September 03, 2011


I was looking for some japanese candy. I haven't had some in a while, I get it and pretend I have been to Japan over the weekend, you know, like its a normal usual thing and it makes me seem cooler. Anyway I'm not even writing about that, I just really felt like blogging, for a while actually... I don't think I really ENJOY blogging but I feel the need to, not to get people to know my name and not for attention or any of that (I actually couldn't think of reasons not to so I sort of used the same) I do it because I feel the need to just... this is going to come out wrong, but, to GIVE A MESSAGE. I sound like a messenger or a priest, I am in NO WAY holy. I am a good girl, some may say a beautiful princess angel baby, but I am not holy. I used to pray and believe in God I think I still do sometimes but I know that I am going to hell, you know when you just have a hunch? It's scary, the fact I'm going to hell, but it's ok you don't need to worry about me. THIS POST ISN'T MAKING SENSE but it will at the end, I think.

I was talking to a friend the other day and she mentioned how it would be weird to send long messages to people, like I remember when I used to have this cool little thing called MSN that people would talk to me and the conversation would be like 'Hey - whats up? - cool - nothing much' THAT IS THE EXTENT OF PEOPLES CONVERSATIONS I have deleted those people now though but then when they were at school they would treat me like we are such good friends and it wasn't like this with me because I am in no way a trophy friend but I feel like people have trophy friends? do you know what I mean? like really, do you understand? You don't understand, ok, that is fine, but that doesn't mean I am going to stop!!! And then I was like relating this thing to stardoll, and I remember how people (I don't think I was ever like this, I don't remember a time) were like ''OMG I wanna be friends with the famous people so I can be famouzzzz too'' like EW SERIOUSLY WHO SAYS THAT! Why would you want friends because they are OK this is frustrating. I just feel like people on stardoll have trophy friends and when they become a trophy themselves they get people that want THEM as trophy friends. I'm not even making sense I might as well talk about random shit on my mind again and I shouldn't try and compare things to stardoll, I think too much.

I haven't got my GCSE's or any qualifications and I'm old enough to have a baby (I'm only 16 but societies standards are slipping and people are getting pregnant at 13 now!!!) and you know what? I am never going back to school again. Do you go to school? Do you like it? Are you popular? Do you have friends that secretly hate you? Do you fancy the teachers? Do you smoke in the bathrooms????? I was never like that I have always HATED school because I have always known that I already know everything I need to know and that I am simply TOO GOOD FOR SCHOOL. 2 qwl 4 skl. WAT KYK JY? it just doesn't make sense to me but now I feel like I am going to amount to NOTHING I will end up sleeping in the streets. I feel like I am exposing myself right now and I don't like it but I am still writing. I think that I'm a really cool person and I am a very good friend, NO I am not selling myself, I am just saying, I am a really good friend. I'm a FAIRY! I'm a a a. I'm just pathetic.

Sorry. ha.



  1. I'm still in school (i'm 14) and even though everyone else moans about it I think I must be the only one who actually enjoys it. I've moved 3 times since i've been in high school. Things have gone wrong for sure, I've upset people, I got kicked out of one of the most famous all girls school in the Country. But don't get me wrong here, I'm not a "badass" at school and never was when I was little. High school is full of lies, bitching and more bitching which, trust me I know. Smoking? never & never will. Crush on a teacher? No way!

    I've messed up so much of my teenage life yet i'm only 14 and i've finally accepted that and yes what i'm about to say may be self centred but i'm broken on the inside. no-one has really been there for me ever. I have no idea what its like to experience "true love" or even my first kiss. I just want somebody to hold me for a change & tell me its going to be okay.

    I'm a nice person by the way once you get to know me. I just may come across that i'm a bitch on topics like this.

  2. but i've found myself a new school where i fit in really well & i'm loving it to pieces! [:

  3. What are japanese candies like? I didn't know they ate any kind of candies, they look as if they only ate chicken soup with noodles and pasta in those watery stuff.

