September 06, 2011

Modeling Opportunity - BE Magazine

Hey guys! I am in the middle of making a new post when I saw this amazing spoiler for a brand new magazine called BE Magazine!

Owned and founded by Mikel(SeasonalHotBuys) and Reece(Mizzmileycyrus9). And I know, not many of you enjoy 50% of the ownsership.. but Reece has been improving on his grafics and so has Mikel. So it will surely be a stunning magazine!

They would love it even if you didn't want to apply to just take a minute and follow. 

If you would like to apply as a model for BE, then click HERE to apply today!

AND, I heard soon there will be a competition to decide the very first covergirl of BE on the very infamous Stardoll based blog Stardoll's Most Wanted, so look out for that soon.

Love, Dei

P.s. Another post coming soon!


  1. Stardoll's Most Wanted? Really? Weird.

    I'd apply if I actually got any modelling jobs from the thousand I applied for already
    It's always the famous ones...

  2. in·fa·mous/ˈinfəməs/Adjective
    1. Well known for some bad quality or deed.
    2. Wicked; abominable: "infamous misconduct".

    Why would you call SD's most wanted infamous??

  3. None of this makes any sense.

    vitalstatistick is 100% correct. Why would any of us, other than the ones who are always modeling, bother to apply?

  4. BE magazine;

    There will be plenty of fresh faces!
    I want everyone to have fair chances to be in the magazine.

    ALSO there will be a competition soon, You could win the prized spot of CoverGirl! Wouldn't that be dreamy?

  5. I wouldn't want to become a model for this...

    I'm too scared Reece will hack me.

  6. Wow, it actually looks pretty good.

    And @vitalstatistick - I actually got accepted as a model for Substance, and heck, you might as well call me the least known person on Stardoll. You've just got to put as much effort as possible into your application, and have a unique style I guess. [Not that I have one, I didn't mean to sound cocky] Good things always happen to good people ^.^

  7. Oh and @JanaStarlite - I have never done Stardoll modeling before in my life but I still applied for substance, and ever since I got accepted I'm determined to try my hardest to find more opportunities x)

  8. I consider it infamous.


    Not because its a bad blog, no, but the quality of it is kind of.. eh. I mean really, a lot of the posts are filled with sparkles, lots of color and the blog is really wide and has tons of pointless add-ons.

  9. @sakutaro & Seasonalhotbuys

    Then I guess I'll try;)

  10. Can you just tell me who said it'll be on SMW? Thanks!


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