe I could go through with it, it's a traumatic and horrible thing even if you're for it. I don't know how I'd react if I was in that situation though. I don't view an embryo or feotus as a baby though. I hate it when people say "put it up for adoption". Many children In care can take years to get a home, if they do. Don't say things like that unless youre willing to go adopt these children yourself.

  35. what is someone was r*ped? why would you keep the baby?

  36. I really hate talking about this. It's up to the circumstances.

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  38. I am strongly against abortion.

    There are several exceptions: such as someone with a chronic or mental illness or if someone has been raped.

    For example: If I was raped, I believe a child would be a painful reminder of the cold and sick person who did rape me. Who would really want to raise a child who had been made with not love, but fear and anger?

    I also believe if a teenager was idiotic enough to have pre-martial sex, unprotected, then they shall serve the consequence. I am Catholic, and probably will lose my virginity before marriage, but still, please don't call it un-Christian.

    I respect everyone's decisions, but personally, I couldn't kill an innocent baby living inside of me.

    Many abortions often end with guiltiness and even suicide.

  39. Dei is a...fat fat fut fut agly fack!!!!

  40. Against.
    I am ONLY with abortion in case the woman got raped, especially in a young age.

    Other than that, it's your own fault and it's DISGUSTING that you can kill someone just because you don't want them, a baby can't speak for itself and say give me a chance, I want to live.

    And, honestly I hate the fact that a lot of cases, abortion is caused by teenagers, selfish teenagers. If you weren't mature enough, then dude, it's your fault. @Lulla96 - I am so sorry for your cousin, I do believe that abortion should be legal, in SOME cases. Not a specific age.


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