  4. i'm 14 as well and I HATE SCHOOL WITH A PASSION. truly hate it. I am none of the things you said, with the exception of friends who secretly hate me... I've kinda ditched them but I still have to hang around them sometimes...

  5. omfg just go away plz xxxx=]

  6. Just because your name is Charlotte (I mean that you're an Elite, ya'know???) then, nobody will see that you made such a shitty post.... It was so bad written...
    Seriously, I was thinking of reading MMC9 posts!!!
    C'mon guys... MDM worth more than it, and personally, I didn't get hypnotised by the beautiful layout, the magnificent banner, and the name of the blogger!!!

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  8. Sorry, corrected my grammar:

    Bruno you're joking right?


  10. I love pocky when I eat it my stomach turns happy and magically transforms into a kawaii Japanese inspired stomach illustration and dances and sings a kawaii song woooooooooo

    ~the power of japan

    oh and


  11. I think everybody feels that way sometimes about their life. I know I feel like I'm a failure sometimes, and so do the hundreds of thousands of other teens out there. But the only way you would be a failure in your own life is if you feel that way about it. I think that if you are content in your life then your life isn't a complete failure. I know it's hard to feel positive about your life sometimes but the more you think you aren't going to do something with your life then you aren't becuase you will be to busy thinking about how your life sucks.

  12. I turned 13/14 a few weeks ago... Let me tell you, my life has been mostly hell. Sure, more people like me this year, that's great and all. But, now more girls hate me. I mean what's there to hate? I'm not feminine, I'm too ashamed of my appearance to put on makeup, I dress in loose clothing so no one notices me, really, what's there to hate? Is it because I'm not girly or feminine?

    Or, because I act like a bitch to people sometimes because I'm horrible at expressing my feelings.

    Though, through all that.. I still actually like it a bit, school's pretty fun, most people in my classes tolerate me way better than last year... Though some girl keeps calling me a terrorist, and I called this boys' backpack "KAWAII DESU DESU!! <33 OuO"

  13. Whoa weird post!
    In answer to your questions:

    Do you go to school? Yepp. Last year.

    Do you like it? Yupp.

    Are you popular? Not popular but people know who I am. I'm not the sorta gal that can control the whole school, y'know?

    Do you have friends that secretly hate you? Dunno...never asked em...:p

    Do you fancy the teachers? Maybe...just kidding ;)

    Do you smoke in the bathrooms????? I smoke behind the tree on the yard. (Jk I have Asthma I'd never smoke :p)

  14. Hehe you write lyk me, bouncing around from one idea to another and not making sense even to yourself XD

  15. Look, I really didn't understand what's the main reason or the problem that made you write all these and the truth is that I didn't really understand, but I just wanted to tell you that life is a gift to you and you have to enjoy it and keep your head high and make it how you want. (:

  16. Oh and to answer your questions;

    I do go to school. I started 3rd year a few days ago.

    I don't particularly mind school, although I really hate waking up in the morning so I'm always late.

    I'm not popular, but I try my best to be nice to everyone. If someone doesn't like me for whatever reason, I try to talk to them and become friends.

    I love all of my friends, and I'm fairly certain they all love me too.

    No, I'm fairly sure I don't fancy my 50 year old Geography teacher with serious split ends and a giant red mole on her nose that never goes away. She also hates one of my friends and always insults her, so like, geez o.o

    I don't smoke, but a few people I know do. It's really sad, because they're going to have a way shorter lifespan than the non-smoker, and it's horrible to see my friends waste their lives away like that.

  17. I did understand what you were saying, but I think I missed what message you were trying to give across?

    Life does suck, there will always be people better than you, we will always feel insecure at some point.Sadly we can't do much more than truck along. You are not a nothing, everyone is something and can be if they believe it. Sounds rich coming from me, considering I struggle to find the will to keep going alot, but if anything I have to hope it can get better and just live for the best bits.

  18. I was not kiding unfortunatly, I would love to have a japanese candy ;( My is a lil, how would I say, old fashion. People never like to try new and diffrent things. Well, good things it's slowly changing.

