September 06, 2011

For Or Against - Sexually Active Teens

Hello! And I am back with another For Or Against!

My topic of choice this time is.. *drumroll*, Sexually Active Minors!

I don't know how to just describe the history of the reason why teens have sex.. but I will tell you that.. 

a long time ago, before and during the Middle Ages, as soon as you had your first period you were considered a full grown woman and can be married as young as 11 and it was common for you too see a 12 year old mother. But after such times, the age limit people were allowed to start a life started to increase for various reasons. But usually the same idea stood that you shouldn't have sex before marriage or else you were considered a harlot.

And growing into the 18-1900's, people started to stop just throwing themselves into marriages as fast and easily as they have before, and romancing before marriage was more the rage. And then the swinging 60's came around, and sex became more of a free and fun-loving activity and people of all ages, including teens, wanted to share with everyone at the time. So around that time sex started to be a thing a person just.. did.
(Photo from the 60s/Summer of love)

And then, in the 1980's, the first sexually transmitted disease formed, HIV/AIDS, and though at first people only thought gay men got it, then it started to spread heavily, and so then people started to use protection more often. BUT, over the years teen pregnancy greatly started to increase as well as the number of teens who are sexually active in the world.
(Teen model/mom) even though protection is even more enforced than ever, and that there are even a larger scale of diseases and infections to worry about from sex, more and more teens grow to do it because of various reasons.


Now, the reason I chose this topic of choice is not because I personally care about sex, but because I am curious about the opinions of others about your morals on sex before the legal age in your country.

In America, you can freely have sex with anyone over 18 after you turn 18, but it is considered illegal to have sex before 18, even if you both are under the age limit. But in some states, the age of consent varies. Like in my home state, you can have sex at the age 16 and can with anyone 16 and up as long as they are within two years of age of you. (Ex. If I were 16, I could have sex with an 18 year old, if I were 17, I could have sex with a 19 year old).

In some countries, the age can be as low as 12 for minors to have it, and others just do not care even though they hold laws for or against it. AND there are different laws for same sex sexual relations also, so not every place even allows it at young ages. Did you know that?

But it is rather ironic because parents usually can't stand 'the talk' to be said in schools, while they most likely haven't even told their own kids!


But in today's day and age, sometimes teens do just want to have fun and do whatever they like, and just throw their bodies around like its not to be cared for.  And some girl's get their feelings seriously hurt from a guy who pushes her into where she is either forced into having it or left with a broken heart. While other teens just like it, so they say, and think 'you're a loser if you haven't had it yet'. And it can cause girls and boys of younger ages to be slutty or promiscuous, and doing things such as sexting or cybering over the internet with people in place of actually doing it for real.

But then on the flip side, there are the ones who find a suitable partner and don't feel the need to wait until marriage and decide that 'they are the one' to loose their virginity to. And that they want to only have it with that person. Or just a smart teen who doesn't care to be like everyone else but doesn't rush into sex and uses protection/birth control wisely and checks themselves out for any issues. But not many are that self-aware.


The cons of teenagers, I think having it would have to be:
  • Teen pregnacy
  • STIs/STDs
  • Breaking laws.
  • Morals being broken (depending on the family or religious views)
  • Teens personal reputation
  • Peer pressure to have it, the "Everybodys doing it." statement
(Teen boy regretting having sex)
And the pros would have to be:
  • Freedom for the child
  • Fun*
  • Teens thinking it is cool
Really, this is a huge moral issue, not really a life changing issue.

So please tell me below..

Are you FOR or AGAINST minors being allowed to be sexually active? And why?

Do you think its an issue or not?

Did your parents give you the Birds and the Bees talk?

 Love, Dei


  1. Great post Dei, you're definitely my favorite writer here. I must say, I think that it's up to the person if they want to have sex at such an age, it's their choice.

  2. Hey, my thoughts are if you wanna have it, have it, it's not my problem if you get an STD, it's your fault not mine.

    And, no my parents have never given the talk, they just relied on my school to give me it, they really couldn't care less if I found out about it.

  3. It's fully the own person's choice, I think. If they want to do it then they should know the consequences.

    Anything though, above 18, I think is fine.

