September 30, 2011

Two Questions

1. Do you think that Stardoll is getting more and more boring?
2. Any creative ideas on how we can revive Dollywood?

Please do answer the questions above, cuz i'm getting desperate to kill the boredom that stardoll is giving me these days.
A couple of months ago, I decided to take a little break in order for me to focus on my real life. I thought that once I get back on stardoll I will once again feel the addiction and excitement that this site is giving me, but it turned out to be untrue. Stardoll is not the same anymore. There are no interesting news, projects and movements. All we have left are the same old magazines that releases a billion of spoilers before they create the main issue. We have to be more creative and revive this site before it dies.

Will wait for your answers,


  1. Stardoll is getting more boring your right. There is no scandal and drama anymore. The Lavenderluva issue was the last interesting thing that happened on the site. I'm at a loss to. I started a suite makeover project and have started breathing life into my old rooms just to keep me occupied. Other than that there's not much I can do :(

  2. Or, you can fucking make your own excitement rather than asking us to do it for you.
    You're a writer on one of the most creative blogs on stardoll, you should think of them, not us.

    (Got alist for my word verification)

  3. Have you ever been hanging out with a friend or group of friends; sitting around and constantly saying you're bored? That's something along the lines of what's going on here.

    There are plenty of things you could be doing, yet all anyone seems to be doing is complaining because of their boredom. If everyone continues to sit on their ass, waiting for something exciting to happen, nothing exciting is going to happen.

    There is no progress without motion. I'm honestly tired of all the boredom complaints. Don't like it? Do something about it. It's actually as simple as that.

    Also, everyone should stop recreating the same projects, scandals and such. That adds to the lack of excitement.

  4. There probably is drama going on somewhere on Stardoll, everyone is just looking in the wrong places. The old 'elites' are not active anymore, that's a fact. We should stop waiting on them to come back from the dead and find NEW elites to focus our attention on. There are some very interesting and talented people out there, they just go unnoticed because we are wasting time waiting for writemarycat or Style_Magazine to make a comeback. They're not. Get over it.
    And, if all else fails, make a second account and stir up some drama. It'll be fun.


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