  19. oh my god fuck all these fuckin lame ass 13 y.o commenters LOL

    " i didnt understand this but life is a gift"

    baby, i hated how you kept saying that you werent making sense because you were making sense just stop saying "im not making sense" u and me are perfect and we are made of a different texture than these ppl where everything we say is just so beautiful and our breath smells like flowers and we can only exist if were being worshipped its great though

    and yumi your life has been hell? if you have leukemia or something then you could say this

    honestly my life has been perfect and i am perfect and my skin is fucking tingeling (like the store lol) right now and every time i do anything i just feel so much pleasure because i am constantly inside of myself and constantly pleasing myself and i want to marry myself i just fucking love myself so much i just want to fucking beat myself up and then violate myself and then kiss myself on tje lips

    i just wish i had a fucking twin so i could fuck myself but i cant and that is the tragedy of my existence and that is the only punishment ive been given but other than that

    i am so fucking lucky that ive been given every single thing ive ever wanted in life. i have












    and i thank god and i thank jesus for making me so stunningly beautiful with a beautiful family and a beautiful soul that is so rotten and so pure and so spoiled and so sweet and just everything i would ever want

    i am perfect

    i am literally perfect and blonde and i make you nervous but its ok

    dont be nervous just get on your knees

  20. Wow. This post is strange...But I like it:) You are an interesting person...Did you use afrikaans in the last paragraph???

    .W. .T. .F.

  21. WOAH crazy post dude! but Life is hard sometime & you will get though the hard, or weird times..... (as from what i can pick up from the post :P) Just remember after a storm theres always a rainbow..

  22. dats NOT Kasia guys!!!

    Kasia is unda my umbrella LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOO Y AM I SO FUNY?!?!??!?!?!?!?1 lolssssssssssss

  23. @Kasia

    Nice job troll, I give ya props. :P

  24. Tellin&#39; It Like It IsSunday, September 04, 2011 4:05:00 AM

    Your a pretty shit writer. Just 'cause you think you're famous doesn't mean anything. You think your so cool but all your sentences were a rambling mess, your a mess.

    Grow up. It isn't your diary you know.

  25. ^
    Okay, one, it's *you're, and two, her writing style is her way of trolling, so your reaction is exactly what she wanted from you.

  26. oh my god I know exactly what you mean, and I guess I am guilty of wanting trophy friends in earlier years. it is so enticing to know that you could be one of "them" my whole life was just wantinhg to be one of "them" well who are they? I've moved schools every year since but I still stalk them on face book and look at all their pretty pictures isn't that creepy? I go to a ghetto school now and all the ghetto'li'niquas want to kill me, I guess I'm that type of person that people want to kill... I understand when you say you've felt you were too smart for school.. I feel that way all the time I'm smart, I think.. Not with punctuation though, My sentences just go on and on and on.. well anyways, yeah I go to school but I Hate it, absolutely. I've learned all this before they are trying to dumb us down, I know it I know it I know it oh don't read this please, I am so paranoid it isn't even funny.. but why would it be funny in the first place? Hmm I guess I still stalk "them" because I like to imagine my life if I had become one of them. This is all to hard to explain you know? Like... this has all come to me having NO friends whatsoever and well to be quite honest I don't WANT any friends.. sounds weird I know but I just feel so strained around people and I can't talk to anyone and my mum nags me all the time, I only go places with my parents anymore, and they aren't even my real parents if they were I probably wouldn't love them any more.. anyways, I have no friends and and and and I'm stuck at home all summer getting paler and paler on the computer always on the computer. I wonder what I would be like if I had friends. WHO AM I??! I don't know. I guess I've gone a bit off topic but you know, idk. I don't want tropy friends on sd but some people do.. actually a lot.. maybe because they feel like i feel, maybe they need some kind of redemption or acceptance that they don't have in real life. Or maybe they're just asshats. Who knows? I certainly don't

  27. If you're 16 then there is still plenty that you can do with your life if you really want to.

    I love school, I love my life so much, I've got a good social life and I am a really happy person. There's been some family problems but I think I've handled them well.

    :D big smiles......

    God I cant make out this word verification thing :/


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