September 12, 2011

9/11 10th Anniversary

Hello, this post will be very short, but I just wanted to state about today is the dreaded and remembered day of Sept. 11, 2001 where the world trade center, the twin towers in New York City were bombed by two hijacked U.S. airplanes and caused a mass murder and destruction that still rings loudly in American hearts 'til this day. (Better explanation of the event HERE.)
(Twin towers after the planes hit)
And I am not going whine and wail about how much of a sad event it was or how horrific it was for everyone, including the current president, George W. Bush, but I am just stating this I am giving my respect for all the lives that had been wasted over due to hate and war.

And I remember when I was a little girl, I will honestly say, I didn't understand it at all, all I knew is that I was checked out of school and watched the news with my mom. And that since they requested help from all over the country to help look for trapped victims and other various and hard tasks to save lives, my mother with up to New York during the events to help. The duties were extremely life threatening and til this day, I still get torn up thinking just what my mom had to have seen while there, all that destruction and sadness in the air.
(Heroic firefighters during 9/11)
To remember the event, my mom actually got a tattoo for it. Though I am curious now at why she decided to get one for it, but I know it was something that was tough for her to deal with and she highly respects other firefighters and soilders who were there to also help deal with the situation.

(A photo of my mother's tattoo I took when I was like 15, she like cherries by the way, that's why there are there)
 (It says '9/11' (top) 'Never Forget' (middle and bottom))
So even though it saddens me to remember it, I am happy America could pull threw such an act of terror and gladly commemorate the loses of that day in history.

Love, Dei

P.S. How did 9/11 effect your life if it did at all when you were around during the time?


  1. I think the gravity of the event did not fully fit me until a few days ago when my government teacher showed the class a video of the events and it included clips of people jumping out windows before the building collapsed. That desperation I saw on the screen just hit me to the core, and in the middle of class I swear I just started crying.

    Like you, I was to young to understand it when it happened, but now that I do I am saddened and sickened by the events of that day. On this day. The 10th anniversary I think its more important than ever to remind ourselves to never forget what happened.

  2. i was 14 and i remember watching it Live from the different broadcast channels while the second plane crashed in the second tower....i think i will never forget that image and the feeling in my life.... just real terror...

  3. I personally don't remember, I'd have been 4 and just starting my first year at school (reception) though I've seen videos seen and I feel so sorry for all those poor people killed and affected by those horrible events.

  4. @Lia - Yeah, in my JROTC class when I was a sophomore in high school, we had watched a video that was from a major network who explain how it happened and showed a lot of vile images of suicides, fires, and the whole chaos of it all. I ended up crying and missing half of my next class because of how much it hurt to see such a graphic vision of it all.

    Like really, I think that if we hadn't watched that a majority of the class wouldn't even understand how terrible it was to have that happen since we all were naive 7-9 year olds.

  5. I'm like you Dei - didn't fully grasp the situation but I sat with my mom and I was watching live when the north tower fell.
    It didn't personally affect me, but I found out today that a woman I work with was on the phone to her American aunt (in New York) at the precise moment the first plane hit. All she heard was 'I've got to go, you'll never believe it but a plane has hit the World Trade Centre'. Her aunt was unhurt, but she lost two of her relatives in the tower that day.

    It's bizarre to me to see just how far that something like that can reach. Across the world into some tiny department store, in a little English town.
    I can't imagine what it must have been like to witness the tragedy, I tear up at the documentaries.

  6. @Rhiann - Mhm.. it did reach a lot of lives, and not ONLY to those who were American but also to people all around the world, the towers were the world trade centers, so there were bound to also be workers who weren't American who had to suffer as well.

  7. R.I.P everyone who died.
    My Grandmother died there. I was super young, I didn't even know what was going on when my parents were watching it :(


  8. I was sadly affected by racism as I am half iraqi some nit told me it was "my fault" 9/11 happened..

    Anyway, I agree with you, your mother is a strong woman too!! Nice tattoo by the way! :)

    RIP people who lost their lives of 911.

  9. My mom watched it. I was 4 and I was watching cartoons, I think. I just know that it sucked a lot and my mother was crying a lot. Poor her, she didn't stop crying for hours.

  10. I was 7 (almost 8). I must've been getting read for school when the first tower got hit. They cancelled school that day and sent everyone home. I remember watching it on tv and everyone in my house was really quiet that whole day. It was so sad :'(

    I actually visited the World Trade Centers in July of 2011. I have a picture that I took standing at the bottom of the north tower. We stayed at the Marriot hotel next to the buildings (which was also destroyed). It's so surreal to know that I was once there and now it's all completely gone. I hope nothing like that ever happens again in ANY part of the world!

    RIP to all the ppl that fought for their lives and courageously gave up their lives to save others that day

  11. That meant to say "July of *2001"
    Sorry for the typo

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  13. My heart goes to all of the victims. I find it horrible that someone would do such a thing. Yesterday I read the newspaper and I saw pictures of people jumping out of the towers and falling to their deaths. That picture made me cry.

    One thing I'd like you to think about is the passengers that were in Flight 93.
    This plane was hijacked by four Al-Qaeda terrorists as part of the Septeber 11 attacks. These brave passengers realized that their plane had been hijacked. Several passengers and flight attendants were able to make calls and discover that the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Virginia had been attacked. They knew that they're plane was suicidal and they, along with many people, would die if they didn't do anything. So they decided to revolt and kill the terrorists so they could regain control of the plane. The plane did not arrive at its destination, which was meant to be Washington, but instead crashed into a field in Stonycreek Township, Pennsylvania. I will always remember these men and women for their bravery and all those innocent victims in the Twin Towers.

    But we also must remember that USA has done some terrible things in the past. They can also be called terrorists. Hiroshima? Nagasaki?

    PS There is a very good movie about the flight that never hit Washington. It's called "Flight 93" and I strongly recommend it to you, for it left me stunned and made me cry.

  14. 9/11 was an inside job.Bush told like 4 different options when/where he heard about it 1st time.Oh dear I hope government wont kill me D:


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