  4. Hey it's your body.. People should have thought about that in the abortion topic :/

  5. Considering all the highly inappropriate movies I've seen, sex seems to fun like REALLY fun. But at the same time, if your not ready for a child and you get preggers it could ruin your whole life. So I don't think its really right. But thats me, other people can do whatever they want.

  6. In Australia, unless it's been updated since they've been trying to raise the drinking limit to 21, you're entitled to a decent fuck at 16.

    I would kill for herpes!

    Did I just say herpes? I meant Hermes, as in Hermes Birkin bags.
    Now, excuse me while I go crank out the Spider-Man

  7. Great Post, Dei.

    I, personally, don't believe sex should become a normal part of life for minors.
    There are many cases such as rape, which makes you wonder how sex turned into such an awful thing, when traditionally, it means to 'make love'. Anyway, I respect everyone's decision, but it's THEIR body. Not mine. (:

    I do think 13- is too young though.

    Meh, my opinion.

    - shewasonceit

  8. Oh, and my parents never provided me with the sex talk, my friends are dirty perverts, so I was informed about it, at, probably the age of 8-9.



  9. First thing, I loved your post.

    Second thing is that I am against it because when you're a teen your decisions are being affected by others meaning teens that do it. My opinion is you should finish school first because then after 18 in my country you're considered to be an adult. So I think that in that age and after you can decide without having the peer pressure.

  10. In new zealand the legal age is 16. personally i think teenagers over the legal age having sex is okay, as long as it is for the right reasons (, committed relationship ect) and protection is used. it's their bodies, and their choices.

  11. I'm always talking such things with my mother(lol not dad)and she always says that I should think that once we grew up, we think like... "Remember when we were kids and we used to play and not care about anything and blah blah blah?" And I am still living that beautiful period of my life. And in case of a teen pregnancy, i think that it would totally ruin my teenage,because when you have a baby you only care about him.

    I also think that i don't want to give anyone the satisfaction to have me unless he's the most special person in my life and i really think he deserves it.
    Another reason would be that if I will find the guy i'm gonna marry i wouldn't be proud if one day while walking together i would meet some of my ex boyfriends i had sex to.

    and sometimes when you have a boyfriend and he keeps asking you to have sex... once you had it, he is thinking like.. " been there, done that" and maybe leaves you for somebody else who isn't an "easy prey".
    i Also talked to a few boys who actually had sex but they are willing to marry a virgin women. Sounds akward i know but it's the truth.
    long comment.. i know X_X

  12. I don't see the importance of virginity. I just don't get it. Which I've interpreted as me not being mature enough. Which is fair enough, I'd rather not rush into anything with any of the guys I currently know (chavs... Ugh)

    Oh, and here in gay ol' England, the legal age is 16 (which I will become in 2 days {YEAH BABY, YEAH!}) but most people that I know have lost their virginity already. It sounds pretty weird, but me and my group of friends are the few people considered as 'normal', as in, we aren't chavs, we aren't nerds, we're individual but we aren't goths or whatever. Only thing is, there aren't any groups of guys like that... lol

    That picture from the 60's is so sweet :)

  13. I'm gonna really put my feelings about this out there, and this is what I really feel as I am a Christian: No sex before marriage.
    I think that until you find that one person who really loves you for what you are, inside and out, who would do anything for you and who will stay with you no matter what trials you are facing-That is the person you should have that special moment with.

    From the movies I've seen I can guess that in America and England that sex is a casual pass-time and it's no surprise when a teen is not a virgin anymore. Here in my country we take it WAY seriously, sex is considered a thing you never bring up lightly and if someone "did it" in our school, they would be like a pariah and not "cool" at all.
    Basically, we're the exaxct opposite of those schools.

    I honestly don't see why you need to have sex with someone just to show them you love them.

    I'm not interested in having it soon anyway. I geuss I'm not mature enough yet to handle that kind of intimacy at 15.

    Great post, Dei:)

  14. To be honest this is a topic that i don't particulary hold a one sided opinion for. It depends for me.

    I live in the uk, here you can have hetrosexual intercourse at 16, with anyone of any age (as long as they are over 16). In the uk this is also the legal age for marriage (in scotland you don't need permission, the rest you do need parental permission). Imo i think teens SHOULDN'T have sex underage. There's a legal age for a reason, and you can't just say "im mature for my age" because the people that make these laws have seen thousands of teenagers, and know that most people under 16 aren't ready emotionally. As a teenager that is only just over a year from being legal, i know i'm not ready. Most girls at this age are still going through puberty, so their hormones have only just started telling them to look for a potential mate, and more to the point; it's illegal. However i am not a believer in no sex before marriage. If you're legal, then i think that as long as you trust the person then it's fine to have sex. You don't have to have that feeling that you'll spend the rest of your life with them, but you shouldn't be unsure. If you know you won't regret having sex with that person, then it's fine.

  15. I kind of agree with Yumi, if you get an STD good luck with that, I personally want to wait until I am with the right person, at the right time, as a 14 year old, I can honestly say I don't want to lose it in highschool. My parents didn't really give me the talk but it wasn't as if they don't discuss anything with me or whatever, just not the birds and the bees haha. In fifth grade my friends mom told her how good it felt, and I was like, thats gross your mom said that haha.

  16. In my religion you are not allowed to have sex until you are married, however I am 15 in highschool 80% of my classmates have had sex. If you are 18 and your are allowed to have sex due to religion wise, family wise etc.. then GO AHEAD make yourself happy, (LMFAO) but yeah.. As for the Sex Education I learned that at school 6th grade, I swear EVERY single info xD REBEL FOR LIFE!

  17. 14 years old and living in 'gay ol england'- (that made my day) I consider myself a christian but am not against but feel that having sex before marriage is not wrong or right. I feel that if your ready and are not being forced/ pressurised then it's ok. I don't feel ready for that level of intamacy anyway and haven't met someone I'd like to have sex with so I won't be doing it anytime soon.

    I'd consider myself the hippy dippy kind of girl, but with my head screwed on properly. I belive that anyone can be intimate with anyone they choose. STI's and STD's are your own responibility. Knowing, trusting and being safe plays a big part in being ready. xx

  18. in my country u have to be 16 to have sex or get married.
    however i know for a fact people do have sex before the age.
    my cousin (who is 12) has 'fallen in love' with a 13 year old drug-dealer who has had sex on four different occasions, who is also a perv and not to mention a chav (yeah, i know she must be crazy)
    and once or twice she said he said he'll rape her
    which i find highly dumb and i will acctually call the police if he does
    anywayz i find it wrong as due to my religion and generally being a teen has great difficulties an di think becomeing preg can seriously harm ur academics and more

  19. I think you should do a "For or against" on the death sentence. I've always found the topic quite interesting and VERY controversial...

  20. I only really think it's wrong if the participants are under 13 [don't ask me why, but that's my cutoff], or if it's some form of rape/peer pressure. I'm not really against big age gaps, because while it may be a little icky, if they're both sensible and willing, we can't judge. Everyone is capable of making their own choices with full knowledge of the consequences. If you're old enough to know what sex is, you're old enough to know that it makes babies. Which is why I'm a proud virgin. ;D


  21. Oh, and I am a Christian, but as furthur proof of how much of a failure I am to the faith, I don't think people are wrong for having sex before marriage. If you do, whatever, your choice, hope you're happy and sensible. If you don't, I think it's beautiful that you waited and your love is obviously pure :)


  22. How gruesome of you to post this! There may be young readers (like me) on here.... I think most of us already know what ''sex'' is, but seriously guys people over 14 aren't the only ones reading your blog. I have not had sex-ed and you should be aware what pictures you're posting. You should post about STARDOLL. Not SEX.

  23. I am freaking angry. ''Call the Copson this blog''. I bet you wouldn't belive this but i am 9 DANG YEARS OLD ..

  24. in my country (england) the age limit as said is 16 to have sex. I am 15, turning 16 and don't plan on having sex any time soon. This is because I don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend (haven't fully figured out my sexuality to it'd be awkward) and I only want to give myself to somebody I feel I truly love and I know they truly love me back (soppy, I know). If I had sex right now, my parents would have my head, Haahah!. And std's? You should have been more aware of those before having sex...


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